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I am trying to sign in after the install and I get a 404 error. Would you know why?

Hi, This is a basic HTML theme, not a proper working version, Thanks

This does not work. this a scam I lost my money buying this garbage

Is there any way we can help you?

My developer is asking me meaning of all the symbols (thumbs up/down are understood). What about those 2 curved grey arrows? What about that blue Flag? (What is it and how to use / increase it?) What about that Medal? (What is it and how to use it?) What is that horizontal red arrow? (What is it and how to use it?) What is that Grey Flag on bottom right corner? (What is it and how to use it?) What is that Envelop symbol next to “Start New Topic” button? (What is it and how to use it?)

Also what are the Borderlands1, 2 and 3?

And I assume green dot on profile circle means Online and Red dot on profile means Offline?

These basic information should have included in documentation.

Hi, Here’s the answers -

1) What about those 2 curved grey arrows? Answer – Curved Grey arrow pointing to left stands for reply to this post, and arrow pointing to the right stands for share this post.

2) What about that blue Flag? What about that Medal? What is that horizontal red arrow? Answer – These are example badges for forum users, for example Blue flag means current user is an exclusive member, If you look at my Themeforest profile you can see some badges under my avatar image, those are similar thing.

3) What is that Grey Flag on bottom right corner? Answer – That is used to mark the forum post as spam and report the post to admin.

4) What is that Envelop symbol next to “Start New Topic” button? Answer – Envelop button is used to check messages that haven been sent by other user to the current user.

5) Also what are the Borderlands 1, 2 and 3? Answer – Those are Main Categories, for example Borderlands is a game which have 3 parts, so user can switch between main topics.

6) And I assume green dot on profile circle means Online and Red dot on profile means Offline? Answer – yes, you got that part right.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

Thanks. 1) How would you use right arrow in order to share? I mean what would be next if right arrow clicked? (e.g. ask for an email id? and send the forum link to that email id?) 2) What scheme would you think of? 5 Likes = 1 Green Flag? 5 green flags = 1 Red Horizontal Right Arrow? And 5 Red Right Horizontal Arrow = 1 Badge? Or may be I misunderstood? 3) I see, so if someone clicks that grey flag, user will get notification that an email has been sent to moderator about indicating that this comment is a spam? And an email should be sent to Admin email id? 4) This is only applicable if website keeps emails of individual users. Right? (Else this functionality can be removed I guess. 5) So these are main categories. And Categories in far right box are Sub-Categories?

Take Care.


any plan to build new beautiful and responsive Forum HTML5 template? Because I want to build forum from the scratch without any Forum CMS like vBulletin or other. I have $30 on my budget. Hope you are interesting in :D


I’m quite busy with work, Please look for some one else.

Hello there,

I want to know if there could be an option of moderation? Someone writes a post and admin can approve it before it appears over the website.

And can we align the category section to the left side as well? I mean customizing the design. Reply me back here ASAP. Thanks

Hi, i really like this theme and already purchased it, thank you.

Using this beautiful template, can i hire you to make the workable theme for vanilla2 forum?

If yes, please contact with me by email: to discuss the details.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, dizzy


Is it easy to customize? Like in the discussion page, I want to take off the side menu (on the right). I’ll need just remove the html and change like column 8 for the discussions to 12, right?

How about toast messages? Like “Your account has been created”, I didn’t see any in the sample. Is it simple do add thinks like this just using tags from bootstrap? Or I will need to edit the css files?

Thanks in advance

Hi, this is a HTML template, and don’t have the features you are looking for. You need to hire a developer to add the features you are looking for. Thanks

Yes, I know that is just HTML Template. I’m a back-end developer and my questions is just about front-end features (static changes that I want to do).

There’s no message after user’s account has been created in the template.

Hello i need to start a forum how can i use this script,please assist me

Hi Ivan, pre-sale question, Is this forum login/logout forum as i would like to function by it self on a subdirectory? Thaks

Hi, this is a HTML template, it don’t have the features you are looking for. You need to hire a developer who can help you with that. Thanks

please will i have access to the source code of the template on my local computer after purchasing. Thanks

Hi, This is a HTML template, you will only have access to HTML source code once you buy it but it won’t be fully functional as a forum theme. Please checkout other forum templates which are fully functional. Thanks

Hi, I find that on mobile screens, the post title and description is offset a bit too far to the right from the avatar and badges, which leaves a gap and also wastes space.

This does not happen on the larger screen. I’m sure its a quick CSS fix, but surprising none the less.

Please update me with info.

Btw, I love the simplicity and cleanliness of the forum template. Thank you


Iam very sorry to inform you, that I would like to cancel my bought. I wanted and needed a fully working forum template (as Iam not a developer.. instead i got just nice looking design – not working to add comments and users and so on.)

Would be great if the css was written in sass or scss

Great job , congrats, when you will convert to css the missing pages? for example : 07_User_Profile_Page

Hi . I want to buy this template but i need to ask you a question. is there any comment box under these topic thing? is it active to bring a comment?

Hi, this is a HTML template only, it’s for only front end, it have comment section under topics. Please discuss with a developer before purchasing.

Hi, Good Morning. I would like to know if in your theme it follows: 1 – User Administration, with permission to create posts or respond. 2 – This topic is possible Translate? 3 – Can I include images in the created Topics? 4 – Is the Forum ready to use? Just install and use?

Hi, sorry none of the functions are available with this template. This is just frontend only. Please consult with a developer before purchasing this template. Thanks

Do not you have any products with the requests I made?

No, I don’t have any product with the requests you made. Sorry

any idea how to install this html template?

Hey, This is not an install-able template. You need to hire a developer to make it work, please consult with him before purchasing. Thanks

Hi azyrusmax.Let me ask you a question? If I buy the site for $14, I can use your HTML5 code?

This is a HTML template, if you purchase it you can use the HTML5 code. Thanks

Hi azyusmax…I don’t purchase template with paypal..Help me!!!

Hi, please contact envato support team here –

I own a system created by me forum that I have a monthly subscription plan, could I buy your template to put in my forum to serve my clients?

You can use it anyway you like, but you can’t resell it anywhere. Btw this is just a html template. Consult a developer before purchsing it for your forum system. Thanks

hi, i want to buy complete web form. Can you meet? wordpress or html are both. Please quote me! Thank you