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hello, 1 will have access to new updates? 2 is a restriction on use for portuguêse Brazil? 3 requires advanced experience or just install? 4 For example, if you want to disable the extra field footer podeser done? 5 in case of any error even have your support?

o.c vqmod use and 2.4.1

thank you


1. Yes, all future updates are free after purchase.
2. No, there are no problem to use Portuguese.
3. Its hard to tell, but to install and use the theme you don’t need more experience then using the default theme.
4. I dont exactly know which part you mean. If you want to remove some part from the footer, then it would be no problem.
5. We will of course support you regarding any errors :)

If you face any trouble or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via for quicker response.

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The theme is great, but for me i need orange on the red. Can you do that.

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Of course, changing the red colour into orange is a simple thing that can be done via the theme panel without even touching the code. If you need any assistance, please drop us a message at for quicker response.

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Are there any plans to offer retina support for this theme in future?

Unfortunately not in the nearest future.

If you have any further pre-sale questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via for quicker response.

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How do I select if I want 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 columns in the main menu?

Each category has its own field called “Columns”. Please note you only need to enter a column value for the top categories. All categories don’t need to show the same numbers of columns.

If you face any trouble or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via for quicker response.

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I purchased the product about a week ago and still cannot install the theme to my Wordpress. I have read through all the FAQ regarding the theme and Wordpress. Tried uploading the file through my FTP server but it still states that the Stylesheet is missing in Wordpress and I cannot activate the theme. I zipped the file 1.5.6 and tried to upload to wordpress and it continues to say that the style.css is missing. I’m at a loss, any help would be appreciated. Thanks Darren

Hi Darren,

Im sorry that you had to struggle with the theme. The problem is that the theme is an Opencart theme, and is not compatible with Wordpress. You should download the Opencart platform via If you need any further help installing it you are more than welcome to use our ticket system for quicker help. You will find it at

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Hi there, I might be interested in buying this theme. When you say it is SEO-optimized, how exactly does it work here? Can it create HTML pages for categories and products? And can I define my own names for such HTML pages? Thanks very much – really appreciate your help here.


Opencart has some great SEO features built in, such as SEO URLs for catalog pages. It is also possible to create unlimited information pages with unique meta information, titles etc. These features will work whichever theme you choose though.

The theme itself is also built with SEO in mind, where headings etc are configured for highest visibility in search engines. Images are combines as sprites to reduce the number of css requests, etc. The theme also has built in Google Rich Snippets. This will show prices and reviews for your products instantly among the search results. This is a Fortis theme feature and not included in Opencart as default. Much information can be written about SEO, but I hope you got a little more information by the answer :)

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Hi there, thank you so much for your reply. This is most helpful :). As long as I know that I can create pages with actual words in them, rather than database-only pages, that is enough for me. I loved your Fortis for Magento template too. I wanted to buy it but have finally decided to switch away from Magento. Magento is too user-unfriendly. OpenCart seems to be very easy-to-use and has a growing base of programmers too. Once again, thank you so much for your help, Irina

Hi, I try to modify options in control panel but for example Social icons or custom background dont work. I think that any option in control panel work fine. I tried on my store and on clean install…

Hi there,

Hmm, its a little hard to figure out what went wrong without seeing your store. Are you sure the option “Use custom desig” is set as Enabled? If this doesn’t solve the issue, I would be glad if you could post a support ticket via for quicker response.

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Great theme and execellent & fast support through! I’ll also look into the other suggestions you made. Thank you very much!

This is a testimonial for the Fortis OpenCart theme. I purchased the theme around 10 days ago and was working on it since then. It was very easy to install it on my sub-domain. The Admin module for the theme is very easy to use. You can also customize it any way you want in its CSS files. The support has also been fantastic. Highly recommended if you are considering the use of OpenCart for your store. Good luck!

This is a fantastic theme and the usual high quality from the INFORTIS team (check the bestsellers in the Magento section for their other awesome work).

Highly recommended. Thanks infortis.

BTW the support is amazingly good.

