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I love all your themes, but I can’t buy them because 10% of our users used IE8, Are any way to make your themes compatible with IE8? Thanks

Unfortunately currently we are not planning on adding IE8 support for it.

Can the images be edited with any photo editor besides photoshop?

How do I edit the template without breaking up its design structure, do I use a simple html editor? Also can I implement and run other scripts within the template without breaking up the design structure? Do you provide detailed instructions for making changes to each major section of the template?

One other question, Is there some type of news script included with this or do the individual news post items need to be updated one by one manually? Thanks!


Apologies for the hold on, we were on national holidays.

We do provide PSD files for photoshop, but for the already sliced images, it doesn’t matter which photo editor you use.
This is a HTML template so this is a static layout, in order to make any changes, you will need to modify the code.

header menu not working properly

What seems to be wrong with it? Could you describe the problem a bit more?

Hello, my name is Rafael, I am blogger is have interested in your theme the FRACTION MAGAZINE HTML. i want to know if it is compatible in platform blogger. And in case of purchase if I will be support for theme configuration and what the deadline for release Very good your Theme… I therefore thank in advance all. Att:Rafael

The HTML is just a simple static design layout, it will not work on any CMS systems by default.


How i can switch page width from boxed width to full width?

While editing the source, you’ll see a div with classes “boxed active”, remove the “active” part and it.

Hi Orange Themes. First all you have great template. i have so simple question.

Need to translate sentence where in Search bar “Please fill out this field.” but i cant find where its.

Please help me :)

This message is being generated by your browser. It will change according to your browser’s language.

Then can i delete this module? and how?

You will need to modify the search form HTML and remove the “required” attribute for the input field.

Hi, would it be possible to add example of form using

<label />

for form fields? While placeholder looks OK, I’d still rather have labels either in front or above my input fields.

Many thanks,


It will require you modifying the code of the theme, but it is possible.

Hi, Is it possible to use this on Weebly? If not, what platform is best apart from WP?

This is a simple HTML template, that means that it is static layout code. We currently are not familiar with Weebly, but most likely you will need to modify it in order to make it work.


Great work ! But i don’t know if it’s normal but i have an useless horizontal scrollbar (Safari – Macbook 13”). And when i scroll down (vertical scrollbar), the site quakes. It’s a very weird effect.

Maybe a bug to fix before i buy this theme ;) Thanks !

Thank you for the feedback, we will look into this.

Estoy interesado en tu programa, se puede modificar en español, y para su administracion y actualizacion de informacion y fotos, que programa me recomendas. Muchas gracias.

Apologies, could repeat that in English?

how do I put in my apache server?

You can simple copy it on your htdocs, public_html (the locatation may vary on different severs) and it should be working fine.

Does the HTML version come with the shop layout or is that only in the WP version?

It does not because we integrated the Woocommerce plugin into wordpress we did not need to design it.

Hi, I like very much your Item. In the past i bought a template but to use the search button i needed to buy some other code, for the comments and many other features. Is it so for your item? If I buy it, can I use the search button or I need to buy to someon other the code so that it can work? And for the comments?

Hi, I like very much your Item. In the past i bought from someone other a template but to use the search button, the comments, and the last news i needed to buy some other codes. Is it so for your item? If I buy it, can I use the search button or I need to buy to someone other the code so that it can works? And for the comments, the last news and the contactform? Have I everything what i need from you so that all elements of your template can work, or do you give only the graphic page and the code have I to buy it from someone other?


Sorry, I didn’t quite get that, do you want a fully functioning site? If so, you can check the Wordpress version of the template, you can install it and start building your content right away.

Ah ok, i didn`t Know it. I always thought that the Wordpress version was only for people who doesn´t like work with HTML code…i didn’t thought the Wordpress version was a fully working website and the HTML one needs other code to work fully. Thks , now I understand better, It was what I was looking for.

Hello. I download this theme but i don’t find the file envol.exe for install it?

Ok but how install this theme on wordpress?

Yes thank you. I am read faster and without completely understanding.

Great looking theme. Before I buy is there a way to make the header fixed instead of floating?


Yes you can do that by removing one class (willfix) from the header. And you’re done.

But please note that his is HTML template not a WordPress theme, WP version is available here: https://themeforest.net/item/fraction-multipurpose-news-magazine-theme/8655281

Thanks for the reply. One more question. Does this include a responsive table element. Like bootstrap tables?

No, but you can try to integrate the bootstrap tables.

How to install this thema to wordpress ?


You have bought a HTML template, WordPress version is available here: https://themeforest.net/item/fraction-multipurpose-news-magazine-theme/8655281

Does this theme has RTL support ?


By default no, but have seen that some customers have modified for RTL needs.

I noticed on some pages that were short the footer not locking to the bottom of the page. Is there a way to make sure the footer remains at the bottom of the page and not up with the content if the content on a specific page is short?


At the moment this won’t be possible by default, but it could be done with some css customization,and it won’t be so easy to do it. Any way will raise this question in our upcoming team meeting to figure our, maybe this can be added in some update or something like that.

Hi, this template hasn’t been updated in years so things like google speed or better mobile appearence are not supported… any updates soon?


At the moment there are not planed any major updates for this item.

Mega menu and it’s sub menus are not working on mobile devices. When you have “has-ot-mega-menu” class, drop down menu does’t work on mobile view. class=”has-ot-mega-menu” class=”ot-mega-menu” ot-dropdown menu-item”

However “class=”sub-menu” sub menu works fine. test your demo (browser mobile test/iPhone etc) and you will know what I mean: http://fraction.orange-themes.net/html/index.html

Any quick fix for this? ... Thanks!

You can try to add tag right inside the div with class ot-dropdown menu-item

That will fix the menu opening, but you will also need to adjust the styles for the submenus.

what tag/class do I need to add? already have this li class=”ot-dropdown menu-item”

You won’t need to add any class, just add a inside the ot-dropdown menu-item div


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