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Hi, I’ve some troubles with content designer. If I want to edit text with content designer the visual editor doesn’t work (no icons at all). I’m using italian wp version (3.6). I’ve readen what you wrote : “Yes it’s a know issue when using a language other than english. To fix it, please do the following:

rename this file: wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/wp-langs-en.js to wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/en.js”

Where can I find this file? Sorry, I’m not a developer.

Done! :)

Hey I have a serious problem, I get a 500 Server error using your theme, WP 3.6 all Plugins deactivated. When I change back to other themes the page works fine.

I need urgently help

Thanks ~

I got your message! Will take a look and get back to you.


Kind regards, 66Themes

Hey66 :) I sorted it, it caused an server error when I added the demo content in addition to my stuff. I erased it and bingo, all working well. Thanks for your outstanding support. I have a quick question. I am using SEO Yoast. It seems to have an issue with the theme as I cannot add custom titles. Is there anyway I can solve it or is that not possible? Cheers :)

That’s great! So the problem wasn’t with the theme itself, but with the dummy content? That’s still very strange, nobody else seems to have problems with this. But glad it’s working now!

I’m not familiar with SEO Yoast functionality and the custom titles, so I’m not sure. What’s the use of the custom titles with this theme?

Kind regards, 66Themes

Another question: how to put the arrow button in the slider (like the demo site)?

Hi there,

Did you try entering some text and images for the slider? You can find these options under Appearance -> Theme Options in the Slider tab.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Thanks. It was a stupid question! If I want to start a new line in the slider hero text, what I have to change? Style.css or a single template?

You can do this with HTML, like this:
This is an example with a<br /> new line.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi there. Your theme is fantastic!! . I am not adeveloper pls help me.. i have a question how can i create the map like as demo and how can create this image of any pages below http://screencast.com/t/fEbnoQ2dcfux

I have a question when i give the latitude and longitude in theme option then it will take Satellite like this http://screencast.com/t/h3XYYMI8 After click the show map http://screencast.com/t/0tntoBsA But i want to show the map as picture like as demo…. pls help me out what should i do???

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I only give support to verified buyers. Maybe you are using a different account than the one you bought the theme with? If so, please login with that account and leave a comment, so I can verify your purchase!


Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi, good theme. Is it possible to get an full horizontal Menu in the Desktop Version, with Logo on left and menu on right?

Best Regards gongl

Hi there,

Yeah sure, that should be possible with a few CSS changes!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi, Great Theme by the way. there seems to be an issue with the gallery though. It doesn’t work in your demo as well on the “A look behind the scenes” page. I can upload multiple images, but can’t navigate between them nor do they act as slider images if that is the intended functionality. Any suggestions?

I’m using Version 29.0.1547.76 m. The problem for me is there is no animation on the slider. The arrows to go to the next image to go forward or backward don’t work nor do the bullets under the slider to select an image.

Ok strange doesn’t seem to work on my windows box but it works on my mac as well running windows 7

Guess it’s just an issue with the OS then. The slider does use CSS3 transitions for the animation, so that could be the problem.

You can disable this behavior if you want by adding the useCSS: false option to the FlexSlider initialization on line 483 in the js/main.js file. It will then use JavaScript animations which are less smooth and heavier to use, but work the same on any browser and device.


Hi can you please tell me how to add a different font (pushkin) for the main heading on the home page.

Hi there,

If Pushkin is a font available in the Google Web Fonts directory, you can select it in Appearance -> Theme Options and apply it as the Headings font.

If not, you’ll have to look into adding the files and CSS yourself or maybe look for a WordPress plugin to handle this process.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Perhaps a silly question. I have imported the xml file but it doesn’t show the slide at the begining. How do I get a slide and text at the top of the home page, it really hasn’t made sense to me and I have read and re-read the documentation. thanks in advance.

Apologies solution was right in front of me.


haha that’s okay, options for setting up the slider can indeed be found in the Theme Options.

Let me know if you require any more assistance!

Kind regards, 66Themes

I do need help please. How do I change the font for the slider hero Text ?

Thanks that worked great, what about the text below the main heading hero subtext ?

