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This theme has a way to keep track of customers who subscribe, it lets ppl enter all thier info in at the shopping cart but yet it has no site/pages/interface for people to be able to log in to their account on the home page? Am i missing a huge part of the site or is it really not included at all?????

Next to the shipping cart button on the right top you have a sign in / sign out function. if your signed in customer can see their own dashboard with all basic magento functions.

Has anyone found a solution to the search, even the demo site is completely messed up. If you search for anything the layout is all wonky, please help!

Im releasing this fix probably tomorrow (friday)

Is the fix finished? How do I integrate it into my current site? Thank you for your time.

I submitted a support ticket 6 days ago now and haven’t had a response. Can someone please get back to me as I need to present the website to my client but am awaiting the issue with the product image scroller to be fixed. It’s Request #605.

Regards, Danielle

Still no response?

I haven’t heard back from you in response to my ticket. I have 2 open tickets that haven’t been answered. Can you at least let me know if you are working on it? Another week has passed and I really need to present the website to me client.

Still haven’t heard from you? You keep telling me that you are up to date on tickets, however I have 2 open tickets that haven’t been responded to in weeks!! This is poor customer service, I’d just like a response to know if you can help me. Thanks, Danielle

I’ve also noticed in firefox,18.0.1, ( on a mac) 13” Macbook pro, the entire theme gets messed up if you expand the browser window to the full width of the screen. I’ve attached two screen shots of what happens when you expand the browser. See how all the ofnts shift to the very edge of the screen in image 2. Anyone know a fix for this?

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/46/screenshot20130202at207.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/69/screenshot20130202at207.png/

3000themes, 6 days ago you said “Im releasing this fix probably tomorrow (friday)” Can we expect this update today?

I purchased this theme because on your main page you specifically stated “We have almost 24/7 staff for theme support available.” yet answers take weeks???

Kay, have you received my emails? Thank you!

Kay, please answer my email. Before I bought the theme, I had some questions. You have answered them correctly. After I bought the theme, you don’t answered any email. Hope you will contact me soon.

So I bought this theme but so far I can see that navigation links doesn’t work.

My Account / My Wishlist / Checkout / Log in – they are just redirected to ’#’...

Even on demo page all pages are blank.

How I’m suppose to fix that?

Okay I found solution myself. Looks like developers of this theme forgot about basic stuff.

Go to: /app/design/frontend/fortium/default/template/page/html And edit: header.phtml

Search and replace code: http://pastebin.com/Q36SPnp4

In the 1.3 version this was indeed wrong. we solved this in the newest version available right now!

I see a lot of support issues on this thread, and non responsive issues. I like the theme and would like to purchase, but is there still issues with this theme? Do you provide installation services?

Dear sir/madem, the theme works great. not sure what people mean with non-resposnsiveness issues. the theme is not liquid but 100% responsive.

Downloaded this theme and got a response within 2 hours on a Monday morning so I’m looking forward to getting the most out of this theme.

Thank for your notification. we hope your happy with this great theme!

Can’t register: No input file specified.

Common, whats going on here?

Now I get:

Error Oeps, there is something wrong. please try again and make sure all fields are filled correctly, and you license is correct.

I don’t see what I’m doing wrong.

I used the wrong ID code.

Looks like it works now, only didn’t receive any activation email, could be email delay.

I see its working in your other comments….. enjoy the theme!

Past week we had some problems with a activation error “NO INPUT FILE SPECIFIED” showed up.

Good news! its fixed and everybody can activate again. Sorry for this issue.

Is this theme working well with Magento Go ?

Nope sorry. this theme is not Magento Go compatible.

I have bought this template two months ago. It looks very nice, but the service is very bad. I have had contact with the seller several times, but he didn’t react on my emails. I had some problems with the template and the seller told me that I could rent him for 65 USD per hour. This is no service.

Hi Sir/madem, very sorry for that. We only charge our hourly fee when the support is not directly related to theme bugs or problems. Things we do not support are (professional installation, 3rd party extensions, and style changes) Small things we can always answer.

And yes we do not reply on e-mails. you can submit a ticket to support@3000themes.com We check that multiple times per day. the comment form on themeforest and emails are only checked weekly when there is time.

So if there is anything please e-mail us!

Homepage random products: Is there any way to add multiple category_ids or the root category?

{{block type=”catalog/product_list” category_id=”3,4,5,6” template=”catalog/product/random.phtml”}}

When I use my root category (2) is doesnt work, I can choose only one subcategory

I have it fixed, Made a seperate category, selected don’t show in navigation, added products and changed the cat_id in the block.

Great work, indeed thats the best solution.. cheers!

Afterwards I realised it was explained in the documentation.

AJ1611, only if the demo version got any style problems/bugs they should be fixed, and it does. I have found “allot” of bugs I have fixed already by myself. Although its a nice looking theme, its not 100% and I think should be rechecked and updated. (doesn’t matter for me now anymore because I have done my own styling)

Just one example: the class “rightpart2” which holds the description/tags/review is not correct when you smallen your browser.

Does anyone has problems with the search result page? Seems the 3 column template is not correct: /app/design/frontend/fortium/default/template/page/3columns.phtml

the last closing needs to be befor the footer content and the header I have copied from the 1column template: http://fortium.3000themes.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=white

Also the 1column-product.phtml is not correct: http://fortium.3000themes.com/white-dress.html

I used a copy of the 1 column.phtml which looks like to be correct.

I don’t understand why this isn’t correct, was this never a problem with older versions?


Is there a function to change price depending on the variety they choose? For example $10.00 for a shirt, +$3.00 for XL.

Let me know, Thank you!

Yeah sure. just use custom options or configurable products