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Hi, Still waiting on my response on ticket #217 sent to you 14 days ago!

With a disappearing menu behind the product picture on the article page.

Problem with colour option on IE9 when placing the product in the basket.

Translation into Dutch, the Spec page content disappears.

And with 3 requests.

Strange its on solved and we replied to all IE9 issue tickets. There is a very easy fix to be done in order to get the add to cart and options to work properly in IE. i will check you ticket and reply again right away!

Thank you for your reply, I have sent you a reply on some issues that still where not fixed. For example the Spec’s thatd disappear in the Dutch language . The menu disappear behind a product image (that was not fixed).

That was fixed in the latest version. let me check that for you!


How customizable is this theme. Is it possible to give it the look and feel of my existing site as far as graphics at the top of the site, the nav bar and the background? Let me know.

Its all in just one css file so pretty easy. if you need help for small things you can reach us at support@3000themes.com or just request our support for like 2 or 3 hours for a small fee.

Superb job with this theme. I have just one question. Is it possible to change the name of the template “Fortium”?

Yes that can be done. but you need to be aware to rename everything. But i believe just renaming the folder will do.


I have a problem running the theme installation… I filled out the form with my E-mail, URL , Development URL and the Item Purchase Code and when I click submit query I get redirected to http://3000themes.com/activation/fortium.php where I get a “Internal Server Error”. I’d appreciate your help and attention at your earliest convenience.



I am very sorry. Our activation server is currently down due to datacentre issues. We expect it to be online any minute now. Please try again in like 10 or 20 min.

I’m about to buy the Fortium Magento theme, but was wondering if it’s possible to add category descriptions?

Where can I see examples of a CMS page? For example customer service?

Hi Etiennex,

Yes that is perfectly possible. Currently i have no cms page up i notice. but i will assure you this is perfectly possible. and can be used as 1 column 2 or 3 columns view.

any news of the V1.3 update and what updates it will have?


As I said in my ticket #313, I am experiencing some problems with the IE7 and IE8 browser. The background image of the header and the footer disapear and the disposition is changed. Has anyone experienced the same problem ?

Thanks !

Hello! the editable category header seems not to function for sub categories? Is that right?

Nope should work great. please send me an e-mail to support@3000themes.com so i can take a look right away. I need your URL , Admin and FTP details

Hi, I left questions on your support site five days ago and so far no response. Please, have a look there … Regards, bb

Hi Intelimage,

im afraid we missed that let me check right away!

hi, thanks for a sign of life, request#321, cheers.

Updated to V1.3 successfully.

For next update: - Fixed pagination on iphone

Hi Wellsy89, since your very active on our theme i would love to hear your recommendations for the next update. What are you missing or what would make the site better than it already is. please email it to suggestions@3000themes.com and we will listen and include it in our next update!

Is there any kind of details on whats been fixed. I have had to heavily modify this theme to fix a bunch of problems that I found but know there is more to deal with. All the layout and css stuff I can deal with but have questions on:

cookie error fix what kind of changes for use had to be done? google analytics issue? any other functionality issues?

I don’t have the time to go compare every single file in this update to the old one, some help would be appreciated.

Hi Pardus,

In short head.phtml, header.phtml product view view.phtml file those are the major fixed ones.

We are one of the only one that themed magento correctly using a brand new package like

Fortium/default in stead of the quick, eady and dirty way default/themename

This way you can add fortium/yoursitename and only add there your modified files. this way you can always easily update the default folder without damaging anything else.

Hi, I am considering to purchase your theme (which looks very smart indeed), however I’ve noticed a glitch using Firefox (latest build). When resizing the browser window the contents of the body div seem to slip out, extending the content to the full width of the screen. Is this an issue you are aware of/for which you have a sollution?

Greetings Jasper

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for notifying. Im investigating this right away, since this seems a really strange bug. Let me check if i have the latest update and come back to you with an response.

Ok i just checked. seems all fine on both windows and mac here. Could you send me a screenshot to support@3000themes.com?


Is it possible to get support for the Slider and the footer installation ? I didn’ know how to do this. Thanks

Did you e-mail support yet?


Can I change the slider images via admin in this layout?

Yeah for sure. you can use a static block for that.

Does anybody check the requests? Tickets 352, 359 and 360 Thanks

i believe it has been picked up.

So any news?


when I activate a category, the content disappears from the page except the header.

I do wrong? I have a category with a product to test.

Hi Nectarestudio,

I expect a error. could you send your url and info to support@3000themes.com so we can pick it up right away!

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing your theme but was wondering how the theme would react with pictures in landscape mode? On the demo site it is only in portrait mode.

Now may be this is related to the Magento platform which I’m not yet familiar with, but I thought I’d ask. Does your theme allow to put landscape-mode pictures instead?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kaycinho’s,

You can configure different image sizes very easily. Square, landscape and portrait are all possible.

hello I wrote 5 days ago and still I have no answer, it is very urgent!

4 days ago

Sorry in the weekends we can not respons a adequate as on business days. sorry for that. let me check right away!

ok, I hope it’s quick response. At the moment I’m not very happy with your service support, since I bought the template I have not received any mail


I was just about to purchase your theme Fortium but then I saw a problem with the demo; the wide menu seems to be having a problem (it’s showing scrollbars). Is this problem only present in your demo or also present in the download?

Thank you, Jasper

Just seen a small mistake on the search responsiveness. im fixing this now and will submit a new version within the next few minutes. so im sure this gets accepted first thing monday morning!

I am having a major issue with IE. IE users are not able to add products to their carts, if the product has options, like sizes.

I have sent an email to support, but I would appreciate a response on what we need to do to fix this. Our store is getting slammed with the Holiday Season.

well, even your demo has this problem, so I assume it is not fixed in the current version.

I am still waiting on a response. I noticed above, you said you had a fix when someone else had this issue. Can you please email me the fix? Or at least respond to my support emails?

I have sent multiple emails, and I still have no response on the IE issue. This is unacceptable.

You claim this theme is compatible with IE, but it is not. Even your demo shows this.