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I’d like to change the text on the “FRAME” logo (logo.png). Would you please tell me which font is used for it?

It is customized Open Sans

Is it possible for this theme to have a video gallery page or support, have about 20-25 videos and i like the layout that you with gallery- Kenburn, is it possible to have in for video as well. if not, what alternative options do we have beside single video layout.

Hello! The Kenburns slider does not support video. You can create a portfolio item page and add the video items.

Just want to warn potential buyers about the theme. If all you do is photograph in landscape mode, the theme might work for you. If you, however, on occasion shoot a portrait photo, you will have massive problems.

Do not buy.

Could you please be more specific? I see you rated 1 star. Does it mean that the theme is full of bugs and not working?


I am using the masonary gallery and want to enter a shortcode in the image title.

class="tpiButton" onclick="showLB('a61db1cd-c3e9-47c0-99c9-5c452fa7b06f'); return false" href="#"> Buy This Print [/printersinclink]
If I enter the short code in this region, when you view the published page the shortcode tags remain and the code itself does not execute. I'm new to WP so I don't know if i'm doing somrthing stupid or perhaps shortcodes are not compatible with this theme? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Best Wishes,


Hello Bed! I do not know what shortcode do you use. Could you please be more specific. Please post your request on my help forum with the link to your page and the shortcode that you use.

How can I make the top menue bar with the logo and the menue hide and only show up, when the mouse moves over it? Thanks.

Hello! Such option is not available in the theme settings. Now it can be done only as a custom solution.

Hi Want to buy this theme it is so cool. I want to buy how ever I need woo commerce you said two moth ago “Working on woocommerce integration. Will be released next week.”. where is this at it is not in the description.

Hello! Sometimes higher priority tasks occurs that leads to the new feature delay.

Dear Mad Dog,

thanks for this wonderful template. I plan to buy this really soon but as I want to be able to sell my pictures, I would like to integrate an e-commerce platform such as Woocommerce.

I’ve seen here that its integration was planned in the future, and by looking further into it (on the forum), apparently it would have been integrated on 28 March (version 1.7). Is it already integrated, or do you have an idea/estimation of when it will be in the future?

Thanks again for your great work :)

Hello! Yes, I’m still in the process of developing the woocommerce integration. I will try to finish it by the end of the next week.

Hi was wondering what is the progress of woocommerce is. I saw that you had it on other themes and it looked very good Regards Jens

I do not have nexus 7 to test it on. But will do online test using responsive test tools.

Oki I fixed it myself, I had to many menu items, and the logo didnt fit, but it is fixed now thanks anyway

nice to hearing that.

I have two questions, can you hide the thumbnails of pictures without clicking on the icon?

Is there anyway to put up dublicate versions of wordpress, for example one page in swedish and one in english?

Hello! Yes, it is possible. Please submit your request to my support forum. Thanks

Hi Just wondering a couple of things

1. Can there be more than 3 slides per portfolio post? 2. Can text be overlaid on the full size slides or is it just images only?

Cheers Robyn

Hello! 1. Sure, you can add more. 2. What text do you mean?

The Facebook “LIKE” functionality does not work on the galleries (pretty photo). You are not using the PrettyPhoto plugin but have integrated it into your code, so how can this issue be fixed?

If anyone tries to Like a photo in a gallery (grid or masonry) the activity is not shown on the Facebook page and nor does the number of likes work correctly.

Please can you fix this?

Hello! It works properly as it should do. Yes, it has been integrated into the theme. Please note that facebook likes the pages, and popup is not a kind of the page.

But I do not see the “Like” activity reflected on my Facebook page when I like the page…

Can you please check it on the demo and provide the link to your gallery page.

Hello! Can i add dailymotion videos also in portfolio?

You can add only youtube and vimeo.


Has the woocommerce update been released yet? Is it still not possible to integrate this theme with woocommerce? Is there an ETA on when it will be able to use woocommerce?


Hello! I do not have ETA yet :(


I bought the theme several months ago. I have my website ready ( If I see the website in my computer is ok, but when I try to see the website in a phone or in a tablet, you can’t see the images properly or you can’t zoom the images, so it is quite difficult to see. I have sent an email to a programmer, but he said he has to start from scratch to create the site using a different theme.

is there any other solution? Please heeeeelp!

You can also send your details to my email which is help at gt3themes dot com


Waiting for your email.

Hello, we bought this template but we are wondering if you hace some user manual? Please let us know.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Sure, please download the main zip file from themeforest, it includes the documentation.

i have some problem with the portfolio grid there is a grey colum that not show any portfolio item

Hello! Do not see any grey column

Completed :-) After a few months with the code customizations and graphics on the site is finally published! Thanks to your support:

Wow, what a great customization :) It looks awesome. Thanks for choosing my product.

I purchased the WP version after viewing the html version thinking the WP version would contain the same shortcodes. Is there a way to get the Pricing Tables on the WP version? O any of the shortcodes for that matter?

Thanks- Joe

Hello Joe! The frame wp version is limited by the features that you can see in HTML version. The thing is that does not include the page builder, only shortcodes, you can check the list on the demo.

Seems backwards…you would think the WP version would include the page builder functions and short codes over the HTML version. You should make that more clear on the details page, instead of the one line on the very bottom. Especially since it cost 3 times as much as the HTML version.

Joe! Some things can’t be integrated because of the tech requirements. That’s the reason. I would recommend you to check the wordpress version if you purchase it instead of HTML one.

Excuse me, team. Before install it, I wanna know if theme works fine in Wordpress 3.9. Thank you!

Please do not update till we officially release the updated theme.

Hello, is there a way to remove the x from the sliding galleries in the top right hand corner and the hi class title also. I would prefer to have the title appear in the left hand menu/text collapsable area if possible. If it can’t be added automatically I could just add it manually if I can remove it from the top of the page.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello Jim! Please post this tech related request to my support and we will try to assist you.