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Hi, I would like to use only “Paypal express checkout” as payment option. But “paypal” button doesn’t show up on the “checkout” page in “payment information” section. How can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.


PayPal module is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, you need to configure it properly, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example: Magento user guide.

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I think I found a bug. In the product slider, if you have products with MAP applied to them, they will make the products in the slider not show at all, only the heading for the slider will appear. This happens if all the products in the slider have MAP applied or only one product has MAP applied.

Looking at the page with CSS disabled the products are there, just hidden and I can’t figure out why. Any ideas?

Here’s the code I use to display the slider on the page:

{{block type="fortis/product_list_featured" category_id="177" product_count="16" show_items="5" is_responsive="1" is_random="0" block_name="View Our Special Offers" hide_button="1" template="catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml"}}

Thanks for your help.


This is not a bug, MAP functionality is disabled by default in Magento on home page. To enable it you would need to uncomment this line in theme’s local.xml: <update handle="MAP_popup" /> But still this will not work, since MAP is not prepared to work from inside dynamically created sliders. Although you can display on the home page the product grid similar to the grid which you can see in category view by adding this block code to your home page content:
{{block type='catalog/product_list' category_id='3' template='catalog/product/list.phtml'}}

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Ah. Ok. Thank you.

MAP is required on 99% of the products in our store so I edited the local.xml with your code and it works for what we need which is seeing price once product is added to the cart only.

Thank you for your help.

how to shop like in your demo (German), navigation, display categories in the homepage?

how can you show the categories in the left sitebar on the homepage?


By adding the menu block code (see the user guide: 13.4.5 Sidebar Menu) to one of the home page static blocks (see here: 6.2.10 Home page)

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is it possible to get PSD file of the homepage, category page and product page?

any answer to homepage PSD question?


Unfortunately we don’t have other PSD files, we didn’t use any other files when we were creating the theme because almost every element in the theme is created with pure HTML and CSS without additional graphics (all color settings are applied through the admin panel, which was our goal). That’s why the Main.psd contains only the main page structure. All the rest is done with pure HTML and CSS so we didn’t need more PSD files.

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thank you.

When I crete a new “Shop View” on magento i receive this error : Failed generating CSS file: grid_us.css in /home/fingepom/public_html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/css/_config/

Why ? I’vd version 2.02 file right are ok


Please provide access details – you can contact our support via the contact form on our profile page

Have you received my email ? I want be sure that is secured way to send my access codes

Replied. : )

Hi, I am editing block_product_secondary_bottom and the icons are no longer showing. Were can I find the default content to put it back the way it was – I should have copied it out first! Thanks.

Thanks. It is a simple product with no options, but not showing checkboxes.

This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme (theme only adds ability to disable it). Those related products are out of stock so maybe this is the problem. Also, reindex your Magento and flush all caches.

Cool. Thanks. Hadn’t thought of stock! :( Appreciate your help.

Hi i am editing CMS static block “block_slideshow_banner”. How can i put a responsive video instead of a banner in that CMS block? Pls help


You can embed videos like this wrapping them inside “videoWrapper” class:

<div class="videoWrapper">
<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You will also need to add this CSS to your Magento (e.g. in theme’s custom.css):

.videoWrapper {
    position: relative;
    padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */
    padding-top: 25px;
    height: 0;
.videoWrapper iframe,
.videoWrapper object,
.videoWrapper embed {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

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I’m looking to change the titles of the tabs on the product page and add a table of custom product attributes to these tabs. Can anyone help?


Hi, first of all: very nice template! Still I have one question: I have problems with the category view. When I hover a category, the sliding banner will be over the categories hiding them. After a while when the nex slider images shows the categories will over this image and will be shown correctly. Is there any option to have the categories always in front of all other images oder slider banners?


This issue was fixed in one of the last updates, please redownload the theme and check the Changelog.txt for details.

Kind regards

Another problem: in my country you have to show prices incl. TAX. So therefore most shop owners use the plugin “Firegento” which will show a text below the price saying “incl. x 5 tax excl. shipping” Unfortunately the design of this plugin does not look any good. Where can I change the look of the price block to make some changes?


1. When you need to make some non-standard changes in the theme design (whatever that is: colors, fonts, anything), you can enable additional CSS file custom.css, in which you can override the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. For more details about theme customization please refer to chapter 6.6 Theme customization in the user guide.

To find out which part of CSS you need to extend or override you can use Firebug (add-on for Firefox: | ) or other similar tool.

2. You can also enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. This way you can easily check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

Kind regards


I have now installed that theme, and I realy love it, espacially for its perfomance, as my former theme (also one of the themeforest/magento topseller themes from another author) for mee seemed to be too slow.

But I have one mini design problem I would liek to ask for your help. The small menu above the main menu in my theme somehow has sticked to the main menu

but your demo is like this, with a little space between the 2 menus:

Can you please tell me how that could happen? Did I change some setting I do not find now? How can I get back the space?

I also wonder that you don’t provide support with a forum, which xould be helpful in case of so many sales you made, I am afraid to ask always questions which already have been answered. If there is any other place to have my question answered instead of this comment page, please let me know.


If you have the menu set as “Stretched” in System > Configuration > Theme Design, then disable that option.

If it is not set as “Stretched”, then please add this CSS to your custom.css file:
.nav > .grid-full { margin-top:1%; }

We don’t have any forum yet, but there will be one in the near future.

Kind regards

Thank you!

