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Hello, i just made the purchase and the help file is not enough, do you have some video tutorials? On my contact page i cant see the social icons?!

If you have the theme online we could help you with that.

help me with the social icons and the home page gallery of one picture because ’’How to Create Home Page with Image Background Please do the same steps you did while created a fullscreen gallery, but add only one image to the gallery. That’s all.’’ i have a white page the ’’site’’ is online

Please provide wp-admin details and we will check it. You can use the contact form on our tf profile page.

Hello, I am french pro photographer, i need create many portfolio (more of 30). My purchased FRAME theme can’t use more of 30 portfolio. But i see other website used FRAME theme like ( with more of 30 portfolio. Can you help me to unlimit the number of active portfolio ?

It sounds really strange, because we have more than 30 items on this page and have no problems. Please make sure that you have the latest theme version.

Sorry but on your demo page (grid for easy count), there is 30items 5columns x 6lines.

Please send the website credentials to support[at] We will check the layout

sample data import issue

I am having the issue but I also am having a preloaded that just continues to try to load but never finishes.

Just logged into your WordPress dashboard, you did not do the import. Did you read the documentation that comes with the theme?

I do not know what you did, but there was nothing in the WordPress dashboard. We’ve just imported the content, and its right there. Please read the documentation.

hi i purchased this theme Frame Photography Responsive Website Template but from youre web site using paypal as it seems you removed the theme from themeforest.

The problem is the suport forum ask for envato market code to register but paypal did not give me any envato code ?

thank you

Hello! Please send your support questions to support[at] Our support team will assist you. Please don’t forget to indicate the mail you used to purchase the theme.

thank you this is the support ticket number : request (4064) can you look in to it becose am bit in hurry :( if posibol

You will receive reply asap.

How can I remove the author’s stamp, date, time etc from each post?

Hello! Please post all tech related requests at the forum

HI. Is it possible to masonry gallery in a blog post? It looks like there is no option on the side – like there is when you create a page. Many thanks

You can’t display images in blog posts as masonry ones

ok. Many thanks for your prompt reply!

Thanks for understanding

I updated newest version and Menu got broken > ?? what was this

I managed to fix it, I activated “Theme locations Main menu [X]” and it fixed it. So no problemo anymore

Hello! Please go to Appearance=> Menus=> Manage Locations and select menu from the list

Nice to hear ;-)

hi.. how i can edit/ add social media icon..

are you keding me? why i should be post my question in the forum must answer me here not in fourm .. i purchased this theme to make my portfolio an easy .. where i can find a control panel for social media icons.. in the description for this theme .. you write … professional theme.. pro control, more options .. bla bla bla .. i dont find any of them.. just control to change my address, logo , font size.. color, ok.. this is my question again i want to add / change a link in the default social media icon..

This section is for general and pre purchase questions. We created support forum for customers to provide more tech info. This form doesn’t support some html tags or other code. That’s why we don’t provide tech info in this comments section. This is standard practice to ask customers post their tech requests at the forum. I didn’t say that we will not assist you. We also have some rules to provide support.

ok.. thanks. i’ll try it

Hello, I’m still having problems in the thumbs of my site . In the “Portfólio” session, accessing Google Chrome, the thumbs do not upload, nor can they even be created on ftp. The images appears broken. Help me!


GT3_Help Author Team

Can you please provide more info? What browsers versions do you use? Screen dimensions? We tested the pages on several devices, but as you can see at the screenshot all the images are displaying.

I’m using firefox 50.1, Chrome 55.0, the latest version. I upload the arts through the theme gallery by wordpress, however, the thumbnails do not appear on the site, as I showed you in the image. There is also a bug in the art miniatures already in the gallery, the miniature is white.

Having no problems with the thumbs just tested it in Chrome latest on Macbook Pro. Please make sure that you do not use any cache plugins.

i recently purchased this theme is saying is missing the style sheet and is not uploading on wordpress can you please help or there is a way to get refunded

i did and still comes messed up this is my website i unzip it and uploaded it on my ftp client since the file is to big for wordpress and it looks like that

also where is the tutorial to edit icons and such this is a great them it just has poor tutorials on how to get things done without getting in contact with you sorry for the honest feed back

I guess that you’ve uploaded the entire zip file with psd, documentation and other files inside. We have help forum if you have some specific questions, most common questions can be found in the documentation. Here is the link to our help forum,

I would like my home page to respond just like the following sites home page is responding:

On mobile, it stacks their three gallery images. How can I achieve this with images on my home page?

No problem. I will do something else with the content. Thank you for your help.

Sorry :( have a great weekend

No worries. You too

Does this theme support multiple languages?

Hello! Its compatible with WPML plugin

Hi, I noticed under View options where it gives the option to change the theme color, when I put in a new color and click save, the color doesn’t actually change throughout the site. It says that is changed but it doesn’t update. Is this the correct functionality to change the theme color? Or is there a bug with this feature?

Hello! Please make sure that you do not have any cache plugins active.

Hi, i’ve installed this theme and the sample data, having trouble with the menu, the dropdown doesn’t work like on the demo version of yours… theres no dropdown? i’ve installed on xampp, all installed correctly just can’t get dropdown to show

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. What do you “drop down does not work” there are submenus in the Menus section but you can click the menu on front end?

Hi, thanks for replying, tbh feel totally stupid, been building sites for years but never used wordpress, figured it out now lol

Its OK :)

Hi, the theme doesn’t scroll on menu etc in iPhone, and nothing shows on iPad?

Hi, been having more of a play with it and i don’t think its really what I want, would it be possible for you to revoke the license for this theme, and let me download the eClipse one instead?

Please send your request via a contact form on our tf profile page

Hi, I replied

Hello. Pre-sale question: Is there a way to add a footer to this template ? (I need to add email, social links, vat, and so in every page…). Thanks in advance



GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! The thing is that the theme doesn’t support footer. Because there are two header types: top and bottom. We can help you to add social links and copyright to the header area if you want.

Hello and thanks for replying. Unfortunately in this case I need an header and a footer. I guess I can’t have two headers online at the same time, right ?

We can integrate it only as a custom solution, if you need, but its a paid service.

I am verry happy with it but there is one big problem. The gallerys are not responsive for all sorts of handys, ipad etc.

Here is an example.

you can see only 2/3 of the picture on mobile phone-slider i have tried so much but i have no idea what to do. Perhaps you have? greetings

Hello! Please send the details and website accesses to support[at] Our support team will check whats wrong.