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Thanks Karl. Good template and more importantly, fast, friendly and helpful support. All the best, Justin.

Looking through the demo and I like it very much. Where do you go to make the screen be wide like in Demo1? Thanks.

Nevermind. I was looking at an older demo.

Works like a charm!

The best theme and even better service from Karl! :-)

Thank you!

Miloslav under construction :)

I’ve installed this theme on a fresh OC with fresh vqmod and fresh copy of this theme. When I install the theme my index pagespeed slowed down to 8.41s. If I just change the fortis_theme.xml file to fortis_theme.txt, my pagespeed goes back to 1.17s. What is in this theme that’s causing such a slow pagespeed when active?

Hi there,

Thanks for choosing our theme!

I tried for our demo store which gives 1-4 seconds in loading time. One common issue with opencart though is the product count for each category, especially since we added an extra level in the main menu. I would suggest you to try this:

If this doesn’t help, or if you would like us to do it for you, don’t hesitate to open a ticket via and we will sort this out! Please note that our response time is shorter in the ticket system compared to this comment section.

Kind regards

Haven’t had time to play with this until this week and wanted to let you know what I found to fix this. It was the counter issue, but specifically a conflict with the Product Count True Disabling ( extension, which also vqmod. It causes your mod to header.php to skip. We have over 35,000 so just having the one counter caused a huge load. It’s all fixed and working great. Just a heads up if anyone else is using these mods combined.

Thanks a lot for letting us know! The extension you were using is pretty much the same feature as the one we re using for the theme and sometimes two extensions don’t work together. We are glad you sorted it out.

I want to thank Karl for this beautiful template and even more for his excellent and professional service. Kind regards. Mowahid

My dropdown (MegaMenu) text is only white. how do i change it?

Because now i cant see the categories its without marking it with my mouse. And Hover in menu is white automaticly?


It sounds like you have mixed with the design settings. Please make sure you are not using a white color in the design settings inside the module called Fortis Theme Panel. It sounds like “Primary color” is set to white.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, I would be glad to have a look. For quicker response, please refer to Just drop me a link to your store and I will tell you what to change.

Kind regards

Aaah its works great :D Thank you man!! :)

Is there a way to reset theme color

to factory restore

Sorry for the late response.

In the theme panel, you have a short cut button to automatically restore all design values to the default theme style. Look for the link called “Reset design settings” under the design settings.

By disable the custom design settings, you will also fall back to the default design.

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Would you consider optimising this wonderful theme for speed please? I use Fortis 2.0 on my webstore here: Google Page Speed Insight tells me that there are some critical issues that can be rectified to increase the load speed of the site. I believe this is due to the the way the theme is coded. If you run a test using the link to my site above, on the Google’s page here: – you sill see the suggestions it gives to improve the speed. For example, Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content. Thanks a lot.

I just found a solution to my slow load on your FAQs on Ticksy. The cause of slow speed has been the product count. I have removed it and the site is very fast now. Thanks for the excellent work!

Hey just some pre-sale questions, - how easy is to change the header background pattern to an image? - add ” email to friend” at product page



To change the header background to a custom image is pretty easy to fix. You need to edit the css file though. If you buy the theme, and open a support ticket via and we will help you.

Regarding the Email-to-friend, this is not included in opencart as default, but there are probably some extensions available to archive this. I wouldnt be much harder to add this to the fortis theme than the default theme. Same recommendation here as well, open up a support ticket and we will help you.

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I really like the look of your theme and it is one of a few I am considering to buy.

Is it possible to move the product description box to the right side of the product photo, so the description sits above or below the product price information?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words!

It is possible to move it up and place it among the other information. I guess you always have pretty short descriptions then..

However, it needs some changes in the theme, so if you like us to prepare it for you, please open up a support ticket via and we will have a look.

Kind regards


Thanks for the reply. Will do a ticket if I buy the theme.


Hi, i just installed your template on my opencart engine but i keep seeing the error message: Notice: Error: Could not load template /home4/mygizmos/public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/ncategory.tpl! in /home4/mygizmos/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 70. Please i need help. Thank you.

I have resolved the issue. My previous gazal template was conflicting with the fortis template


I bought/installed v1.2 several months back on a fresh Opencart 1.5.6 install. I have been building my site since then and have installed multiple extensions. Will performing the upgrade cause any disruptions? When upgrading can I merge (replacing only duplicate named files) or do I need to completely replace the folders?


Hi Jefflowe,

Actually, the update from 1.2 to 2.0 was quite massive, and almost all files were changed.

I would suggest you to open a ticket via and we will sort it out. When you open the ticket, please attach all vqmod xml files you are using in your current installation. Also tell me if you have changed any theme files manually.

Kind regards

Hi again,

We are really sorry, but the ticket you just posted via wasent saved properly for some reason. In other words, we cant respond to the question.

We dont actually know the reason, but it seems like some sort of bug in the ticket system. Can you please instead attach the zip file to our email address instead (support @ (We saw the message you wrote though)

Kind regards

i have just download your theme, installed and configured it, but I am unable to see icon text like “account”, “wish-list”, “shopping-cart”, “sign-in” ,etc. Only able to see the icon. How can i see this?

Hope you understand.

Hm, I dont really know what have happened in this case. You see the menu, but they only show the icons and no text, right? Please make sure you have the following file uploaded to your store: catalog/language/english/common/fortis_theme.php. Also upload it to your custom language if you are having a non-english store.

If this doesnt help, please open a support ticket via You will usually get a quicker response that way.

Kind regards


Magento theme can be created as in the block right next to me slideshow?

I’m thinking of buying. However, special blocks placed beside Does slideshow?

for example

For Example Slideshow + Buy this theme _ See All Demos _ Sell Downloads images

Im not sure if you are asking about the Fortis theme for Opencart?

I guess your question is about the right column on the product pages? You are able to add which ever module you like there. In our demo store, we have a best seller module. It could be a special sales module, a banner or any one you like. Unfortunately the product modules are not prepared for carousels in the opencart version. It is though in the magento versions.

If this doesnt help, please open a support ticket via You will usually get a quicker response that way :)

Kind regards

Hi,.. I really interested with your theme. I have a question before I buy this, can I resize the thumbnail of the product image to be 160px x 160px? Thanks

Yes, you are free to use any image sizes and dimensions you like. The theme will automatically adapt to them.

Kind regards

Hello! Can I use this theme without integration with OpenCart – did you got all nessesary HTML\JS\CSS files for this?

For anyone considering purchasing this theme Do it – you won’t regret it. I don’t typically leave reviews, but this case is an exception. Fortis 2.0 is even better than an already fantastic product. The new theme admin makes advanced customization very intuitive and quick. But the support takes this 5-star product even higher. I’ve been a developer for years and never had better customer service. You only have to read the comments above to see that’s the consensus. If you bought version 1.2, the upgrade was quick and uneventful – even with multiple 3rd party extensions installed. Thanks Karl!

Hi, is this theme compatible with Twitter Bootstrap? In other words, can I install some modules from Bootstrap, without them causing interference with the Fortis theme? Thanks very much in advance.

Ok, I see support for 3rd party installations is not provided (I didn’t want such support anyway, just to see if it was compatible in principle). Thank you anyway.

Just got it sorted – the support is excellent from Infortis, thanks very much!

Hello, I deleted the categories and products the default OpenCart system has when you install it, and added a couple of my own, but now nothing appears, not even the layer slider, the menu, the footer, and no content, only the header: please help

Whoah, I got a super quick response via the support section! Thank you so much!