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How to make link open in the same page like portfolio and blog items?

You’re welcome!

Can I add gallery to ‘page’ like portfolio?

Unfortunately, the gallery as used in portfolio pages are not available for use anywhere else.

This is really the best Onepage Template I have ever seen! As I would like to use it as my Blog & Personal Website I have a few questions:

- is there a Demo of the new Blog Archive Page? - Is it possible to have a Map displayed in the contact area (like http://anditjustworks.biz/contact/)? - when I open the Site from my iPad 2 with iOS 7 or an iPhone 4 with iOS 7, the Browsers (Safari & Chrome) are often crashing when loading the page – is this because this Theme needs more performant Devices with all the Pictures been loaded?

You’re welcome!

For implementing Google Maps, I’d recommend finding a plugin to handle this functionality, such as this one. It will give you plenty of options while keeping it simple to use.


Hi, just a feedback about the iOS 7 crashes – Theme works now without any problems for me on my iPhone 5 & iPad 2! Also when several other Browser Tabs are open at the same time.

That’s great to hear! :)

hello 66theme.

i have a problem with menu. it dosen’t work! because of my poor english writing, i can’t explain this problem. so, please check my blog and tell me what is wrong.


Hi there,

try setting up your permalinks properly. Go to Settings -> Permalinks and choose Post Name.

Check out this image for clarification.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi again!

While hacking the theme and trying to implement things like sharing buttons/plugins, all plugins seem to pick up the incorrect meta info for some reason, instead of the individual blog or portfolio posts on which they’re located. Any suggestions in terms of what to do here?

Hi there,

that’s probably because the portfolio/blog pages are loaded with AJAX. Social sharing plugins will always first look for the meta tags in the <head> of the document, which obviously does not contain the info for loaded AJAX pages.

If you plan on sharing from a loaded blog page, look into binding the metadata directly to the sharing button, if possible. Depends on which sharing service you’re using and your current implementation.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi is it possible to get the slider to go right to left without the split of the image… just a simple transition..?

Hi there,

unfortunately, no, that transition is not included with this slider.

Kind regards, 66Themes

how about slowing down the transition?

Sure, you can find a list of options to modify if you open the js/main.js file and look at line 80-100.

For example, to change the transition speed just increase or decrease the number for the speed option.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hello there! Great Job!! A couple pre-purchase questions: 1. Does this theme support video as the “home” background?. 2. Is it possible to have more than one “portfolio” sections? 3. When loading a portfolio post, is it possible to load on the “Images” instead of on the “Text”? 4. Portfolio posts support Vimeo player?

You are awesome!! ^^ Tks in advance!

Sorry, 6. Can it play Self-hosted video? THANKS!!!!


Thanks! :)

  1. No, only the slider or a single image is supported.
  2. Yes, it’s possible. You can also create and choose a category to show specific items from the portfolio.
  3. It’s not available as an option, but it is possible with some slight changes to the JavaScript.
  4. You can add Vimeo videos to the content using the WordPress editor.
  5. ??? ;)
  6. The theme does not support this by default. That’s because there are plenty of plugins available for this kind of functionality, such as this one!

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Kind regards, 66Themes

No matter whether the device is ipad or iphone, we keep getting crashes. One instance actually crashed my iphone to the apple logo.

All devices tested have iOS7 and I also used the link without the preview: http://themes.66themes.net/fragment. This is a huge factor on whether we buy this theme.

We absolutely love the function and design and we are ready to press the BUY NOW, please provide feedback on a fix or an update on this issue.

Hi there,

For some reason, these issues started with iOS7. Up until this version it all worked fine. It’s very frustrating.

I’ve been investigating what could be causing this and from what I’ve gathered so far I’m assuming it has to do with memory limitations for mobile browsers which were added in iOS7.

Since it’s a one-page site, it can be quite heavy to load and can quickly reach this limit. So I’ve been working on optimising Fragment and so far the performance has greatly improved, but it’s not quite there yet. But it’s now crashing a lot less often!

Hoping to officially release an update in the coming days which will run smoothly on iOS7, so hang in there!


I am just touching base on a quick follow up in regards to the iOS7 updates, any good news?!

Sorry no update yet, haven’t had the time to fully finish it yet! It’s a tricky and time consuming process unfortunately as it’s not clear what’s causing the issues.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi there. First off, great theme.

Having a problem creating a [section divider], basically, i don’t know how to. Any way you could help me out? Thank you.

Did you select the Page Divider as the Page Template?

yes. I’ve selected page divider from the side bar when creating a page. I could send you the login / wp-admin for the site if you wanted to take a look? i’ve created a few extra page dividers and it always shows up as section divider team and section divider services.

That would help! You can send the login details using the contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look.


Hello there,

Your theme is really wonderful and well made, I’m interested in buying it for my freelance website. I have some pre-purchase questions :

1 – I’ve seen this question has already been asked, but since I’m a Motion Designer, I’ll have many videos to showcase. Do they display in fullscreen like the pictures ? They are all from Vimeo

2 – We can show the pictures before the text right ? Once purchased, can you help me tweak the javascript ?

3 – I’ve noticed on the mobile version that the portfolio pictures are not fully displayed, which is quite a handicap for me. Are pictures always cropped to the screen format ?

4 – The thing that really bugs me is that I have quite an active blog, I saw a question about making the posts slide in order to show them all. Won’t there be this feature ? The only way to show all blog posts is to have a stand-alone archive page ?

5 – About translation, my website is in two languages. Is localization supported ? Where could I insert flags for choosing the language for example ?

Thanks very much, again congratulations for this beautiful theme.

