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Amazing design!

+1 great des!


Beautiful design. Looks great, Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Nice Design ! GLWS !

Waw !! Really I like it ;) Excellent job That’s why I wish you GLWS :D

Thank you.

Thanks for the comments folks!

How image use?

Or please tell me how to do the same processing in Photoshop.

Hello, adobemusemarket! Thank you for your purchase. Actually, I don’t provide Photoshop tutorials. You can google it. But to safe your time and efforts to recreate similar effects please use some tips below: For header section/slider: 1.Find in PSD source folder “Image Holder”: 2.Duplicate layer “BG” and set it color to #b98751/opacity: 5%, Mode: lighten 3. Insert image under duplicated layer and set opacity level to 30%. 4.Use clipping mask for all new created layers – press Ctrl-Alt-G (PC)/Cmd-Option-G (Mac)

For blog section and other images try to play with opacity and adjustment layers.(Use hue/saturation and try to change saturation option there)

Hope that will help you. Thanks again for you purchase. Follow me to stay updated. New interesting designs coming!


Wow! Thanks for the answer! Sat a long time and tried it, but this effect was not available … Perhaps you would want to write action script for Photoshop that would process the images, which would then put it in a file with your product? In your design – the image plays a key role in this strange throwing customers in this place.