Discussion on Fotomag - A Silky Minimalist Blogging Magazine WordPress Theme For Visual Storytelling

Discussion on Fotomag - A Silky Minimalist Blogging Magazine WordPress Theme For Visual Storytelling

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Hello, does this theme have demo content to import? This doesn’t list it. https://docs.codetipi.com/fotomag/

Hey qm0nk,

If you’d like the demo contents, you can open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com and it’ll be sent to you :)


I have opened a ticket as requested #3207761

Hello! Reading time of posts not working properly.

When publish posts in Kazakh langauge which in cyrillic character reading time not calculating. Shows only 1 min. But when we try to publish post in English language the reading time shows properly.

Could you check you please this bug? It is up to characters of posts?

I sent my ticket to the https://codetipi.ticksy.com/ before, but not answer yet. Thats is why I am writing here.

Hey Aubakirnur,

You ticket was escalated to Chris (Codetipi dev) who has been away due to personal reasons. He is getting back up to speed now and you will hear back as soon as he is able to respond. Thank you for your patience.


Hey Guys, why is still there an Instagram plugin that is not available… Someone wrote a comment 3 YEARS ago and you didn’t do anything with that.

Hey CineGeek,

Instagram (Facebook) changed the way the API worked and they limited it severely, and now requiring special requirements for plugins and accounts to access the data. You need to find a new plugin if the current one is no longer working – there isn’t anything the theme can do about this I’m afraid.


Thanks, I know. But it would be great to clean the code and remove the plugin.

Hey again,

Totally agree with you but unfortunately Facebook has made it very hard for themes/plugins to access their API – you have to submit an application to be granted access, etc. Meaning that the plugin that has it all running is the most consistent way to use it.

It’s Facebook’s fault really. They want full control over all the access/data :(


Hi Codetipi,

I’m planning to refresh my own page again, going more on images than written content, and would love to use Fotomag for it. Only pre sale question I have is, is it possible to have the white left and right border/space like home has on all pages and posts? I love the homepage feel, and would like to use that for the complete website too.

Cheers, Robert

Hey Robert,

Apologies for the delay, but yes that is possible. You would need to add a bit of custom CSS to do this, but I can happily write and share it with you after purchase if you like.


Hey I love the theme, is there a dark mode option? Or only white pages?

Hey Sean,

Love that you love it :) There is no dark mode option at the moment.


The theme itself is great. However, it is not “well documented” as claimed on this page. The documentation is basic not detailed. Also, I’m not happy with codetpi’s support. The first question was replied to slowly and I eventually figured out the solution myself. My second question is still pending. He just replied once and has not replied to my follow up questions. I’ve been waiting 10 days now.

Hey there,

Happy you like the theme :)

I had a look and you received a response earlier today. Hope it helped!


Does item support exist? We have sent emails and sent in ticket, but heard nothing back. Maybe dont buy a theme without support! Gonna ask for our money back!

Hi there,

You received a response to your ticket earlier today.

And for the record, not sure where you sent emails to, but you definitely didn’t send any to Codetipi. You just opened a support ticket and less than 2 days later left a 1 star rating saying “no support” followed by this comment.

Best Codetipi

I followed your documentation and most customization is missing. Is the new version broken? It was there before.

Hi there,

No, the new version is not broken. Please open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com and share all the steps you are taking, as well as admin login details so it can be investigated.



Is the theme compatible with WordPress 5.9?

Thanks, Marius

Hey Marius,

Yes it is :)


Hi, I’m about to buy this theme. I’m new in wordpress, this will be for a blog. I was wondering If the video option is only for Vimeo? I want to post You Tube videos in my blog posts as well. It seems that it’s Vimeo only.

Hi there,

Thanks for choosing Fotomag (I see you purchased it now), hope you enjoy using it.

But just in case someone else is wondering – yes you can use Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion or any other video service.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much, the theme is great, I would like to change the social media icon colors and background white color, do you know how I can do that? Sorry I’m a newbie with wordpress.

You’re welcome :)

And sure thing, please open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com and share all the info of what you mean (exact url and part you mean) and someone from support can give you a hand.


How can i upgrade my theme? I have an older version and i see the last one is compatible with wordpress 5.6.

Hey Hultan,

Check out https://docs.codetipi.com/fotomag/#how-to-update-theme for the instructions :)


Thank you Codetipi!

No problem :)

Since upgrading to Wordpress 5.6 we’ve had an issue with a white overlay covering the homepage that can not be closed. It looks like its a Swipebox/jQuery issue. Everything looks normal when you land on the homepage but as soon as you click any part of the page the overlay appears. There is an X in the top right corner but it is unresponsive. You can reload the page to clear the overlay, but if you click anywhere on the page it happens again. It happens when all the plugins are deactivated as well. The theme is up to date. Is there a compatibility issue with Fotomag and the latest WP update? I don’t want to rollback if I can avoid it.

Hey Maidelane,

Thanks for choosing Fotomag, hope you’re enjoying it.

For all theme support you need to open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com as these comments are not for support.

Thanks and see you in there.


Thank you. Found the answer in the Fotomag forum.

