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Thanks mate! :) Much appreciated! :)

Really nice work – A definite purchase later today for me.
Good luck with sales.

Very glad to hear you like it! Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

Looking good my man :)

Thanks mate! Much appreciated! :)

Very Nicely Done!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars please! :)

hi I dont understand what you mean by iwebapp? in what way is this a app over a mobile html template? Than in what way could any app part be expanded..or basically whats the difference between a regular mobile template and a web app/mobile? It seems like a web-app/mobile is a better choice but bear with my ignorance on this..:)

This is the Apple Definition of a WebApp Basically it’s an bookmark, saved to your homepage, with a custom icon and a loading screen! :) Works like the site but in full screen mode, no navigation bar! Much more convenient and nice! :) Only iDevices support this at the moment!

I believe it will be super awesome if you add some transitions between the pages , a rotation or sliding ;) The rest is awesome ! Good Job buddy !


Thanks for your info..it helped me make the purchase.The app feature is a extra for sure..it means its more than just a mobile site..it could be many things and all hosted on a web server..nice..

Glad I could help, and thank you for your purchase! Much appreciate the kind words! :)

Hello There,

No where in your instructions does it mention how to ADD pages. I am attempting to add pages and ALL I am getting is a run on mess. The pages I am trying to add are pushing the ‘About’ page into the menu page.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

As the documentation says, you need to add them inside custom.js as well. The pages are shown/hidden by JavaScript. I can assist you by email or add more, for a freelance fee! Contact me through my profile please.

Actually what you stated was:

‘If you wish to add more icons, you will have to edit the javascript….’ You didn’t specify the ACTUAL .js file.

Never the less, I fixed this prior to you making your statement.

Something else your documentation does not cover is how to link to an external page.

I need link to an external site from the home page. You have designated the images with a class variable.

I need for both the text & icon image to direct the user to the external link. What do I need to change this variable to to make this happen.

In regards to contracting your services, I am well able to make changes to any type of programming language as long as there is proper documentation on such. Something as little as ’.js file’ being left from a product’s documentation gives raise to questions needing to be answered.

Regards Dax

Nevertheless, that is why the item comment page is here, in case of a forgotten/misunderstood side of the product, and that is why my files are all 5 stars! Because I always answer my support questions and I offer help.

If you can code the .js yourself, please drop me a message through my profile and I will gladly assist you in any inquiry you may have! :)

P.S. You should edit the custom.js file. You’ll see the navigation boxes there. The syntax is simple if you understand JavaScript and I think you’ll manage just fine. But, if you need me, please feel free to contact me through my profile! :)

Hello There,

I figured it out. I used jQuery classes to help out…

Oh! I do not doubt your programming/ coding / support for one minute! You clearly know what you are doing and know how to design/develop eye catching, 100% on point functioning and clear & clean coding.

I have been working on converting your product into an app and it temporary got the best of me. My apologies if I came of rude or negative…

Smiles… So let me go and give you your 5 start rating!!

Ciao! Dax

Thank you Dax! Don’t worry about being rude or negative, I understand, it is very frustrating sometimes not to be able to get something right from the first shot!

Thank you for your nice words, patience, and your rating! Much appreciated!

All the best, Paul

Hello, I have to buy this template, and very beautiful,

But how do you make it a home page for my site?

Are there steps?

Thank you

Copy paste it to your server! :) There are instructions in the main file.

Well thank you, uploaded to my site,

But there are JavaScript files, and also read how to start a blog,

But where I put the code? For I can write and add pictures!!

Wow, this is way more involved than I though. Is there an easy way to plug in my information and go?

Yeah… I have no idea how to code in jQuery. I was hoping to make any modifications in html at the worst. I checked the user manual and that is what made my ask the question. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

skier150, try editing by the advice given in the manual, if you have trouble with it, send me a message through my profile I will help you as much as I can! :)

Read, tried… and message sent.

I have sent you 2 private messages, but you have not responded to either. Really?

Do you make a habit of ignoring your customers? Not good

This will work on phonegap?

It should work PhoneGap. PhoneGap translates HTML5 to mobile platform code. It should work without a problem. I’ve never used it before, but what I see on their site, it should work.

Can this themes HTML5 files be run with FrontPage 2003? I’ve never worked with HTML5 before.

Nice theme!

Hey there Andy007. I don`t know! I’ve never used FrontPage in my entire life! I use Dreamweaver! :)

And this is not a theme! It’s a template! :)

Thanks for getting back to me. Maybe someone here can tell me if HTML5 files can be edited in FrontPage 2003?

Another note; I checked out the mobile example site and none of the home page links work on my BlackBerry 9300 Curve. Nothing happens when I click on the links.

I don’t know if it works on FrontPage 2003, try Google?

BlackBerry 9300 Curve is not a touchscreen device, how could you interact with the buttons if you don’t have a touchscreen? They should work since they use a hrefs, but this is built specifically for touch devices ( smartphones in the true meaning of the word )


Yeah, I’ll Google it.

Regarding my BB Curve, I am able to move the cursor around the page and it turns into the hand cursor when I hover the button links, but when I click it, it just goes to the top of the page.


This is a great template! I’ve bought and started to edit it already. Do you have a fast way of recreating the logo.png easily? I’d like to keep the font, shading, etc but simply change the text?

The font is Helvetica standard. I think you can use Arial too. The shadow is the default Photoshop shadow, set the opacity to 45% and the angel to 90 degrees! :)

Thank you AliA! Much appreciated! :)