Its ok found out how .main-head .hero-sub { font-size: ......


hi, great theme ! i have a problem with the Blog Page, how can I get to the “archive” page, with ALL the posts ? is there such a page ? For the moment, I only have the last ones on the main page. thanks

I’ll look into it then! You should receive a notification via e-mail from ThemeForest once an update has been issued.


what a wonderful After Sales Service ! :) thanks

You’re welcome! :)

I sent an e-mail but I think I’ll post here just so it can be publicly documented in case others have this problem. I’ve tried to set up the header slider, but in “Slider Options” under “Theme Options”, there are only fields for text. I don’t see any image upload options! Please advise.

Hi there,

Don’t worry, you’re seeing what your supposed to see. You first need to set the Number of slides option to specify the amount of images you’ll need and save your options before you can add the images. So try entering a number in the option, for example 5, then save and reload the page.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Wow, I feel stupid now—Thanks!

No problem, it’s a learning process for anyone!


New ticket for new issue: How do I position the hero div to the left but still make sure that it’s responsive/works with the layout? I’m afraid to use absolute positioning and break the layout.

No problem! px all the way, for the exact reason you mentioned. The other units have it’s functions, but mostly in specific situations.

Thanks, you guys are awesome with the customer service :) 5 stars all the way.

Thank you, it’s much appreciated! :)

Hello again 66Themes!

What image size do you recommend for header images in the slider? Everything seems to be loading pretty slowly, even though I’ve compressed to 80kb. (They’re huge images.) Suggestions?

Loading times are dependant on various variables. Like you said, server speed is important. Your image sizes are fine. Could be a combination of your server and internet connection speed. Turning on WP Cache could help.

The most important thing to keep in mind though is that since this is a one-page site, loading times are already higher than a standard page anyway since a lot of data is loaded into just one page.

Are you developing your site on a local or live server? Developing locally first can save you time since it will be faster than a live server.

A jQuery pre-loader will have no effect on performance, it just gives you the opportunity to show your visitor the page is loading.

You’re welcome, glad it’s appreciated!

Hi there,

I’ve been developing on a live server for testing (since the server I’m on can be notoriously annoying about WP themes). I’ll try turning on WP Cache and do what I can to keep down load time—right now I’m on a shared server, so I may consider moving to a dedicated server in order to maximize speed.

So—what you’re saying regarding a jQuery pre-loader is that it should work with the site, right? I may consider using this as a last resort if I can’t get anything else to work.

One thing I am considering is simply doing away with the slider and putting something else there—either Revolution Slider, or simply a background image, so visitors aren’t treated to a blank background for 3-5 seconds while the rest of the page loads. If I were to do that, what section should I comment out in style.css?

Sure, a pre-loader should work, but it depends on how you implement it. There might be a WP plugin already available which implements such functionality, so try looking for that first. But like I said, it won’t speed up the page load.

Placing a different slider won’t have much effect, since it still has to be loaded which may or may not take longer than the current one. Keep in mind that the slider is just a small part of the page, so just doing away with that part won’t magically make your site load faster. The easiest way to do a single image, would be to just simply upload a single image in the slider!

Kind regards, 66Themes

i have a opinion about this theme : how about add pagination in the blog page? if you add pagination on blog page, blog visitors can read previous post easily.

plus+ adding the search box on blog page will allow read previous post more easily.

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback! The theme was never designed for advanced blog functionality, so it’s unlikely it will ever be added since it’s quite a big change and a lot of work.

However, a new page template has been added in the latest update which acts as an archive page for blogposts. You can simply create a new page and select the Archive page template which can be accessed as a stand-alone page and lists all posts.

Kind regards, 66Themes

I just purchased the theme, and am wondering if there is a way to have the animations reverse as the user scrolls back up the page. Any suggestions or tips to do it myself?

Hi there,

it’s certainly possible with some changes to the JavaScript. If you don’t know how to do it yourself feel free to send me a message using the contact form on my profile page and I’ll have a look at it for you!

Kind regards, 66Themes


I’ll try to do it myself first, and will message you if I can’t figure it out.

Alright, let me know how it works out!

Hi again! I’m having some trouble getting the portfolio to display the way it is shown in the theme preview. The largest box isn’t where it should be. Any suggestions on re-ordering portfolio entries?