That’s okay!

I’m talking about the text modal.

You can add any content there. The content you are seeing on each portfolio page is entered using the editor in WordPress which support embedding of Vimeo or YouTube for example.

So if you were to add a video to the text it will appear within the text, where you placed it, just like an image for example.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Okay now I understand clearly. Thanks for the detailed reply :)

You’re welcome!

Can only display one page at a time, each time I add a new page it replaces the current one, am I doing something wrong?

I have added 6 pges and can only get homepage to show + 1 cant get the others???


you can select pages to use by going to Appearance -> Menus and dragging and dropping the pages to the position you want. Don’t forget to save your menu!


i did but only the first page will show on the menu the ones under the first page wont show

I am trying to set a gallery plugin within the portfolio but i cant seem to get the gallery to work i figure i need to add a script within the page… example:

Link>Page Left opens inside i have a gallery… any suggestions?


I just sent you the login info… please look under products and see the plugin outside but once you click to open the portfolio post the plugin inside doesn’t work…

Any help?

So I just decided to take a look and it seems to be working properly now? Were you able to find a fix yourself?

Hi, Nice theme! The menu on the demo site doesn’t work. The menu appears but links do not work.

Hi there,

Thank you! I just checked and the menu is working fine. Which browser are you using? Did you try in a different browser?

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi, I tried with IE11 and FF24, on Windows 8.1. Works quite allright on an iPad iOS7, but after a click on a link, the screen shows first the upper starter slider, then goes to the correct section.

Thanks for the info!

Installed Windows 8.1 and IE11 on a Virtual Machine and found the issue. It’s fixed now. Don’t worry though, it was a small issue with the JavaScript not present in the current package available for download on ThemeForest right now, just in the demo site.

Thanks again for pointing it out!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi and congratulation for he template ! ! ! One question before I will buy it: will the Wordpress Template come with all the data found in the Demo Site (apart from the images)?!?

Hi there,

Thank you! Yes, the demo XML is included with all the data, except the images.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi can you, please help me adjusting the team page. From your xml file each member of the team is spaced as span2 and you have 6 team members. I have 4 team members therefore assumed that the span should be set at 3 yet when I do this, one team member has dropped down and doesnt’ have enough room. All settings are the same as I have not adjusted text image size and at this moment am using your template, only adjusted span2 to span3. what are the settings to use for 4 team members ?

Hi there,

you assumed right. For 4 team members you should use 4 span3 columns. Did you use the Content Designer to do this? Do you have an example page I can take a look at?


Kind regards, 66Themes

Please email me directly and I will give you a link for page. Thanks

You can e-mail me the URL by using the contact form on my profile page right here!



I’ve a big trouble with the content designer that does not load when i want to edit a page : General page properties tab can be loaded but when i’m on the content designer the loader is only indefinitely rotated. Any idea of what can cause this ?


Hi there,

not sure what could cause the issue, it might be a conflicting plugin. Have you installed any recently?

Kind regards, 66Themes

nope no plugin installed. Anyway, it works when you create a new db Many thanks for your help !

No problem, glad you figured it out!

Hi there—

In a bit of a pickle here. Wonder if you guys can help me. My site is running on Dreamhost, which automatically upgraded WordPress to 3.7 tonight. When the upgrade occurred, the portfolio proceeded to break (see here for reference). Please advise on what to do!!

A note: I have asked Dreamhost to push through a backup restore to roll back the upgrade, but this may be an issue you guys might want to look into, especially since I would like to be on the most stable version of WP.


What exactly was the issue? I upgraded to WordPress 3.7 just fine and didn’t find any problems with the portfolio.

Kind regards, 66Themes

hi, I see the social buttons only permit to go to my pages (FB page, twitter profile, etc). Is that possible to put buttons to SHARE the portfolio’s content ?

actually I install the plugins, and nothing happens, I may have icons in the whole site bit not in the Portfolio Items. For example, I tried this one : https://shareaholic.com/publishers/sharing/

another issue I have : how could I display the Posts’ categories on the blog page (same type of filter as the Portfolio page) ? Is that available ?

I’m sure it’s possible, but it might require some extra work since the buttons are on loaded on AJAX pages.

That’s not available out of the box, but should be possible with some modifications to the theme.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi there, I just bought your great template, but i’m having problems with the text editor. When i want to add a text blok i can’t use the wysiwyg editor. Can someone help me please?

Hi there,

it’s a known problem with WP installations in a language other than English. Please read this comment for a fix.

Let me know if you require any more assistance!

Kind regards, 66Themes


after purchasing & installing this theme on my Test Blog http://test.muenzner.org I have one issue:

When I navigate to the “About” or “Kontakt” section/page the first time, the About Text and the Contact Form appears as expected.

When I close the tab and open a new one & restart navigation to these sections, the area stays emtpy, which means, not About text and no Contact form – only the Background is shown. When I resize the Brwoser window then, everything is loaded again. Do you know this phenomen & what could I do to solve it, please?

No problem!

Just checked and it’s working fine for me on Chrome & Safari on Mavericks. Double-check your cache.

On Chrome, try disabling the Cache with your Developer Tools open, just click the Settings icon(gear in the down-right corner) and you’ll find a checkbox there.

Yep, with Caches disabled (deleting the entries wasn’t enough?!) everything works as expected. Thank you for your great support!

Haha caches can work in mysterious ways..

You’re welcome! Enjoy the theme and let me know if anything else comes up.


Hi. Presale question. I really the the theme and wanted to find out about a top menu bar. Is this part of the options? thx.

Hi there,

See your post-sale Q below :)

Kind regards, 66Themes