Discussion on Fortuna - Elegant and responsive OpenCart theme

Discussion on Fortuna - Elegant and responsive OpenCart theme

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Hi, just installed the theme and after uploading the sample file getting 500 error

In error log or/twig/twig/src/Environment.php(299): Twig\Loader\ArrayLoader->getCacheKey(‘fortuna/templat…’)


The theme is compatible up to OpenCart 3.0.2

If you are using a newer OpenCart version the template structure has changed.

Please, add a support ticket https://support.everthemes.com/

Hello, i have a bug, in categories not working the button list/grid when is pressed and default show products is list. I need change to grid, how to proceed? Thank you

The default layout in OpenCart is the list. It’s the same for the template for compatibility reasons.

The switch to grid mode is made automatically on page load with javascript.

If you can’t change the layout, probably there’s a javascript error.

What’s your URL?

Is evogsm.ro … From the first time i used with this error but now i need to change to grid in mobile.

Your site has a modified version of catalog/view/javascript/common.js

That is a core OpenCart file. It was manually edited or another theme replaced the original one. Fortuna theme doesn’t change anything in the core files.

Use the original file and the grid/list buttons should work.

Hi there, is it possible to enable a sticky menu on a mobile? Another question: is it possible to fix the display issue in the Latest /Bestseller carousel, ie to make the ‘add to cart’ in the same line, irrespective of how long is the product’s name? Thanks


In custom.js there is a function to make the titles the same height but only for categories. The carousel selector must be added.

The sticky menu is the top bar on mobiles. Basically you need to make it fixed:
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
 #topbar {
    position: fixed;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    right: 0;
    z-index: 99;

That’s for the theme version used in the demo.

Please, send a message with your URL to check your current theme version http://support.everthemes.com/

Hi, how can the add to cart button be removed or hidden from the homepage featured products?


Go to Extensions > Modules > Fortuna – Theme Panel.

Under Custom Code > Custom CSS paste this code:
#tab-featured-0 .cart {
  display: none;

and switch on ‘Enable Custom CSS’ as shown here https://pasteboard.co/IU3gnYd.png

That will do the trick

Can it work on 2.1.x opencart

Hi, it’s compatible with OpenCart 2.2.0 and newer. For OC 2.1 it would require many changes.

Purchased yesterday, And made it compatible :)

Great. Thanks. If you have any questions just let me know.

Hi, im getting an internal server error when uploading demo content and trying to restore using .sql files via backup and restore. I’ve spoken with my hosting provider and we can’t seem to locate any errors on the server side. Help please?

Hi, did you install the Fortuna Theme module and Revslider before uploading the .sql as indicated in the documentation?

They are necessary to create some tables because on OC3.x the tables can’t be created with the sql anymore.

Please, send me a message using the contact form https://themeforest.net/item/fortuna-elegant-and-responsive-opencart-theme/2564239/support/contact

There you can add your admin access and I’ll check what’s happening.


Do you have a theme with Product Bundle module for Opencart 3?

No, I don’t have any theme with a Product Bundle module.

Hi. It’s compatible with Opencart version?

Hi. Yes, it’s compatible with OpenCart

OpenCart 3.0.2 and 3.0.3.x don’t have changes on template level.

Can you upadte your script to the last version of bootstrap 4 ? I want to buy your script for my business. Sorry for my bad english.

Thank You

Hi. For compatibility reasons we are going to stick with Bootstrap 3 for the moment. OpenCart core and modules still use Bootstrap 3.

Thank you for your interest.

I can’t seem to remove the brands and information links in the header.

Hi, I replied to your email with the steps to remove those links.

They are managed from the module Fortuna – Theme Panel

Your theme is great but I am having one issue, how to improve PageSpeed score and gtmetrix score. Before buying I want to clarify about that only :)

Hi, the demo site shows an out of the box OpenCart installation with the theme.

To improve your performance you should use a minify/cache plugin. Indeed, with any theme you need a cache method to improve your page speed score.

There’s a number of such plugins available at the OpenCart marketplace.

Let me know if you have further questions.

on the top of menu. i can see “MY ACCOUNT”. How can appear Customer Name after the login, instead of MY ACCOUNT?

It requires changes to core files. If you can do it for yourself (otherwise, I’ll include it in the next version):

In theme-options.ocmod.xml find:
$data['fortuna_menu_style'] = $this->config->get('fortuna_menu_style');
add after that:
$data['customer_firstname'] = $this->customer->getFirstName();
$data['customer_lastname'] = $this->customer->getLastName();

Then, reinstall the ocmod.

Now in header.tpl you can replace:
<?php echo $text_account; ?>
<?php if ($logged) { ?>Welcome, <?php echo $customer_firstname; ?><?php } else { ?><?php echo $text_account; ?><?php } ?> <span class="caret" />

I did that changes and reinstall ocmod. its appear 500 error.

The solution is correct. You need to double check your changes.

Hello The “view cart” and “checkout” buttons do not work on mobile devices. thank you. I recent update to OC

Hi, I sent you the fix by mail

Can your themes run on multistore open cart setups?

Yes, they work on multistore.

You can even control basic design/layout for each store.

But for more complex layouts on each store it will be a bit tricky. Although this is true for any theme.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Hello , I found that your template, there is a new bug,, please help solve it,

Hello, I found that your template, there is a new bug,, please help solve it,

1) Click here for all categories and cannot access the corresponding category.

All classifications, all have such problems, please help solve!

pls see you Email, thank you!

Hi Abel, I replied to your email.

Hi, does your theme include Google Rich Snippets?

No, it doesn’t include Rich Snippets. But you can use them with an extension.

Hello ,

The OPENCART template I bought here yesterday was installed, but there is a bug. When the mobile phone accesses shopping, you cannot click the “View Cart” and “Checkout” button. Please help us to fix this bug.

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks! Abel Chen

Hi Abel,

What’s your URL?

You can send me your details using my contact form https://themeforest.net/item/fortuna-elegant-and-responsive-opencart-theme/2564239/support/contact

Hi awesome Theme, I’v been using it for a long time. In OpenCart 3.0.2 Shipping: UPS isn’t showing up during checkout, Fedex causes an error and lastly after adding an item to the cart the browser needs to be refreshed, otherwise it shows the cart is empty after clicking shopping cart?


Payment methods are taken from the Default theme. It seems like a problems with your configuration, maybe SSL? Or it could be a javascript error.

What’s your URL? You can send me the details using my contact form https://themeforest.net/item/sellegance-responsive-and-clean-opencart-theme/1285060/support

Please, include your OpenCart admin panel access.


Hi there, it seem like my revslider not working fine. when i try to upload an image it say directory not found.

ok it work, but after i create a slider and enable it but it didn’t appear in my front page.

The save button for rev slider of mine not working.

Use el sabe button at the bottom of the page. The floating button on the top doesn’t save the changes.


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