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I run a multisite with user registration with email and fb. Does the user from my mainpage – www.xxxxx.com also be logged in the subfolder installation with your theme after login on the mainpage – i will install this theme on a subdomain like www.forum.xxxxx.com ?


We are sorry for the late response! If you ran multiple site feature already, you can run ForumEngine with your existing site. ForumEngine provides 3 roles: 1.subscriber 2.moderator 3.administrator Please check your current user role to check if they are same to our roles.

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Hi there! Thanks for checking ForumEngine out. So how do you find our theme? Remember, there are 2 ways you can tell us your thoughts:
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really beautiful !!! if you add infinite scroll instead of pager i will buy :p

really beautiful !!! if you add infinite scroll instead of pager i will buy :p

Thanks for your suggestion! We will consider to discuss this feature for next updates of ForumEngine.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them on http://www.enginethemes.com/forums/. Thanks :)

Cool ! AS you update this product, please send a message !

Last question, how is the code ? do you use classes or functions ? is it MVC or just a set of functions files ?

thank you

Currently, we combine classes and functions to build ForumEngine. You are able to get the full code when you buy it. ;)

Very nice theme.

FYI – page two from the homepage spits a 404:


Thanks for your notice. Our staff fixed it on demo site already. You may check it right away!

Are we getting a video/gif update anytime soon? any hope for infinite scroll?

no response?

how do i embed video? this isn’t answered in your forum.

Sorry for the late response! You can put the embed links in your thread and reply contents directly.

Regarding the infinite scroll, our developers will discuss before adding it into our plans list.

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Threads aren’t posting.

Please send your WP admin account to support@enginethemes.com. Our staff will check and fix on your site directly. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

It is fixed, you may check your site right away!

+1 for infinite scroll.

We will consider the infinite scroll feature. Thanks.


is a good idea to have such a product ! i have some questions before i buy the product !

How its easy to : - Translate to french - add it to a wordpress installation, do i need to install wordpress to a directory something like forum etc… - How about moderation !

Some options i want to see : - infinite scroll - point system for users (top members (of the week) for example! - adding video (youtube etc)


Please post your questions in http://www.enginethemes.com/forums/. Our staff will try to answer all questions asap. :)

Thanks, i am in love with your other product! will be there on themeforest? any discount for me :) great job


Please send your request to contact@enginethemes.com. Our staff maybe give you a discount :).

Hello, anyhelp to how to install the forum, is it a theme or plugin ! i don’t how to install it , i already have a website installed with my theme !



Thanks for doing business with us! ForumEngine is a standalone theme. You may get tutorials at http://www.enginethemes.com/forums/.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support staff via contact@enginethemes.com. :)

Hello, I love this idea. You are really going to have great sales for this unique concept. However, before I buy, I would like you to sincerely give me a clear answer to these questions so that I may know whether it will fit properly into the project I want to work on. Now comes the questions:

1) In the features of the forum engine, you said this: Ability to port into existing blogs. Does that mean that I would be able to use it as a plugin, as in plug and play on my already existing wordpress theme.

2) If I will be able to use it on my existing theme, will have the forum section of that my theme to be forumengine theme. I may be asking obvious questions, but I want to know what I am going for, $50 is no small money for a student trying to make ends meet.

3) Is it compatible with bbpress.

4) I planned on using wpanswers, www.wp-answers.com but this your concept is far better and cheaper than theirs. but one thing is clear about wp answers, it is a plugin. So is this your work a plugin or a theme or both? How will I integrate it to my already existing blog with your beautiful theme on the forum section of my blog. Please, I may not be getting the right idea about this, if you can take your time to explain, I would be exceptional glad. This is the theme I am planning to use it with forumEngine. Is it going to be compatible. http://themeforest.net/item/pravda-retina-responsive-wordpress-blog-theme/full_screen_preview/4574367. (PRAVDA) Thanks for the good work. Waiting for your reply.


Thanks so much for your interest in ForumEngine theme! Here are the answers to your questions:

1. ForumEngine is a standalone theme. So that, it is not possible to use it with other WP themes. However, it’s possible if you use the multiple site feature of WordPress (http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network).

2. Yes, of course. EngineThemes is using sub-domain to setup our forum (http://www.enginethemes.com/forums/).

3. ForumEngine is a Forum theme and BBPress is a Forum plugin. But, they are not possible to use them together.

4. ForumEngine is a standalone theme. Therefore, it is not possible to use with other WP themes if you don’t use multiple site feature of WordPress. Please research how to make a network in your WordPress and use your themes.

Hope that helps. :)

Nice and Straight Forward Replies. Thanks and Good luck with sales ):

great theme, keep up :)

btw can we embed YouTube videos into posts/topics/replies?

You can embed video links in content of thread/reply. You are possible to take a look on our demo site at demo.enginethemes.com/forumengine/.

@Sagalian: currently ForumEngine support the share links inside thread/reply content.For example:

+ Youtube: http://youtu.be/abc123xyz

+ Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/0011223344

Thanks for your sharing! :)


I have few pre-sales questions,

1. Are forum posts normal post type or custom post type? 2. Are reply posts comments or custom post type? 3. If I already have 5000 posts from different users and more than 20,000 comments on respective posts, can i use this template and will it be changed it as forum?

Please let me know. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in ForumEngine theme! Here are the answers to your questions:

1&2. Thread and reply are custom post types.

3. It is not possible to use your existing data on ForumEngine. It is quite complicated if you want to transfer your current data into ForumEngine. You have to work on your database directly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. :)

Hi again,

try to fix the responsive mobile view in the next release.

The menu is not displaying correctly in mobile version


If possible, please give us more detail about the issue in menu of mobile version! We checked our demo site, it works fine.

Thanks so much. :)

+1 for infinite scroll +1 for live search results!

Thanks for your interest ForumEngine theme! The infinite scroll will be discussed for next updates.

Regarding live search results, ForumEngine provides auto-complete search at this moment. Please take a look on our demo site at demo.enginethemes.com/forumengine.

Also, when the site is viewed on a mobile device, the titles are cut off so you only see a few characters. Not good for user experience as they have no idea what the post is about. Just FYI!

Thanks for your suggestions! We will consider this feature. :)

Very amazing theme! I would think about adding notifications when someone’s post is hearted or replied to.

Thanks so much for doing business with us! If your ForumEngine has new threads or replies, the notification number will show on “All Posts” tab. Beside, the background of those updated threads will be different with others. You may check your site right away! :)

Hi there! Thanks for checking ForumEngine out. So how do you find our theme? Remember, there are 2 ways you can tell us your thoughts:
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  • Shoot a comment

    We’d appreciate if you can do both. :)