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Nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you for your support

very nice. love the color!


mantab gan! GLWS gan.. :D

Makasih gan! :D

Nice work ! Welcome To Forest :)

Thank you very much. :D

cannot wait to buy this

Thanks for your support. Really appreciate it

Why do I get my page partially loading and then it goes blank and “info@forward.com” gets displayed?

hardly makes it a useful template if it clears everything off your screen.

maybe your internet connection is off? because there are some external link inside the template like google fonts.

That does not make any sense. It loads the page and then seconds later it wipes the page and then shows ONLY your email address with a mailto href showing “subject=hello sandie” What have you inserted this malicious code?

Or is the better term – malware?

Be aware – this template has malicious code that on random pops up the following code onto your website


CLEARLY this is not a google error.

<a href="mailto:hello@sandyricardo.com?Subject=Hello%20Sandy">info@forward.com</a>

ummm,, so you mean this link? see this article for reference http://www.addressmunger.com/mailto_syntax_tutorial/ or http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_mailto. It’s just an ordinary link to send an email. so it’s not a malicious code

Nice theme. Needs IE8 support before I would purchase though.

Can anybody tell me how to replace the sample tweets with my own tweets?

looks very nice!;