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Congrats for the WP version release :-)
Great work, good luck!


Great work! GLWS :)


Great work! GLWS! :P


Does this theme work with woo commerce?

It is not compatible with woocommerce

nice one :) neat & clean.


Nice Theme. Does it support VIMEO Videos as a portfolio item ?

Yes, it does support youtube and vimeo in portfolio.

Hello, the demo seems nice, but all picture seems to be the same format in posts :

I was wondering how the Portrait picture were rendering here. Still in the same post, is it possible to open the images in the jquery viewer ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hello! That’s the specific of the template. I tried to make a theme a little bit different than others on TF. Please check this screenshot it has a portrait format.

I’m at work, your screenshot is not appropriate ^^ thank you for your answer, though with my little screen i’m not sure how it works :

Are the picture showings full height available by the screen resolution like that (imaging photos are in the bracket):

text ...... ...... [] ...... [][ ...... ]



So that all pictures are showing with the same Height but different width ?

They have fixed height and width to make the script work properly. But please note that those images can be added via the post gallery not in the content editor, please check this

Very nice theme and really near to buy it. Few questions:

- are thumbnails atuomatic resize within grid and masonry gallery?

- can I have submenu? with more page gallery sections?

- how are images added into first page fullscreen and in that tiny tumbnail section below? Are they separate from gallery?

- can we add more items/pages in menu?

- any testimonial, price detail or classic blog page in plan?

- any chance to have sidebar on/off in blog page?

- can images be without text in gallery?

- is site slow because of your server host or it is generaly slow?

Sorry for all the questions…hope you can find time to reply


Hello! Thanks 1. Yes, they are automatically resized 2. Sure, you can have submenus + more page galleries 3. There is a separate section where you add the images, please check this screenshot 4. That’s the specific of the design, it does not have sidebars 5. It is optional 6. I have a lot of galleries on the demo, though it works fine on my end

Fantastic work!

Thanks ;)

Well done work mate :)


Excellent work MD ;) Just one question; The + sign in the Demo full screen blog grid pics turns red but doesn’t seem to do anything on my browser (Chrome) Same in IE10. Is it supposed to be like that? I tried it in FF too but it crashes every time I try to load the page.

It is linked to the blog post, please try it once again.

Working now! Great ;)

Thanks. P.S. do not forget to rate my theme if you like it ;)

Hi there guys!

It’s really looking nice!

I have one question:

Is it possible to get the menu navigation to the top, instead of the bottom as in the demo?

Best regards!

Hello! Thanks. Sure, you can set it via theme admin panel. Simply choose top or bottom.

Thank you very much! :-)

Is it translation ready?

Yes, it has built in translator + WPML ready (.po .mo files included)

Translation ready?

Yes, it has built in translator + WPML ready (.po .mo files included)

Hi ;

Does not, and does not consist of a thumbnail slider images are automatically


You posted in the wrong item, you have HTML version of this design. Please post all tech related questions to my support forum.

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The system shows that you did not purchase the item, did you use another account

i ayhanhzr I bought this theme! ayhanhzr my other account. Find a solution to your problems! Thank you in advance for your attention.

There is an issue with the .php on your end. Please contact your hosting provider regarding this issue. I use this mb_strlen function in all my projects and you are the first one who has such an error.

set up a different server, try again and get back to you.

Please let me know when it is done. I’m always here to help my customers.

Hey, looks nice, I was about to get it, but it seems that there is an issue when the browser width is resized:

1) width of gallery images changes, but height not -> i.e. images are not proportional

2) image gallery stays over the top of the post and comments

I would expect the gallery images to resize proportionally and the gallery to move above or below (probably above) the post and comments block.

As it is now (on the demo page) it is not usable. :-(

Tried in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac

Refreshing the window does reposition and scale appropriately.

Another great theme! I would like to know if its possible to

1. add a testimonials page? 2. add GT3 page builder?

if so what would the costs be ?


Hello! You can send the request to help at themedev me and I will let you know.

MD, do you include .xml file with the Frame WP download? I didn’t see it and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it.


Problem solved.

Yes, there is an import sample data option in the theme admin panel.

MD, what are the optimal image sizes for fullscreen output on desktops and mobile devices?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. I use 1280px width images on my demo.

Hi there! Wow, a really outstanding theme! (but) I have a couple of questions before purchase: 1. Is it possible to enable a search bar inside the theme (e.g. in the menu / next to the logo)? 2. On the homepage (start) – is it possible to have links to the post/portfolio items instead of only the captions (on the lower left)? 3. Does the Portfolio (grid style) allow ‘infinite scroll’ (with lazy loading), if you have e.g. more than 500 portfolio items/posts..? Thanks in advance for your answers! Dominic.

Hello Dominic! 1. The theme does not support this option, but it can be integrated only as a custom solution. 2. Yes, you will be able to do that in the next release, there will be a link support in the caption. 3. It does not support lazing loading…