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I want to purchase your theme, but it crashes on Safari (iPad). Can you fix this?

ok i will check this, thanks

HI, thanks for this wonderful template. I would like to use this html template for a cms (not wordpress, but spip – Can i do it with the regulair license ?

hello thanks for liking, yup you have to get extended license. thanks

The theme is good, but there are lot of issues over iPad. I have installed this theme on two different websites and the compatibility on iPad is very poor. Can you please do needful?

hello ok i will check them, thanks


How could I do create linked images on supersized slider? I tried it but not work.

Ex: {image : ‘image/slider/orion-monc-live-sahnesinde.jpg’, title : ‘Monc Live Sahnesindeyiz’, thumb : ’’, url : ‘'},


hello ok am checking

Hi, I recently purchased the theme,and my supersized slider is not displaying the images or text once I uploaded to domain…The wheel just keeps spinning and nothing happens. The slider works fine when i test in dreamweaver. Do you have a possible solution to this?

hello please make sure you have uploaded all th files n folders thanks

How can you get video (youtube for example) to pop up in a lightbox instead of a photo?

hi i used bootstrap lightbox, please try youtube url insteaf of image url, thanks

Hi AliA, amazing template. Only thing is, on mobile phones (iPhone and Android) when you scroll down, you see the supersized image as a background image – until the first parallax image.

Could you please help to fix this?


I checked its working fine. please check this demo link on your device.


Yep, that works perfectly! Should I download the template again then and try it on my site?


Please drop me a mail, i will tell you what should you change.


Just purchased this theme. Is there a wordpress version?

will be available in couple of weeks.

Just checking in. is the wordpress ready for testing and purchase?

nup its not ready yet, i will mail you once its ready, thanks

How do I change captions on the slider? What files is it?

Hello Please see help file. you can update this file “js/supersized/supersized-images.js” Thanks

Thank you so much.

your welcome :)

I have another question on this template. There is a white strip on left side of slider. I tried making the photo wider by 50 pixels with no luck. The background image near the contact section fits perfectly and its the same size. What should I do to get the full size on the slider? Thanks in advance.

Any solution to this problem? It’s not displaying properly in Safari or on iPhone devices. My client is not happy. Please let me know a solution to this asap. Thanks!

replied to your email thanks

I emailed you since then. Please check.

Another question – for the process.php file – to send the contact form to an email address, what code do I change?

got this to wok

oka gud job :)

The white gap issue seems to still be a problem on iPhone, has any work been done on it?


Please open this file “css/supersized/supersized.css”, line # 37 and replace with following code. thanks

#supersized {
    display: block;
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;    
    z-index: -999;
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;

This worked, thanks for posting.

welcum :)

Having an issue on IE, works on Firefox and Chrome, please advise:

Thanks, Tom


I just re-checked demo link in IE, its working fine,

Please try this in your browser.


I see that it works fine with your link, it also worked fine on my end before I populated it with content, and still does in Chrome and FF, I’m just trying to figure out what could have gotten modified that is causing the pre-loader to hang in IE, any suggestions or help would be great.

Please mail me ut site or send me ur ftp so i can check thanks

Hi, Can this template have portfolio details like your “Simply One Page Multi-purpose HTML Template” has?

I need to display portfolio details for every entry and don’t need lightbox for images inside portfolio.

Can you please respond so I can decide is this the right template for my project. Thanks

hello its not available in this version, may be later i will add ajax based or separate portfolio detail pages thanks

Okay, could you do custom work to implement ajax based portfolio like on “Simply One Page Multi-purpose HTML Template” for me?

Please drop me a mail, thanks

Hello AliA

I’m customizing the color of the entire Black-Red demo of your wonderful Fortune theme and I managed to change the color of most settings and also those of the icon images etc.

However, even after spending a very long time searching, I could not locate the color settings for the following items. Please advise where these are:

1. The red active state for all menu items.

2. The red color of the animated graphs under “Our Capabilities.”

3. The red font color of the titles under “Services;” “Pellentesque,” “Vestibulum,” and “Donec Eu.”

4. The red color of the small scrollbar on the right side of page.

5. The red color of the submit button in the Contact section.

Thank you and Regards

After posting the above color settings questions I found all settings except for the scrollbar on the left. Thanks

After posting all questions I found all settings – Thanks

ok great you have done, welcome :)

Hello again AliA:

On this one I need your help… I am using a bigger logo than you have in the demo and it does not resize for small device screens. I tried to make it work with the change in the following code, but still it does not resize. Please help.

<div class="pull-center" id="logo"><a class="brand" href="#homepage"><img src="image/logo/jrc-logo.png" style="max-width:100% !important; height:auto !important;" /></a></div>

Thank you

Hello Please try this in img tag.

Thank you AliaA. With your code the logo now resizes perfectly. However, the menu icon overlaps on top of the slide captions and I can’t find the setting to raise it in any of the files. Where is it?

Thank you

Thank you AliaA. With your code the logo now resizes perfectly. However, the menu icon overlaps on top of the slide captions and I can’t find the setting to raise it in any of the files. Where is it?

Also, please, the mobile menu is very difficult to read with the slider caption underneath. Where can I enter a background color for it that will display only when the mobile menu is active?

Thank you

hello, your welcome.

for menu icon, add following in you css file.
div#top-nav {
margin-top: -30px;

Add background color like following in your html code where menu is.

div class="nav-collapse pull-center collapse" style="height: 0px; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9);" 


Hello again AliA:

Please, would you add a sample drop-down sub-menu to one of the menu items in the Fortune demo? I need Services to have a sub-menu as attractive as the Fortune style and I have been going crazy trying to make one that looks right.That is, I know how to make a simple sub-menu itself, but my styling attempts conflict with the navigation CSS, and the other navigation elements get distorted, as well as the position of the logo.

Thank you

Hello AliA:

Thank you for the code. At size 240 the display of everything on the page is perfectly spaced and Fortune looks as beautiful as it did on a PC, but the black background also appears on a large pc screen. Can it be limited to appear only on small device screens?

I also discovered the following issues:

At size 320, the previous – next navigation arrows need to be lower; they overlap into the bottom of the logo. Also, the menu icon overlaps down over the slide caption.

At size 480, the navigation arrows need to be lower; they overlap even further up into the bottom of the logo. The slide caption also overlaps over the bottom of the logo and over the navigation arrows.

At size 768, the caption also overlaps over the bottom of the logo.

Regards and thanks

alia.envato[at], please send here thank

Hello AliA:

Your prompt and gracious support coupled with your beautifully designed template makes for a five-star rating.

? ? ? ? ?

Thanks and Regards,


hello thanks for liking, and you are always welome,