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Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. In the past I’ve coded in HTML, but I haven’t done coding for a while and HTML5 I’m not familiar with. If it’s similar to the older HTML language, I can figure it out. Recently though I bought a theme and it came with shortcode. Trying to customize that theme gave me a ton of headache. HTML5 is not shortcode, right? Thank you for your reply in advance.

Good morning. Theme will not let me create a child theme. Get php errors. Trying to use Orboius Child theme creator.

please help


Hi, first congratulate you on the wordpress theme.

I am interested in buying it, but I have some personalization doubts. I need to place a PayU purchase button specifically, this button is with HTML. I have other doubts and that is why I put them in the following link, it is a PDF with the annotations.

kobolsky Purchased

Hi, congratulate you for your thema.

Buy the theme and I can not install the demo, can you tell me how to do it or where do I find information about this?

Thank you very much.