Also: is there a specific CSS code that can edit the smaller portfolio items? The text displayed on mouse-over is usually way too big for the smaller items, but is perfect for the larger ones. Suggestions?


When editing the portfolio item, go to the Content Designer and click the General Page Properties tab. You’ll find all the option you require there.

For example you can set the size of the item in the grid, edit the description, associated gallery etc.

As for the sizes: make sure you upload a size that fits the boxes. It indeed scales the images to fit the container!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Wow, I feel really stupid now! Thanks so much—I hadn’t thought to check “Page Properties” under Content Designer (I thought it would’ve been in the code itself of the page.)

Haha no problem.

Hello, There seems to be something very wrong with this theme when viewed on an ipad mini. With either Google Chrome or Safari, when trying to load the preview, both browsers force quit. I haven’t seen this before! Your other theme, Crafty, works fine. Running iOS 7.0.2.

Hi there,

I just checked and you’re right, the preview frame seems to crash with Fragment. Without the frame it works fine.

I’ll look into it, thanks!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi, how can I change the contact form (i.e the text “send a message” or “speak up” etc.?

Hi there,

you can change those lines by editing the shortcode that generates the form. Open the contactform_shortcode.php file and you’ll find the text in lines 43-48.

Let me know if you require any more assistance!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi—I just purchased the theme but the dummy file broke the site into a 500 internal server error. I can’t even get into my cpanel. I’ll keep trying, but any suggestions?

No problem!

Yes, it worked! Now the site breaks into 500 internal error when I use the dummy content, and I have to reinstall everything to make it work. Without it, I don’t see how I can get the main page working without the dummy content because the directions have it with dummy content. For example, the menu doesn’t go to the right spot when you click. Can you check the dummy text to see if it’s okay? I never had this problem before.

That’s strange, it might be a server issue. Maybe it’s caused by a timeout error? I just tried the import file on a test installation and it imported fine, so I’m not sure what the issue could be.

I have created tutorial video’s for both setting up the theme with and without the dummy content, you can find those right here. The steps are also outlined in the documentation.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hello support!

I guess you guys are getting used to seeing me in here, and I’m sorry for that! I had a quick question: is it possible to link between portfolio slides? For example, if we have a portfolio slide open and would like to reference another portfolio slide, is it possible to move from one to the other? Directing directly to the link seems to take me to an unstyled page.

Thanks so much for all your help!


Thanks for the response.

In terms of opening portfolio:

Not sure what’s going on here, but it doesn’t take 2 taps. It takes at least 5-7 taps. Every time I’ve tried, it takes multiple taps? Also, right now, it’s not letting me tap the entire overlay—only the arrow area, which is really weird. (Pretty much, when I try to tap in the middle of the overlay, nothing happens. But if I try tapping the arrow, that’s when I actually get results. Not sure why it’s doing this?)

In terms of iPad specific issues:

Right now I have portfolio items set up such that there is a lot of text and content on each portfolio page, which act as mini case study pages. I’d say there’s at least 300-700 words per page. As such, the user has to scroll down the page to read the entire portfolio. While this can be done easily on iPhone and computer, the scrolling function ends up “stuck” on iPad. What I mean by this is that the top of the portfolio loads (slowly), and that’s all you can see. The user can wiggle the screen around, but scrolling down the entire length of the screen is literally impossible. I’m running Safari on iOS 6.0 on my iPad. Don’t know what’s causing this. I also have YouTube embedded on the page—don’t know if that’s causing the issue with iPad. Doesn’t cause any problems with iPhone.

To further clarify the clicking issue—when I try to click on the overlay on either iPad or iPhone, pressing the middle of the overlay only switches between the two slides (the mouseover).

Thanks for the clarification! Just to make sure, these 2 issues are on the iPad running iOS6 specifically? I’ve been trying to replicate these issues using the Simulator on my Mac, but it all works fine for me. Added a bunch of content on a Portfolio page, loaded it in and it scrolled up and down perfectly.

Do you have example pages I can take a look at? If you don’t want to post them publicly, you can send them to me using the contact form on my profile page.