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How does this theme handle pictures that were taken in portrait in stead of landscape mode?

If you mean the main slider, there is an option which allows to display the portrait images in the original format.

AdamShelbaya, I see you managed to figure out how to add the pinterest button on the pretty photo gallery. Would you mind sharing what code needed to be added and where, please?

Hello! There is no pinterest button in the prettyphoto lightbox.

I’m using this theme and using Event Calendar Pro. One problem is that there is no featured image for Events. How do i fix that. Also how can i post my website content automatically to my other social media, those buttons are usually in the publish area.

Hello! Thanks for contacting us but due to our help policy we do not provide the support for 3rd party plugins.

I can’t seem to figure out how to add the bar with text on the full screen gallery with the thumbnail images next to it. Is this a short code?


Its a fullscreen slider. Please read the documentation on how to create such a page.

Sorry :( I’ve looked through the documentation and can’t seem to find the fullscreen “slider” option. I’m not coming across anything that talks about sliders and how I can edit them. If you happen to have a link to this specific documentation I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!

Sorry, its called in the documentation “How to Create Fullscreen Gallery”

Hi. I want to buy your theme. But i have some questions. What is the best resolution for photos? Cuz they must be perfect on this template. is it possible to swith off grid from main slideshows?( like here: i dont like it/ Is there any quantity limits for photos?(

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my product. It is not a grid, it’s watermark added to avoid copyright issues. I use the images not bigger than 1900px by width

Hi, Close to purchasing but the absence of mouse or even keyboard scroll in the portfolio is putting me off. Thee arrows are sometimes camouflaged against the images so users might not find them. Will you be sorting it any time soon?

Do you want to display them all the time


This is a reminder that I sent you an email and awaiting your response.

Yes, you changed the wp-admin details, I can’t log in to test it

I sent you the new login info long ago. Where shall I send it again?

You can send it via a contact form on my tf profile page

Hi! I want to buy this theme. Please tell me if the theme have any feature to protect the photos from being copied.


Hello! The only thing that can protect your images is the watermark. Others won’t work :(

Hello I want to purchase your themes which by the way is awesome. The only question I have is will it work with WP plugins and widgets as long as they are not third party.

Thank you

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my theme. As you can see on the demo, there is no template with the sidebar, it means that you won’t be able to create a page with the widgets in sidebar. Also, we do not provide support for 3rd party plugins.

You are welcome. Have a good day!

Hy, can I Change social links or remove? I didn’t find instructions about it in your documentation. Thank you Gianluca

Hello! Sure, you can remove them. Please send your request via tf profile page and i will get back to you with the solution

Hi I would like to purchase your theme to show my portfolio of design and websites. Can you link the images from within a portfolio post? eg. link each image to an external website?

Cheers Robyn

Hello Robyn! Yes, this option is available for portfolio, though the update has not been submitted to TF.

What about a deviantart social icon?

thx byrd

It is possible to add as a custom solution.



I haven’t notice an answer to similar question anywhere earlier, so please excuse if there was one.

I have just installed the theme and clicked the activate button, but after I have done it I get a white page and can’t go back to the dashboard or anywhere else. I tried removing everything and reinstalling – that didn’t help either. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Hello! It sounds really strange. Can you please send your site credentials to help at gt3themes dot com and I will check it.

Hi, does this theme support the Arabic language option in Wordpress?

Hello! I did not test the theme to RTL compatibility.

How do I get map on contact page to show my location?

Hello! You have to generate the google map and put the code in the Theme Options Panel => Contacts section. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum. Thanks

Hi. Please explain how can I make different portfolio types? For example: I have menu point “portfolio” with submenues like “wedding”,”love story” and so on. How can I make grid portfolio to show in wedding,but not show in love story

Thanks. But after I made it, when I on home page, menu “portfolio” is highlited as actived. Site: And I can cath how to mount portfolio( from admin pannel) to only one page. Thank you for answer!

Can you please send your site credentials to my email and I will check what you did wrong? You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com

Just sent to yours email

I’m having an issue with safari and the masonry galleries and blog’s, when the page loads you have mouse over an image for the gallery to load. Any fixes for this glitch?

It sounds really strange. Can you please send your site credentials to help at gt3themes dot com.

The version I have downloaded when purchasing the theme is 1.4. I have read now, that there is a version 1.7. However, when I go to the DASHBOARD it says that the version is up-to-date. Why is the update not offered automatically? How can I update to 1.7 and what are the new features?

Hello! Yes, that’s correct, the theme was updated. Most of our customers do not wish do the automatic theme update because of the changed files. If you do the update in this way, all the files that you changed will be overwritten with the new ones.

ok, but how can I update to 1.7 and what has changed?

You can download the latest version of the theme from your account at themeforest and check the change_log.txt file

Please find below two links to blog schemes. The first link is your demo blog:

That’s how I want it to look like.

The second link is how the blog scheme looks like, when I make a blog:

Where can I change the format of the blog, so it looks like your demo (e.g. photo on top and not at the side). I have compared the settings between both sides and couldn’t find any difference. Thanks.

To create a fullwidth blog, you have to create a page and choose that template right there. Please read the documentation that comes with the theme.

I found the Problem :) It ist one the Frame Settings / View Options / Blog post style. Thanks.

Nice to heating that everything is ok.

Hello again. Please tell me how to change map on contact page to any picture. How can i change background from black one to white?

Hello! Please post all the tech related questions to my help forum at