Discussion on Francium - Mobile Template

Discussion on Francium - Mobile Template

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Hey mate,

The template is brilliant. The map however does not center. The long/lat point is at the very top left. I think this is because it’s in a hidden div.

Do you know how to fix that? Or am I the only one having this issue?


I’ll send you a PM for a customization request.

Thanks for this, its freaking awesome. I do have one question though. I have a download script to retrieve files on my server. download.php i can not seem to get it to work with this any help would be appreciated.

The download.php works by it self if i pass parameters to it using basic html. But with this i get the Loading pop then it just shows my background and doesn’t actually start the download.

Nevermind, I think I found the culprit. Inside jquery-1.7.1.min If i remove


The download works right away.

But the loading gif stays up and never goes aways :(

I found something strange with the template….

If the file name is index.html then all the links works inside the page. If i change the file name to something other than index.html the href links doesnt work at all….its really weird…..can u gimme some insight on this?

Hi arl1nd,

On the BlackBerry v.5 the footer with the social buttons doesn’t look right, they’re all pushed to the left, also the slider doesn’t work on my BlackBerry. Could I replace it with a regular JPEG so it will?

the back button doesnt seem to work on the android. any help?

Hi, the contact form and the comments function don’t work.

Pls verify and assist. Thanks

Hi leemtowshen

The theme is built only in HTML version, the forms are meant to be programmed by purchasers, they just appear and do not have any function, because it depends on user needs and their publishing systems.

No support??

Can you send the psd file for the woody logo? I really like it and thought it was part of the package. Thanks

Hi, is it compatible with phonegap?

Une fois mis en ligne et en mis en ecran d’accueil plus de possibilité de faire un envoi par sms et pas de lien dans la barre d’adresse ? merci

The menu links on the index page only point to bookmarks on the same page. How can I change the behavior so each menu item links to a separate page?

I’m trying to install the template on wordpress.org but fails. I do it through the ”.zip” file. Is it correct?

This is not installable template, its HTML template only.

Ok. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to use :( I always install templates by this way (zip in wordpress.org)

Sorry again. I’ve already seen documentation in folder! If I have any problem I’ll contact with you. Thanks ;)

Nice & easy template

How can I center the images of the slider? Now they appear 2% from the left with (on some devices) a lot of white space on the right.

a link to another file (test.php…) does not work. the pages dont refresh automatic. for see new content (or comments) the user have to refresh the complete website :(

a form to another file also does not

Hello, Same problem… errrrr

I need creat a new link without the theme and i cant because the page dont refresh… ;((

I just tested it, it works fine just make sure you have the right path, also the theme has not been updated for a long time and some scripts may be out of function.


When I install theme, some fail show up and said that theme needs CSS or right header, what is it actually about?

Replied your other comment!

When I install theme, some fail show up and said that theme needs CSS or right header, what is it actually about?

The theme does not have an installation setup, it is a plain jQuery mobile theme which was not updated for a year.


Is it even possible to install?

It does not have an installation, to use it simply drop it in the server and the site will open automatically.