>>menu set as “Stretched” in System > Configuration > Theme Design

that solved it for me. Too many options :))

Hi, Great theme you got here! I have a quick question. I am trying to get a video overlay to pop up on the homepage in one of my CMS blocks when user clicks a hyperlink. Is this possible using the extensions integrated with this theme? If so, what would be the code (or start of the code) for a youtube linked video?

P.S. – I tried using another plugin which uses JQuery 1.9, and a JQ based video player (demo is here: – but it seems to conflict with the current version of Jquery in your magento theme (1.7.2). I can’t get all the functions to work at the same time.

Any help would be appreciated!


You can’t have two versions of jQuery loaded on the same page because this will cause conflict. You can try to remove jQuery 1.9 from your extension ant see if it will work with 1.7.2 which this theme uses by default.

This is the lightbox plugin which is used in Fortis theme: You can use the same plugin on other pages. But by default it is only loaded on product page (for better performance) so you would need to customize the theme to load the plugin on other pages. Then you will be able to use it to display your own images, videos etc.

More info about hot to use Colorbox can be found on the Colorbox website:

Kind regards

Thanks for the response. Oddly enough, i was able to get it working after several hours. I am loading JQ 1.9 & 1.7.2 on the homepage only using local.xml file. I have tested and everything seems to work okay with the template. I accomplished this by adding noConflict to the JQ 1.9 file using a custom alias. So instead of $ or Jquery, it’s using $j to call the confilicting script. You can see my example here using the popup video…

PS- To everyone…this is a must have theme! By far the best one I’ve worked with using Magento.

Hello! The new update, 2.0.2 (b). How do I upgrade my old version? I just replace the theme 2.0 by the 2.0.2 (b) or I have to delete all the old theme and add the new one? My color changes continue working?

Thank you for creating this beautiful theme!


Please follow the instructions in the Update Guide PDF.

You will not loose any color changes nor any other settings, don’t worry. :)

Kind regards


Were do I adjust the font scaling & visibility of the caption

tags for the various viewports on the category blocks ie block_landing_page3. Firebug points to _config/layout_default.css but this file is empty and has a warning not to edit. Is this controlled elsewhere?


Templates which are used to generate these CSS files are stored in app\design\frontend\base\default\template\infortis\<ThemeName>\css But you shouldn’t edit those files, you should rather override the CSS which needs to be changed. Override it in your custom.css.

When you want to make some non-standard design changes you can enable additional CSS file custom.css in which you can override or extend the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide.

Kind regards

Do you have a time estimate for Fortis compatibility with Magento


We will test it and release an update as soon as possible. When it will be ready we will announce it on theme description page in the Changelog section.

But we wouldn’t recommend to upgrade Magento yet. Soon after major release there is always (very quickly) another minor update so probably you will soon have to upgrade again to Magneto Running the latest release is fairly unpredictable. It usually takes a few weeks for bugs in Magento to be identified and resolved in new releases.

Kind regards

My thoughts exactly. I do not intend to upgrade for sometime. I just had to ask.

Hi Infortis,

there is another stupid question from me, sorry :-/

The logo of your demo is always well fitted, as well on big resolution pc display, and of cours as well on an Ipad with Retina Display.

My own logo unfortunatly on the Ipad isn’t big enough. It has very small size (because of the resolution I think).

How can I get Logo size well fitted also in Retina resolution?

Thx in advance

Kind regards


Theme automatically resizes the logo (via CSS) to make it fit current viewport width. Try to use logo image of similar size as in our demo1: 267 × 100

Kind regards

Not sure what I did, but the right blocks on the product page don’t float anymore: and

Please advice, thanks.


Maybe you have made the columns on product page to wide. Note that they should have total width of 12 grid units (see user guide for details).

Kind regards

I noticed that you offer the Fortis theme for another e-commerce platform. It seems to be more advanced and offers some of the featured requested by others here in these comments. What are you doing to bring them to this Magento version of Fortis?


Actually Magento version is more advanced, it is more customizable and has more features.

We’re now working on some small re-design to make the new Fortis (for Magento) look more like the old Fortis. Not all can be restored because of responsive nature of the new version, but we’ll try to make it look better then the current version.

Kind regards

We have this theme installed on a multi store site. We are adding a new domain to the site and having issues getting the new domain site changes to show when we edit the color options in admin. The admin is on with a subdomain we added a The pages load and function on but none of the changes made to the design show. How do we get them to show?


Are you using any sub-theme? If yes, do not copy folder skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/ to your sub-theme. Otherwise your color settings will not be applied to any store view.

Let me know if this is not this case.

Kind regards

not that we know of, I have tried to remove this folder and nothing shows still on the new domain. The original domain and its subdomain function fine and take all changes just not this new one everything is white.

Do not delete skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/, you just can’t copy it to your sub-themes. If you have it in your sub-themes, then delete it, and flush all caches.

Then, go to System > Configuration > Theme Design and System > Configuration > Theme Layout and click “Save Config” buttons in both sections. Finally, flush all caches again.

If this doesn’t help, then you must have some other issue in your Magento, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

Hi there, I absolutely love this template. Is it possible to make it available as a stand-alone simple HTML template? Thanks very much.


Thank you for showing interest in our theme, but unfortunately we only have versions for Magento and for Opencart. We’re not planning to release HTML template.

Kind regards

Thanks very much for your reply. I will most likely buy this theme for my Magento store anyway :). Thanks again.