Hi there, the new improved theme looks amazing! I would like to use the latest version. I have already installed and customised the previous version. What is the best way to update to the latest version please? I mean, what is the best way to introduce all the changes in the latest version? Do I need to do a complete re-install and customisation? Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Solaris, and thanks a lot for your kind words!

As you see, there are quite massive changes between the two versions, and almost all files have been changed in some way. It depends a little what customizations you have done, but spontaneous I think the easiest way is to re-install the theme and start over again with your customizations, unfortunately. If face any issues or want us to look closer, you can open a support ticket via

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Hi there, thanks very much for your reply. I will try to re-install everything. Thanks again.


I want to modify something in the theme and i was wondering how this can be achieved:

At the moment i have 8 categories wich are displayed in the top menu, would it be possible to make all the categories nested like the example below this withouth the need to create a parent category ?:

  • Categories
    • Amplifiers
    • Speakerss
    • Remotes
    • Cabless


    As default, you would need to add a parent category named “Categories” to archive this. Otherwise, you will need to change the header.tpl file inside the fortis theme. Try it out, and if you get stuck you can start a support ticket at

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    After upgrading to version 2.0 shipping module is no longer loaded into the shopping cart and also does not appear in the checkout. How to solve this? If you can answer the email

    Thank you.

    Hi there,

    I tried to send you an email but got replied that the mail couldn’t be delivered. Would you mind open a support ticket at instead?

    Sorry for the trouble.

    I haven’t been able to find how to modify this in megamenu

    Customizable size – choose to display 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 columns. Each main category has their own column settings.

    When I select megamenu all my subcategories are included in a long 1 column list



    Each main category placed in the top menu can have their own number of columns. This is not a feature connected to the Fortis Theme Panel though.

    To change it, go to Catalog > Categories, open up the main category, and look for the field called “Columns”. Enter a value between 1 – 8.

    If you face other questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via for quicker response.


    Thank you for purchasing our theme!

    Yes, that’s the right blog manager.

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    Is there a way to add my own large size jpg banner at the very top of this theme?

    Hi Jands,

    Im not 100% sure where you mean to put the jpg.

    If you mean the slideshow: Yes, you can use the responsive slideshow module for static images (not the LayerSlider).

    If you mean you would like to replace the header background (the dark area): Yes, that is possible, but you would need to edit the stylesheet manually. If you like to, you can open a support ticket via and we will describe how to do it/do it for you.

    Kind regards

    Hello! New version is really great, i like it. There is a few things that bother me, but that is a matter of taste. My dreams for demo 3:

    1. module on the main page for the latest or recommended products were in the previous version in box (and recent articles, manufacturers, ..). I would like to have something similar, but maybe with the stripes like in the top menu in a new version. 2. option to remove the balls in the footer menu (Information, Customer Service, ...). 3. modify the design for the product comparison site

    Thanks for reply

    Thanks for your kind words!

    We will think about the product boxes and the comparison page. If you would like to remove the bullets in the footer links, you can paste the following line inside your Custom CSS tab, inside the Fortis Theme Panel:

    #footer .column ul {list-style:none;padding-left:0}

    Kind regards

    Help me. I want to enlarge the picture. How do I make it?

    The image sizes can easily be configured via the admin panel. Please go to System > Settings, and open the tab called “Image”. Set the image size for “Product Image List Size”. We would recommend you to use 180*180px.

    If you have any further questions, dont hesitate to drop us a line at for quicker response.

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    My website is broken when I view it in my iphone!!!

    can you take a look at it ???

    i solved it it was an extension

    Hi Will this theme work with OC 1.5.4?

    Since most of the users has left the we didn’t release it for Fortis 2.0. We have got another user asked for it though, so we have got it prepared. We plan to include it in a further update.

    If you purchase the theme, and open a ticket via we will send it to you.

    Kind regards

    Thanks for your prompt reply, could you tell me is the theme multi site compatible in particular the mega menu.

    Yes, the theme is compatible with multistore installations. I don’t exactly know what you are thinking on with the mega menu, but the category summary is picked out from the main category, which can be different in each store.

    If you have further questions, we would recommend you to continue the talk via for quicker response.

    Kind regards