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How do I change the “images/sampledata/background/10.jpg” image location on the home page showcase? I would like to point it to another location.

Hello, please look at template admin panel there you get all template option. for background please look at layout tab.

Hello, Could you please check why response to the Ticket: # YIT-540-57204 dated 2.1 not answered

Hello, sorry for it. checking….

Hello, You make beautiful templates and see you talented and creative. Too bad you support destroy it . please check Again Same Ticket.

sorry for delay, please check your support ticket. i describe details about it.

Firstly, great theme. I am having an issue where I cannot get background images on the Grid Positions. When I go to templates > Framed > Layouts and choose a background image, the page just reloads and doesn’t change anything. Any help would be great. Have also logged a support ticket (Ticket ID VSO-401-51508)

Hope you got a solution :)

Hi. Although you fixed the backgrounds not showing on my website, I still do not know how to change the background images myself, and changing the images in the Layouts section of the Template Admin doesn’t work. I have replied to my support ticket. Please look.

please check support ticket.

Hi I have one problem. I need tag H1 (title of the page) chance to responsive. I this time my text in this place is not responsive and it is bad for mobile phone. Please help how can i fix it. thx

Sorry for the bug, it will solve on next update, but if you need it urgent so please send a support ticket so support team will fix your problem.

I have a big problems with the speed of loading the site and to change the image background. I wrote you 2 tickets with no answer!

I am apologize for delaying support, can you tell me your ticket number?

my ticket number is QAZ-961-47966. Thanks.

If, for example, you hover over one of the pricing tables, all the text outside of the pricing table flickers. Any ideas?

already replied.

For other customers benefit, Safari and Chrome on Mac have an issue where when you hover over a portfolio item or a pricing table, the text in the header and footer flicker. bdthemes first tried to tell me it was part of the ‘design’ which I refused to accept, then said it wasn’t an issue, so I sent them a video of it happening. They then emailed me back saying it’s not actually an issue and sent a video of a very old version of Safari on a PC to prove it works. I have demonstrated the issue on both my own site and on their demo site but they are not willing to fix the issue, and are just trying to defend their design. I will be asking Envato for a refund for this theme.

i hope your problem now fixed.

publish pls what were changed in latest update

Ops sorry, just update the changes at bottom.

Hi, i have problem with accents – (š??žýž..etc) My www are from Czech and i need write text with accents. In source code are only “strange characters” – Š,   .... etc. Do you know how can i fix it? Thx

welcome :)

And i have next one question. Where i can set mobile and desktop menu? I need menu change to mobile menu if is screen smaller than 900px. Thank you for answer

Hello, the menu module position used for desktop menu and offcanvas module position used for mobile menu. you can’t change it from admin you need to modify less file for it.

Hi, After update to joomla 3.4.3 i am unable to set or save template details is there a way to fix it.

Please send a support ticket (with your site access) from support system so my support team will fix your problem.

Hi, Can you update framed to newest versions of joomla and framwork?

Sorry I can’t send you support ticket, because I wan’t give nobody login to access to my site. I only need update to new framework and new version of template compatible with Joomla 3.5.1+

Can you send me new update form framed template?

Please email me via contact form.


Original Shortcode Ultimate plugin seems to be updated but in this theme it’s still V2.0.3. Are you planning to update?


Are there scheduled for an update. been a long time since the last update.

There is new things and nice in Shortcode Ultimate Plugin and I guess the remainder of the components have updates including security updates.


the component use TinyMCE but he make a lots of changes at him. also the Power Content use is own Authors, Tags, built in Comments, Categories etc. your great Post Slider do not know the Categories ,for example, and that a real shame. I really encourage you to peek this component. I think is the future of Joomla content management and he very agile. this is the developer email: shirekerlingATgmail.com

And of course thanks

Hmm, ok i will talk about it.

Hi! This theme does not seem to support PHP 7.1 nor 7.2 even though I updated to the newest Joomla version and the latest WARP version. Any solution to this problem?

Please share your website access + FTP access at support@bdthemes.com support team will solve it.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. My partner doesn’t seem to willingly give those out. Hope I can get the solution to do it myself and ask them to change config files if needed. Hope that’s possible. I’m guessing more people here have the same problem…