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This is really a unique idea and the market has a strong demand for such theme. Good luck with sales and welcome to themeforest.

Thanks for your nice words! :)

Very nice theme. Congratulations my friend and welcome to themeforest :)

Yeah thanks for the warm welcome :)

Nice job with this!

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Good Job, Like it , GLWS ;)

Very cool theme,, may i know for the categories on the right coloumn on Homepage..can we make the categories appear on every page? when user click on the subject to view…

At the moment, not yet. But we’ll have it turned into a widget in the next version. Then you can move it to any supported sidebars in the theme.

Thanks for the kind words. :)

thats nice..can’t wait for it

thanks a lot

A great Theme, can we have option by default in theme to place google adsense codes. Also can you make hone page widgetized And how we can setup a job site ….

Thanks for your kind words, Sayyam!

You may use the Text widget for your Google AdSense codes. Since the widget is a default in WP, you can readily use it when you install ForumEngine.

As for a widgetized homepage, we think it’s going to complicate many things in our theme so for now we’ll settle on having the widgets in sidebars only.

On how to set up a job site (if you mean set it up with ForumEngine), it’s possible if you use the multiple site feature of WordPress (http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network).

Great theme. I love it, and I’d like to add something similar to my preexisting WordPress site, but without switching themes. So if you come up with a plugin for something like this, and post it on CodeCanyon, I’ll definitely buy a license. Anyway, good luck with sales.

We will consider to discuss if ForumEngine is possible to be a plugin in the future.

Thanks ;)

Wow!Looking great!Love the Theme :) Good luck with sales

Thanks so much!! :)

Nicely done, very clean.

Thanks for your kind words! :)

Really Awesome Work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thanks a lot. ;)

Can this theme add featured users/posts in the sidebar?

It is not supported in the current version of ForumEngine. We will discuss about those widgets and consider to add them in next updates of ForumEngine. Thanks :)

Also, is there a way for the “love button” to be functional right on the homepage? I mean, clickable?

And post excerpts be displayed in the homepage? And if the sidebar is usable, can we make this theme handle 2 sidebars? One in the right and one in the left side?

It is a great suggestion! We will consider to add it in next updates of ForumEngine.

Regarding 2 sidebars, we haven’t got any plan to implement it yet. ForumEngine provides one sidebar on the left or the right only.

ForumEngine supports Login Facebook and Login Twitter features already. You just need to register API keys for both of them.

ForumEngine has been built based on WordPress, so that it supports the WP plugins. However, I recommend you to test them carefully before using. :)

Fantastic work , congrats!

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros! :)

Suggestion: add “love or like button” on each profiles, add activity feed site-wide and per user (who liked, posted, commented, etc). Will this be considered in the next update?

Thanks for your suggestions! They are sent to our developers, they will consider to discuss them. :)

Is it BBPress compatible or is it a completely custom solution ? If the latter – is the functionality “pluginized” or built into the theme ?

At the moment, it is a standalone theme. BBPress is a Forum plugin. So that, it is not possible to use them together.

Thanks for your questions. :)

Is there a plugin that works with this that users can vote content up and down (remember the old Digg)? That would be awesome and I would definitively buy this template instead of using Vanilla for a little idea that I have. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in ForumEngine. ForumEngine hasn’t supported to vote content up or down yet. We will consider to discuss this feature. :)

HI ! Great job !

Is it possible to make it work with an existing WP installation along with another theme ?

It would be great to have something like that

Thanks for your kind words. ForumEngine is a standalone theme, so that it is not possible to use it with other WP themes. However, it’s possible if you use the multiple site feature of WordPress (http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network).

Great tip ! I didn’t thought of that option. Thanks again.

Need a plugin? Or functional template? I want to buy and put on your blog. Very cool! Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in ForumEngine theme! Currently, we just published a theme. We will consider to make a different version of ForumEngine as a plugin.