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Great looking template!


Hey I purchased this theme.. can’t seem to find the background image of the room in there. I see a sign which says – 1920 * 1020 -

Do I need to put in my own image somewhere? Can I get the image in the theme?


First I want to thank you for purchasing my template!

The image is not included in the download pack, you will have to replace those placeholders (1920 * 1020) in the style.css file with your own images.

If you want please send me a message from my profile page here: and I can send you the link from where you can buy the photo.




Just bought this theme and went to upload it, but it says it cannot load as it is “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

Any ideas?


Hi, this is a html template and unfortunately it’s not possible to use it as a wordpress theme.

Looks very nice like it!;



I love this template but there’s one thing which seems out of place. On an iPad Mini (maybe on full size iPad too – I haven’t checked), text is pressed right up against the edge of the screen. There’s no border at all; not even a millimeter.

You can check this out without an iPad Mini by resizing a desktop browser. Suddenly the margin disappears as you drag smaller, and then returns for phone sizes.

Is this how it’s supposed to be? Doesn’t seem right to me and I would buy this template, but for that one issue.



Thanks for letting me know! I will fix this issue and make an update, probably next Tuesday, because it’s almost weekend here :) I will let you know here on the comments section once is done.



The update just got approved, the issue is fixed now.

Is it available for wordpress? based on which platform I can customize it?

Hi, this is a html template and is not available for wordpress. You can open the files and edit them in any text editor, for example notepad. I used dreamweaver. Best, Bogdan

Very Nice work:)

Thank you!