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hello I just purchased and downloaded the files, I upload it to my server but when I open it in my Ipad the safari navigator just crash. It also occur in the iphone, I thought that was a problem of my server but I opened this template on your website and the problem was the same. I´d like to know if there is a solution or some kind of guarantee. Thanks a lot.

Hi… i just purchased this lovely Template but i have an issue.

On mobile Device’s – the small ( i think btn-navbar ) stays on the left side and moves the whole main content 18-20px to the right side …

tested on GalaxyS3 and iPhone…

can u help

what I was looking for great job on Fortune – One Page Responsive Parallax Template This is going to nice to work with thanks AliA :)

Beautiful design. Looks great, Congrats! Good luck with sale!

thanks :)

How can i customize the twitter feed? i already purchased the plug in you use but i cant seem to find out where to add my own hastag


you only need to host what you get in downloadable file, nothing else. for twitter feed please follow these steps.


Hello, the parallax effect does not work with Safari. I tested my site and your example on here, and they are not working…just a static image.

Any idea how to fix this?


Hello, purchased this fantastic theme, and got a little issue. How to make links on navigator bar to move into the page, not to spot the location on 1st page. I tried to add full url instead of #blog and nothing happens. Hope You will understand where I stopped.

Best Wishes!

Hi, pro

probably it was my editing issues. Fixed. Working.

ok great :)

My contact form is not working??

this is what I got.

It dosen´t send the email.

I try with your page and this is the anwer.

I hope you guys can help me..



Replied to your email, Please have a look.


Hi, this is my second attempt at getting an answer. Why is the parallax effect not working in safari? I tried my site and the your demos, but the parallax effect does not work – It’s just a static image.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi AliA, any progress on the Safari script? I checked your other templates, and the parallax works fine on safari. Can’t you just use those scripts?


Hello yeah please send me link of that my template, yeah i will fix that for you. Thanks

If you check your other template on the desktop version of Safari (not mobile), the parallax between sections works. The background image does not move when you sroll.

But for the Fortune One template on desktop version of Safari the image in the background moves as you scroll. But works fine on all other browsers.

Great template :) Fortune support RTL ?

Thanks for liking, not in this version, but can add that css file


Hello there, I love this template, and I´m ready to buy it. Can you just please tell me if it is possible (easy) to change the background color to white? Many thanks

Hi thanks for liking.

yeah there are 3 versions 2 with black background and 1 with white. yeah you can easily remove texture bg n then it ill become white background.



nice theme but I’m trying to upgrade to Bootstrap 3 and there’s a lot of problems. The main one is that it seems that you’ve modified manually bootstrap.min.css

Indeed, I’ve downloaded the 2.3.2 version of Bootstrap in order to compare and, for instance, you’ve set “oswald” font manually.

Why such a modification directly inside a third party component ? It forbid any evolution later… Would I’ve known I wouldn’t have begun the upgrade which now let the site in a middle state, and a lot of work to do.

So, have you modify this way ? Have you got the list of modifications in a external CSS file (the right way to proceed) ?


Indeed, Bootstrap 3 is a bit different BUT the problem is not here (this is pretty easy to migrate usually), the problem is that you’ve modified directly bootstrap.min.css, which should never be done this way. So I ask again : have you got an external CSS file with the modifications you’ve made in bootstrap.min.css ?

I’ve chosen this template because it was built with boostrap… Since this third library has been modified, you can’t say it is built with bootstrap anymore.

(with the indentation you’ve put in bootstrap.min.css, I can’t compare to the original one)

yes i added “stylesheet.css” file, but little bit modifications are there in “bootstrap.min.css”.

Hi, could you tell me, how can i had a background color to the titles of the menu/header? i want to keep the hoover, but also i want to have background color to the titles of the menu, because some images are to shine and i cant see the tiles/menu header.

Thanks! Have a nice day.

oh ok please open this file “css/stylesheet.css”

line#20 ul.nav li a{}

here you can add background color for menu items.


Thanks, but could you just tell how can i increase the black shadow?

welcum in same css file in top few lines there will be a dotted pattern you can edit that in photoshop, thanks

Hi AliA,

Can you tell me where I can modify the nice scroll parameters? I want to – make the scroll visible all the time, and make it wider.


Hello, nevermind… I found it.

Hi oh ok, sorry am late :)

Hallo, good theme but! In Chrome, Safari and Firefox OK, but in IE8 impossible to see How can i or u repair it?

Hi AliA! I just bought the template! It’s great! I’m almost done editing it for my wedding website!

Just a question, is it possible to add or enable a Next/Previous feature for the photos in the Portfolio section? That would be very useful! The user won’t have to exit the zoomed image to see the next one.

I’ll wait for your answer!

hello thanks for liking do share ur website url ), there is no such feature in this version i will try in next version, thanks

I have the exact problem as this….Hey, I’m facing couple of issues with the template. 1. In mobile phones, pages are totally distorted and not properly aligned. I see the same issue without altering the template. Checked on iphone and android 2. As its response, we shouldnt get a scroll bar horizontally. If somebody scroll, they see the background image…

Hi how long will it take please. Does checking it mean you are looking at it or attempting to fix the errors? Thank you.

Please respond if there is no fix please tell us so can source another theme.


am really sorry for late replying, its fixed.

Please see following updated demo.

replied to your e-mail please check


I had a few issues, that were my error. Great support and now fixed. Thank you. :)

thanks, your welcome :)

Hi AliA, I face two more issues. 1. In Mobile the background is not getting stretched completely, as a result its leaving a white gap. 2. On resizing the windows, images with caption bar are not responsive. Image appears very small and the caption takes 100% width. I have emailed you the screenshots. It will be great, if you can fix those..



Please view demo on your mobile.


its happening for demo page as well. @Ghost1978 also raised the same issue… It will be great, if you can fix it..


Hi I really would love to buy this – sadly i experience an issue on iPhone 5S while trying the site (old and new demo link) – you can see it on this screenshot, have a look at the left side of the backroundpicture from the home-slider. Any chance to get this fixed? Problem:

Hello ok i will check this thanks.