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Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS

Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS

Forza is a modern, forward-looking web application framework built with AngularJS and LESS. The theme is beautifully coded and fully featured, ready to be implemented in the admin end of your web application, or as an intranet theme. It’s also perfect for your next Rich Internet Application.

Forza is at the cutting-edge of modern web development. The theme is lightweight and responsive powered by the latest Bootstrap 3 framework. It comes with a UX-friendly, clean and intuitive design that gets out of your way in favor of getting things done. Packed with features, it’s an AngularJS-based theme that does not lack substance.

With an extended variable.less file you can customize the theme infinitely without even touching a single line of code. There is a large number of plugins provided and already tailored towards the theme so they blend in. A mobile first responsive approach with off-canvas menu and touch support makes the theme work beautifully in a large number of screen sizes – from smart phones and tablets, to large screens.


We are committed to providing continuous long-term support and more and more new features will be introduced in future releases. You are entitled to free download of all future updates from the first purchase! At present we are providing regular updates from the suggestions taken from our customers.


Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS - 1 Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS - 2 Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS - 3 Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS - 4


  • Responsive Design following Mobile-First philosophy
  • Single Page Application built on AngularJS provides refresh-free and super fast browsing
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.2 and Font Awesome 4.1
  • Full of out-of-the-box functionalities that give you a solid base to start from
  • Packages managed with Bower (optional; Bower-free version available inside)
  • Grunt tasks for hassle-free deployment (optional)
  • Fast, data-driven menu system
  • 30+ custom Angular directives for your convenience
  • Detailed documentation with code snippets
  • Plugins
    • Angular UI Bootstrap
    • ng-Grid
    • Angular UI Tree Module
    • Easy Pie Chart
    • Flot
    • Google Maps
    • Date Paginator
    • Angular Bootstrap Slider
    • Angular xeditable
    • jQuery Knob
    • Sky Loader
    • Bootstro.js
    • Toggle Switches
    • iCheck Custom Checkboxes
    • Colorpicker
    • Datepicker
    • Timepicker
    • Daterangepicker
    • Select2
    • Multiselect
    • Stepy Form Wizard
    • Form Validation
    • CKEditor
    • jQuery Image Cropper
    • flow.js Multi-File Uploader
    • Sparklines
    • Morris.js Charts
    • FullCalendar
    • ... and many more!


v1.2.2 – 18th April 2015
Fixed scroll issue on fullscreen pages
Fixed pageheight calculation
Fixed missing jquery.ui.resizable on prebuilt
v1.2.1 – 2nd November 2014
Added Media Query support for IE9
jQuery Pulsate bug with FF fixed
Version-to-version patch files added
Fixed bower installation dir
v1.2 – 24th September 2014
Horizontal navigation added
Notifications updated
Fixed bug with Daterangepicker
Login/signup pages revised
Grunt flow improved
General code improvements
IE9 fixes
v1.1 – 11th August 2014
CSS optimization bugs removed
Grunt flow updated
Lazy loading added
Progress loader added on page transitions
Gallery updated
Documentation updated
Minor bugfixes
General optimizations
v1.0 – 30th July 2014
Initial Release