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Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. In the past I’ve coded in HTML, but I haven’t done coding for a while and HTML5 I’m not familiar with. If it’s similar to the older HTML language, I can figure it out. Recently though I bought a theme and it came with shortcode. Trying to customize that theme gave me a ton of headache. HTML5 is not shortcode, right? Thank you for your reply in advance.

Good morning. Theme will not let me create a child theme. Get php errors. Trying to use Orboius Child theme creator.

please help


Hi, first congratulate you on the wordpress theme.

I am interested in buying it, but I have some personalization doubts. I need to place a PayU purchase button specifically, this button is with HTML. I have other doubts and that is why I put them in the following link, it is a PDF with the annotations.


Hi, congratulate you for your thema.

Buy the theme and I can not install the demo, can you tell me how to do it or where do I find information about this?

Thank you very much.

Hello Lovely Customers,

In the recent WordPress Update 5.5, the jQuery migration was removed from the core files and our themes suffered some conflicts.

We are working super hard to have an update ready for the next week, meanwhile, please use this plugin to fix all the issues.

Those customers who haven’t updated WordPress yet, we highly recommend to wait till we release the update and only after that update your theme and just after that update WordPress.

Thank you for being such great Customers.

Best Regards,

Your Team.