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which hosting do you indicates to your template?

The one which supports wordpress. I prefer dedicated servers.

Hi there, I have spent a long time looking through themes and I think this may just be the one for me. Finally!

The only aspect I don’t like so much is the image lightbox when I click a thumbnail in the gallery. The next/prev buttons will move around based on the size of the next or previous image. Is it possible to implement another image display function such as prettyphoto either via plugin or code? I do really like when there is a strip of thumbnails on the bottom or side of the image so you can navigate the gallery easier within lightbox.

Also does your theme support adding a logo?

I look forward to your response. :)

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my products. The prettyphoto script is used for the gallery. Yes, it is possible to display the thumbs of all the gallery images, there will be an update. Sure, there is an option to upload the custom logo ;)

Hey, I am using this theme and I am very happy about it. Nice Theme! But I have one problem, when you go to my website , there is the menu at the bottom for like 0,5secs before it jumps to the top. I want it at the top, like I chose in the admin panel.

Would be nice if someone could help me:

I do not have ETA, will get back to you asap.

ok ;) no problem, i am very happy that you are helping me. Best Theme maker ever :) !!!

thanks :)

The side text in the fullscreen gallery just desappeared. what should i do? i just changed the pictures.

Hello! Please post all tech related questions to my support forum. The text can’t disappear without the changes.

can i restore?

I do not know what you did/changed. It is hard to understand what went wrong. Please post your questions to the forum with the link to your site.

Hi, I have some presale questions please reply ASAP.

My idea is to make a website similar to, please confirme if this requirements are available in your solution:

- Registration of clients

- Be able to choose pictures by category, title, keyword

- Be able to choose 2 or 3 types of resolution of the same image

- Buy with PayPal or 2Checkout or other portal

- Option to buy credits packages that will be used to purchase images

- Download the photo after the payment is confirmed

- Auto-placing a watermark on the preview photos

- Add, Edit, Delete images categories

- Create Packages credit to purchase images

- Posibility to create several users so that they can add their photos, each user should have the posibility to make the following of what they sell.

- Manage (approve or reject) photos placed by a User


Hello! This theme won’t cover all your needs. You need a custom site :)

I changed the size of my logo, now I need to center the font of the main menu again.

i am trying to reupload the theme to be like when i bought it. but it doesnt work. what to do?

In this case you have to reinstall your wordpress.

does this theme support password protected galleries?

Hello! This option is not available yet.


1. upload music in the mediauploader 2. insert this file-URL in this html code below 3. insert the full code below in “FRAME” > “GENERAL” > “Any code (before )” and save! 4. READY!!! refresh the website!!

<!DOCTYPE html>

<audio controls autoplay=”autoplay” loop=”loop”> <source src=”” type=”audio/mpeg”> </audio>

here my website with music: Anna

Fast solution.

Hi! I change the header logo with and height, now I have problem with the bar with the categories, they overlap. How can I fix it?


Hello! Please post all tech related questions to the forum

portfolio is not working on chrome. but it works on IE

you could check if the template is correct? I installed everything again. It is the same when I bought. the portfolio seems to have problem. when I choose some 404 error appears

Can you please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and I will check it.


Hello! It can’t be changed because it is a custom post type.

YouTube video files or links to my portfolio, Can I upload this?

Yes, you can use youtube or vimeo in portfoilo

Hy, Is it usefully for wordpress multisite ? Thanks

Does this include Watermarking of images? See example:

Is it possible to use WooCommerce?

Hello! It doesn’t have an automated watermarking option, you have to add it manually. I did not test woocommerce, but I’m sure it requires some adaptation. I have the requests for the woocommerce support. Will do the update soon.

Thanks! Can you do the update for automatic watermarking as well? I can pay for it, just make it done ;-)

I didn’t do that before ;) The thing is that I’m overwhelmed with the work at the moment :(

Asked a question at the support forums, and was given a half-assed reply that did not work correctly, in a quite rude tone to top it off. After investigating the code I’ve found out that the answer was pretty simple, but the developer either didn’t know or didn’t want to disclose it. So as far as I’m concerned, there is no support for this theme whatsoever, either because the developer isn’t interested or even worse, the seller is not the real developer. Make sure the theme is exactly what you want, down to the last detail, because if you need to change anything you’re in trouble – unless you’re a programmer like myself and have lots of spare time and patience.

Here it is. My last reply was deleted and the topic was locked, how cute. That also says a lot about the company, doesn’t it? This is not the first time I see it happen, I was following another topic about another unresolved issue. Seems every time a customer gets upset and gives the support team a piece of his/her mind, the unfavorable post is removed and the thread locked. Way to provide support to your valued customers, guys.

Frankly speaking the threads can’t be removed, because the support staff do not have such permissions. Regarding your thread, you requested the theme modification which is the theme customization option, it is mentioned here product and support policy. But we provided you with the instruction on how to do that. And in return you post such a negative comment clamming that there is no support for this theme though there are a lot of customers who are satisfied with the theme quality and support.

The instructions you provided hid the content for every page, including the contact and blog pages. It did not help. Maybe you should have started with pointing out that customization is not supported, although the two lines of code, better yet, the two additional words that had to be inserted in two lines of code in order to produce the correct behavior would hardly be what I’d call customization if I was the developer. Interesting that the staff does not have the permission to delete posts, because mine and at least one other negative posts were deleted and the respective threads closed. And there’s nothing that justifies the overall rude tone when replying to complaints from customers on your support forum. You have a lot of happy customers, good for you and good for them. Good luck.

Hi Man! I really like working with this theme, congratulations!

My contact form is sending the same email 6 times. How can we solve?

Hello! It’s impossible, that’s the first time I hear such an issue, theme was sold almost 1k times.

Hy, I’m considering to buy this Theme, but I need some info: Is it easy to costumize this theme to add a footer to display copyright and any legal noticies? Thank You

This theme layout does not support it. I can be done only as a custom solution.

Hi mad_dog,

Can you please make me a BIG favor? Send to my email ( a custom page.php without the left content part(just like the photo below, would be very useful for my idea of ??portfolio images, perfect!

Thank you very much!!

Hello! Please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and I will check it.

Him before I buy this theme I have a question: 1. Right now on the frontapge the big Slideshow is “behind” the navigation. I want that the pictures starts below the navigation. Is that possible?

2. Is it possible to show the Name (Title) of a picture on the big slideshow on the frontpage?


As I mentioned above, it can be considered as a customization, it is out of support scope.

ok… maybe you can told me the files I have to customize and I can do it by myself… so i will buy it first… thanks

Sure, I can point you the right direction. I will be available for help tomorrow.

How about support for Woocommerce?

Working on woocommerce integration. Will be released next week.