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Hi. I am having problems installing this theme… I followed install instructions but now when I load my homepage i get the following error

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home//public_html/theme_config.php’ (include_path=’/home//public_html/magento/app/code/local:/home//public_html/magento/app/code/community:/home//public_html/magento/app/code/core:/home//public_html/magento/lib:.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home//public_html/magento/app/design/frontend/fortium/default/template/page/html/topmenu.phtml on line 38

Do you know why this is? I have also sent a request to your support email on Friday but did not receive a reply yet, I guess its because its the weekend?


HI, Am considering purchasing your theme, but was just wondering if you had an example of a configurable product I could see? Most my products will have about 5 purchasing options, size, multiple colour options and multiple material options?

Also, is the home page slider, and the category headers easily content managed?

Thanks in advanced for you time,


Please check here: http://fortium.3000themes.com/frontpage/white-dress-36.html this is a configurable product.

The homepage and such and category headers are very easily editable, please check documentation after purchase for step by step guidance.

Hi 3000themes, I was just wondering when you would get back to me about the problem I am having? Its been 3 days now…


Please we actually only provide quick support via support@3000themes.com a ticker will be created and we will help within 24hrs, this is also described in the readme, and documentation. i will also reply to your other comment as well.

Where can i find theme_config.php? It’s not under my public location.


Hey Aloha3,

You have to create a blank theme_config.php file and paste the info that gets mailed to you when you activate your theme

Thanks for the help, thats correct!


There’s a problem with images on the product page. With both Chrome and Firefox, images overlap over the description text below. I already sent an email to support regarding this.



This is solved and responded in our support panel..

Could you provide a link? I can’t find anything relevant to my issue on the support panel. Ticket #219. Thanks!

google analytics doesn’t work with this theme, you will have to custom config to make it work

Hi Wexzone, how did you make analytics work?


Go to System > Configuration > Design

Under HTML Head > Miscellaneous Scripts

Copy and paste your full Analytics code there.

Hi, please reply on my request submitted 8 days ago on your website, ticket #217


I just purchased this theme and I’m wondering if it has made changes to my htaccess file? When setting the design change in Magento and before going through the installation wizard my base url redirected to the installation wizard automatically. Luckily I am on a development site but I’m sure this is unwanted functionality for someone installing on a live site.

Also, after running the installation wizard and renaming the installation folder my site is caught in a redirect loop…

Ok so it works now? The reason you get redirected is becuase no file has been found yet. so thats correct.

No it does not work. As stated I receive a blank white screen with a message stating that the theme needs to be installed.

I have successfully installed it a dozen times now and I still receive that message and blank screen.

The only reason you see the site loading now is because I hacked the license verification. But I would prefer the theme worked correctly.

Please email us all your details to support@3000themes.com so we can give your proper support.

Mine is also caught in a redirect loop at www.mydomain.com/installation. please help…

Hi karstondiamond,

Please send us a e-mail to support@3000themes.com with your url and ftp + admin details and we will take a look if your configuration is correct.


When I am using configurable products the price does not change on the prooduct page. So the customer can not see the total price before he is putting the product into the cart.

I have also opened a ticket a few days ago. No respons…

This is something being addressed in the next version like emailed. This is because of a javascript conflict that prices are not updated, we will fix this asap. (probably today or tomorrow!)

OK, I had to change sth. in the template because of getting a blog-extension running. These changes were made by the developer of the blog-extension; I don´t know exactly what he changed. Now the template works very fine with the blog extension. So I think, in my case, I can´t update the whole template cause of crashing the blog extension again. It would be very useful for me, if you could only send me the code snippets I have to replace in the product page.

What i suggest, check the date of the edited files and backup the files edited most recently to be 100% sure. When you upgrade the theme to a new version you can always replace those files. or compare and change.

I don’t understand how to make the categories show up on the navigation bar or what code to put in for the pages like on the demo. Please help…

Should not be hard, are you sure you have products that are in stock in your shop. in a clean install this can be the problem. Also be sure to clear cache an re-index your data. if it does not work out feel free to submit a ticket to support@3000themes.com

Hi there, Just wondering if when you install it comes with all the demo data, like products, catagories etc so i just need to change stuff??? the last template, the second one now, i purchased has just been a disaster and im looking for a decent magento template that things like the sliders, etc can be handled through admin, not a coding hunt and big pain in the ass. are the frontpage sliders etc easily modified from backend with this one? regards dave

No the demo data is not supplied due to copyright issues with the product images. But sliders, footer elemtens and all such stuff is explained and supplied via our support panel on http://support.3000themes.com/forums/21228808-how-to

so a simple copy past will help out a lot. you only have to upload your own images.

This is a nice theme, but customer support is pretty bad, takes about 3 days to get a reply.. Otherwise its still a nice looking theme!

Hi Tropnevad, we strive towards a 12hr reply time… and we manage to do so 95% of the time. and 98% within 24hrs. not sure why you had to wait so long and our outmost excuses for that!

Hi, I love the template. However, I’ve posted my issue of Products with custom options not able to be added to the cart in IE9 to your support system as you’ve required on your site, but haven’t heard anything for 2 days. I notice this feature doesn’t work in your live demo either. I’m stuck on my project until this is fixed. Please contact me ASAP .

So no reply from customer support for over 4 days on either their support forums or here for a bug that has been mentioned twice. I didn’t even receive a response from a live person saying “Hey, I’m super busy, but thanks for finding this bug. I’ll get back to you in ‘X number of’ days.” Nothing but crickets even though I see they’ve responded to other comments since I’ve posted.

I’ve installed the latest update and you still cannot add a product to the cart in IE9 if that product has custom options. That’s a pretty major bug and makes this site incompatible with IE9 . SO HEADS UP PEOPLE ! This template isn’t ready for prime time yet. Too bad. It’s a gorgeous template. That’s pretty embarrassing and has made me look really foolish to my client. I have no choice but to remove the template and go with different.

Thank you. we are working very hard helping everyone as fast as possible. normally within 24hrs. if you waited 6 days something is very wrong. so we are currently working on a fix as we speak. but isen’t a small bug as we hoped it was.

We got a solution… we will create a new package for you and send it over with instructions via your ticket. Also we will update the Themeforest version after that

AWESOME !!!!! Can’t wait to try it out!!

there’s a glitch with the logo slider at the bottom. the first logo doesn’t show up, no matter what order or images you put in there. it will load after going through the sequence a few times, but never at the beginning.

Did you look at the javascript. maybe we set the default start at the second logo maybe. you want us to fix this? did u submit a ticket yet.

hi, i dont have any experience with magento, but want to try.. would like to buy your template – is it difficult to get the same look like in your demo? is it similar to a wordpress or joomla installation? is a quick installation with the demo content (without real pictures – placeholder) and menu included?