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Is there any way to get the XML file with the dummy content for the theme demo?

Hello! There is an option in the theme admin panel which allows you to import the demo content. Please read the documentation. Thanks

Why your Support is so LOW QUALITY?

I just wrote to your forum that: -the developers used in the theme the Microformat Structured Data -However this Structured data is uncomplete! So it is used in the WRONG way. Mandatory pieces of structured data are missing -this is a problem of the theme. If the developers start to use structured data, they should at least put all the mandatory data, not just one or two.

I reported this problem to your support forum and the reply was: “Hello!

We don’t provide support for SEO.”

I hope somebody in future will reply more seriously to theme issues.

Thank you. It’s not the first time I ask about “A” and they reply that they do not support “B”. I really hope the quality of the support will increase. The theme is nice. If the support was as helpful as the other sellers’support, that would be great. I really hope you will take it seriously. For such nice themes the rating you have should be higher, but I think its 3.84, because of the low quality of the support. Best regards.

Yes, i know. But sometimes its really hard to find high level support staff. Anyway i will take it into consideration. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences

I think the support staff is ok. They jest need to have a more customer friendly and try to help more instead than writing always “we don’t support this and that”. Thanks. Your message gives hope. Thanks much.

Removing or editing the links for social media ?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please submit this question to my support forum. I’m out of the office these days :(

Hi MadDog!

i like to have the portrait images not cropped in fullscreen. You answered another user before:

mad_dog AUTHOR 4 months ago Yes, there is a css trick but in this case you can get a blank space on the left/right sides.

I can accept blank screen :) So how is this trick working :) ??

Regards and great theme! Jan

Hello Jan! Sure, please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com.


Great Theme!

How do I make portrait images fit in the fullscreen gallery? It seems to stretch them to fill the entire screen, I would prefer proper aspect ratio of the original photos.

If this is possible, does it have to be applied to all photos or can it be applied to specific pages?

Thank You! Jazz

Hello Jazz! I’m going to update the theme today, this option will be available in the theme option panel.


I have trouble on viewing my website on Iphones, because of the logo that stays ate the head of the page. ( How can I fix it?

And I would like to know how to link the website to facebook and tweeter. I didn’t find a way.



Hello! Please post all tech related questions to my support forum. Thanks


I’ve received an e-mail telling me about an update, but the link guided me to an download of the same program I’ve already installed when I bought it.

Is it wright, or is there an other direct link just for the update? Do I have to re-install all the program?

Thank you,


Hello Ana! You have to update the theme files to have the latest version of the theme. If you did not do any changes in the code of the theme, simply upload the new files via ftp.

Hello i’ve received a new update for this Theme by email but i was wondering if this goes automatically on my WP website and if not how do i upload the update without messing up my website. Im very amateur with this sorry

Hi, i tried doing that and it says i already have that theme, so it doesn’t recognize it as an update and doesn’t let me upload it.

It shows this message :

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists.

Theme install failed.

Why isn’t the update automatic ? I not sure what to do to get the new version i dont want to delete it because my website is already running and i am afraid to mess it up.

You have to do the update via ftp. Do not make auto update because a lot of people do the changes manually in the code and in this way all the changed data will be overwritten.

Hi, is it possible to change the order of the portfolio images? as I would like to display my most popular images at the top.

Many thanks.. Michelle

Hello Michelle! Yes, you can change it. All the portfolio items are based on the custom post type. You can simply change its date, like you do in the blog posts.

Fantastic, thank you mad dog.

You are welcome :)

Hello, when i see the posts on an iPad, some of the photos are cropped? Is there a way to fix it?

Hello! Please send the screenshot to help at gt3themes dot com with the link to your site.

just sent it =]

OK, will check it and get back via email

Hello, its possible to add a facebook link into the contact page?

Hello! What link do you mean? It has a facebook icon on it.

Really? I never saw it, here can i activate it?

Please specify your social links in the theme options panel.

Hi, I would like to know if its possible to create two diferent pages and show a different portfolio category in each one of them.

Thank you

You cant do that with portfolio at the moment

Ok, I have some experience with custom post, so I was thinking maybe I can duplicate the portfolio custom post under anthoner name and use the same template to show it, what do you think? It would be any problem?

I use the template to display the portfolio items. You can create several templates to display specific category of the portfolio items

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but I need to see if it fits my needs.

1. I shoot primarily vertical portrait photos. Most other themes out there crop off the top and bottom of my photos when displaying them. Can your theme resize instead so the whole photo is seen?

2. What is the difference between your portfolios and galleries?

3. Does your portfolio/gallery page offer nested folders? Eg. Portfolio -> Landscapes -> Europe 2013

4. Can the social buttons be removed easily, ie with a checkbox or button, or does it require a code change?

Hello! 1. Yes, it is possible, but you should understand that there will be an empty strips on both sides. 2. The portfolios have the inner portfolio item pages 3. No, it does not support multilevel portfolio 4.Its possible, if you do not specify the social links in the theme options panel, they won’t be displaying.

thanks, sounds good. In your demo you have fields like Equipment, Style, Model in your portfolios. Are these all you have? I want to be able to add things like Wardrobe, Makeup, etc. Can we create our own fields or are we limited to what you created?

There are only 4 fields, you do not have an option to add more.

Hi everybody! I need an help. In the homepage, using fullscreen gallery, how can i slow down the slider of pictures? Thank youuu

Hello! Please post all the tech related questions to my support forum and you will be assisted

Hi mad!

I have some trouble with install theme. I don’t know what is it. I installing it in wordpress, but when i try to apply it, theme is not installed. And my site stops working.

Ok, i’ll send it to u, but now i reinstall theme and have new problem. What does it mean?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/vasari/ on line 31

Its not theme related issue, please contact your hosting provider.

ok, thanks!

Hi, do you have a feature request system, where it is possible to see if a new feature suggestion has been accepted and a timeline will be provided?

I would like to propose to make the theme FULLY compatible with WPML. Any idea how I can do in order for this suggestion to be seriously taken into consideration?


We can provide you with the WPML plugin for the test if you want :)

That would be more than great. How/where to get it?

Please send an email to help at gt3themes dot com

how i can close the collapse section in post portfolio page ?

Please drop me a line to help at gt3themes dot com and I will help you to do that ;)

it’s done thank you.

you are welcome :)

Hello. I haven’t gotten a response to the last email I sent you. The theme I purchased from you isn’t functioning properly and I asked for help. Please advise.

Please do not spam. Please remind me email means that we ask you to provide your email to find the request that you sent to us.

My apologies my connection was slow and I didn’t realize the message sent multiple times. I tried deleting the repeat message. My email address

Got it, will get back to you shortly.

Hello. Is this theme compatible with woocommerce? Have you test it or know any site with this theme with woocommerce or any system to sell the photos? We like your theme but we need to can sell the photos on the web

The woocommerce will be integrated soon.

I have a few questions before I purchase your theme. 1. I want to use your “Grid Portfolio” so do I need to cut all my photos to be able to fit perfectly like rectangles? Or the Grid Portfolio will do it for me?

2. Can I set an video to auto-play on my landing page in fullscreen and after the video is over I want to show a few photos. This is something that your theme supports?

Hello! 1. Yes, all the images will be cropped. 2. No, there is no way to do that.