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Hi Enabled,

Simple yet elegant theme/app, thank you. I have two questions, hope you can help with this:

1- Is it possible to put an automatic slider (like a nivo slider) instead of the ‘swipe-it-yourself-slider’ ;-) If so, can you help me with that (where to put what where)

2- I want to redirect visitors on mobile devices to this page. How do I do that? (As you mention under FAQ ’s you can send me an e-mail)

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hello I am back again… I need your input on how to make the icons center when the icons are reduced from 4 to 3 or even 2 icons on the homepage.

I have edited custom.js page to reflect the icons that I need to have on the page however, the icons are NOT centering.

Thanks, Dax

You need to reduce the width of the total element wrapper. At the moment it’s 320, you need to reduce it by the width of the icon you want. Search for the navigation wrapper in the CSS or contact me through my profile if you need freelance assistance.

The link from the menu is not working on nokia C6. Nothing happened after click. Any idea why?

I don’t think Nokia supports HTML5 . The C6 is a 2010 model. That’s a very old phone when it comes to the technologies used in mobile sites. Especially media queries.

Hello Enabled,

This theme includes the PSDs, correct?

Just wanted to verify, thanks.

Hey there leadhub. Yes, there are 4 PSD files from what I recall inside the pack!

Great template! We’re running into some problems with added pages. Basically, we need two (2) image galleries so we just duplicated the html code for the js “portfolio” class and renamed it “portfolio2”. We also added another class in the custom.js file for “portfolio2”. We set it to “hide” on navigation. But for some reason, the main navigation page keeps scrolling down displaying “portfolio2” pg instead of hiding it like the js should be doin. Any ideas?

Problem solved! :)

it’s worth mentioning that an additional css class has to be created when creating a new page with this template. Otherwise you’ll have issues with the new page displaying on the main Nav screen, when it shouldn’t be. : )

Will include this in the FAQ page in case other customers run into this issue! :)


Nice design, it needs an update for the new 4 inch iPhone 5 screen. I’m getting letter box and not full-screen when launched from Home Screen.

Found some info here http://mobile.dzone.com/articles/new-iphone-5-and-ios-6

but can’t get it to work. I hope the template author could help me out on this.

Simply replace the top meta viewport tag with this
<meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0">


I did that before posting here but no luck, only makes it user scalable.

Sorry, I forgot a piece of code!

<meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0"/>

This is the code you need at the top! It should make it work for the iPhone 5 :)


Thanks for your help, it worked. The startup image didn’t load but I’ll get that sorted later. Just wanted everyone to know that you have to delete the old home screen icon after replacing the code for it to take effect.

Would like to thank you for your prompt replies.

Glad to have helped, don’t forget to rate 5 stars! It helps me too! :)

Hi, just bought it and must say the theme is interesting.

I have some doubt about how to include post content here to keep the one page environment. Is there any default method to do it? Or I should add a new section per post and add javascript code to hide/show to make it work this way?

Thanks and regards!