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Hello AliA:

I didn’t notice this before, probably because I don’t enlarge images like visitors do on the website, but, if you would please look at a Fortune template demo and click on any of the images in the Portfolio section and enlarge it, you’ll notice that on enlarging it, the image first jumps from left to right. Then, If you close that enlargement and you re-open the same image to enlarge it a second time, it works OK, it no longer jumps as it does the first time you open it. Would you please give us a fix for it?

Thank You

hi is there a way to stretch out the google map over the entire section like we see on other templates. thank you

Hello yes we can do this. Thanks

Please let me know how much for that customization. Thank you

Congratulations on your great template. I’m starting creating my website using it. I have a question regarding the “blog” . How should the “single blog” pages be created or named to be displayed automatically in the main blog section? Thanks in advance!

Yes actually its html template so you have to do all maunally. But your requirement is to have wordpress theme. Thanks

Tbanks. Is this theme available for WordPress? or is there any way to make the the actual Fortune html template work together with another WordPress blog?

No wordpress version is not available. Thanks

Another question about Live tweets, I can’t create the “liveTweetsToken” required in line # 1227, the link provided in help file for the Twitter plugin is broken. Thanks!

Still no answer about Live tweets, it doesn’t works. Any fix for the code?

Ok i will check this. Actually its a third party plugin.