Happy to hear :)

i just install the theme but i can’t find any demo content option and also one instgra m plugin show me an error something went wrong with api of the plugin please check and resolve the issue i submit a ticket to but i can;t find any reply from your support

Hey there,

Happy New Year :)

I had a look and see your ticket has been answered already. Hope it helped!


hi, i get the theme from envato elements. but demo content not incluede. how import demo content??

Hi there,

I’m afraid support can only be given to confirmed buyers on Themeforest. Elements is a separate service offered by Envato and support is not included there.

To get support you need to purchase a license on Themeforest and you can open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com and someone from support will happily help.


i don’t want to support. i ask a question about theme details. but you don’t reply. you will lost. we was buy to license 5+. your. your behavior is not pleasant. i wll not use your theme.


Sorry to hear that, but I wish you all the best of luck with your projects.

The theme is very neat and fast though how do i change the background color ?

Hey Tomzpot,

Thanks for choosing Fotomag and for the kind words :)

Do you mean the overall background of the site? You could add this custom css snippet to the Additional CSS tab in the theme options:

body { background: #ffffff; }

And change the #ffffff (white) to another color in hexadecimal value (you can find free colorpickers online to get any color).

Hope this helps.


Hi! Will you provide an update for this theme too, like you did for 15zine? And German language is still missing, right? Greetings, Frank

Ah I see! 15Zine can’t really be used as Fotomag, but our Zeen theme definitely can be used to be like Fotomag, there’s even a demo there that has a similar feel to Fotomag (it’s the Style Zeen demo) You can check it out here: https://codetipi.com/zeen/

Zeen also has a migration tool to migrate 15Zine data -> Zeen with one click too, so it’s a great theme to upgrade from 15Zine too.

Hope this helps :)


Ah, cool! But the scrolling Menü-Symbol Right of the page and Share/search-options on the left That i like so Much are possible too? (Thank you for your Great Support so far!)

You’re welcome :)

Zeen has got an option for an extra vertical sticky menu with social icons/search/slide in menu icon, etc similar to Fotomag. It doesn’t have the right side one, but you can do it all in the left one there :)

There is no clear place where the child theme nor the demo content is contained. Nothing shows up on demo import. I have submitted a ticket on your site. I have looked through the files. Please could you offer some guidance?

Hey there,

Thanks for choosing Fotomag :)

Your ticket has been answered now, I hope it helps.


Hi. Great theme. Bought it a few days ago and I have a couple of questions.

1) Can I use an embedded video as the featured image? (Like the “Electric Feel” post in the theme preview)

2) In Appearance/Customize/Post Options I turned off “Show Next + Previous Posts” but the “Previous Post” is still showing at the end of each post. How can I remove this? Also – how can I change the shape of the Next/Previous thumbnail (to a square) if I kept the feature on?

3) How can I justify the slide out menu categories (Home, About, Contact…)? I’d like all the menu options aligned evenly on the left.

4) How can I change the hoover color for each of the menu options on the slide out menu?

5) Is it possible to change the hoover color of the hamburger menu icon?

6) I added a text widget to the footer (linked email address with hoover color) under a jpg image of the site logo but there are now faint lines above and below the widget. I’d like to keep it seamless/all black. How can I remove the lines? (Could I set the padding to 0? I can’t find the code)

You’re welcome, happy I could help :)

Hello again. A few more questions…

How can I get the Pagination Style/Number Pagination that appears at the bottom of the homepage/above the footer to appear at the bottom of the post pages?

Can an image be embedded above the post title? I need homepage thumbnail titles but I want to chose the featured image (thumbnail images in the feat. img area keep getting cropped).

Thanks in advance.

Hey again,

1- Do you mean the global pagination? As in the one where it shows all your site posts? If so, that is actually controlled by WordPress and you can’t load it in other places. If you mean a paginated post (split your post content into multiple pages) then you can do it like this: https://wpglorify.com/paginate-wordpress-posts/

2- No, I’m afraid you can’t embed any content above the post title, that isn’t possible as the post titles are not part of the “post content area”, it’s outputted above the post content area (which is where you embed content).

Hope this helps.


Hey codetipi,

“WP Instagram Widget” plugin is no longer available to use. Check this out:


Why don’t you make a new update Fotomag version without this plugin? It’s really annoying getting a notification everyday on the “install required plugins” section, while the plugin is no longer active.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Hey Audiolicious,

Ah yes, unfortunately Instagram is clamping down on sites (and plugins) using the feed, as from early 2020, only “business accounts” will have official access to the API.

This will be reflected in the next Fotomag update, until then you should be able to dismiss the notification permanently by closing it once.


hello, i have some question before to buy it. 1) can i change the photo dimensions in a post? I don’t like that they are bigger thatn text. I prefer that they are fitted into the text. Is it difficult to do it? And… is this them easy to manage after installation? I need a Wyswig theme. Thank you!

Hey Gusvan,

Thanks for the interest in Fotomag :)

1- Yes you can do that for sure. If you use Gutenberg editor (new WordPress official editor), then Fotomag supports the different width options, so you can have images be left/right/centered/slightly wider than content/full-screen. Here is an example that has one centered image and one slightly wider image set:


2- Yeah it is very easy to manage, once you set it up, you would simply just focus on publishing new posts, not much else managing needed.

Hope this helps.



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