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Hi, just a little question : how can i delete the information in the list of properties : Listed 1 day ago

? thanks cheers

We can help you out with any questions in our support forums. Go ahead and post any questions in our forums, we are happy to help:

Hello Seems that with the latest updates I cannot upload photos anymore to a properties. The gallery located in each estate property has gone. Please help.

It depends on how old the version of the theme you are using. We try our best to list all of the field that are updated in the changelog: Of course before attempting to update, make sure to save a backup. In your case you will want to update files one-by-one listed in the changelog from the latest version. If you over-write any manual translations, then you can update those instead of having to update all of the files again with any customizations you made. In the future, make sure to use a child theme as this is the safest way to make updates:

If you need any additional help, we can help you out via our support forums:

I remember that it was complicated to translate and I need your help that day because the admin area was imposible to translate without po files. The support provided by you is in this thread: Seems that we need to make a lot of changes that day in order to manage a good translation and since 2014 I never update the theme because of these changes. Until now worked perfect but from this week I cannot upload photos anymore to the properties slideshow. I´m very scared to lose the website of the client by making an update or begin to build it again. Can you find out why I cannot upload pictures ? Thanks

Go ahead and send me an e-mail in regards to this. I will provide you some more details on options for updating and more:

Note: In the future make sure to update the themes and plugins. ThemeForest actually has an automated plugin that will automatically update themes for you:

Hi – I’m thinking about this theme, but I was wondering if the options in the search bar could be on display all the time (rather than accessed by a tab) and that the search options could be edited.

I don’t need dollar signs and also I don’t need the square feet option.

I’d like this to show all the time


Yeah, it is a minor customization but is possible to display the search at all times. We can help you out with this in our support forums after purchase. Also, removing search fields can be done easily.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello Why you don’t include in your files a child template ? can you told us where we can dowload it , i don’t have time and i m not programmer ! thanks a lot

If you want to create a child theme, you can do so easily via this plugin:

If you have any other questions, feel free to open a ticket in our support forums:

Seeing this in my Chrome console. Looks like something is being depricated in your theme. Can you address? ‘webkitIndexedDB’ is deprecated and will be removed in M57, around March 2017. Please use ‘indexedDB’ instead. See for more details.

Also, when I set the site to SSL I see several errors in your theme referencing http:// directly. Would it be possible to use // instead so links go to https if site is secure? Otherwise browser security warnings are present.

Chrome Console: You can safely ignore that message in the console. It is a check that is run via our Modernizr script. This script is used to support older browsers, hence the reason the check is made.

SSL: Make sure to update various links on your website that have been manually added. Those of course will likely keep leading to http://. The only link I can think of that is added in that way is our google fonts. You can easily update that though under the functions.php file. Just make sure to set that to // instead of http. Other than that the theme will fully support this.

If you have any other questions or need assistance, feel free to open a ticket in our support forum. A valid support license is required:

Ideally the SSL fixes would make it into your theme for updates and to fix for other. I found the following:

single-property: 160 <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

functions.php: 328 wp_enqueue_style( ‘google-fonts’, ‘|Open+Sans:600', array( ‘style’ ) );

plugins.js: numerous

The one doesnt seem to have an https equivalent. Can this be brought down into the theme itself or does licensing/updates require this to be served from direct?

You should not update the plugin.js file. This file has no bearing on SSL. ShareThis support can be added by following these directions:

Also, make sure you are running the latest version of our theme. There is a changelog at the bottom of the item description.

If you have any other questions or need assistance, feel free to open a ticket in our support forum. A valid support license is required:

Is there a Vietnamese version?

Freehold will work great with any language including Vietnamese. You can easily translate any english portions into Vietnamese. Also, the maps will work in any country as we are using Google Maps.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi ProgressionStudios,

I have presale question, I want you help make a top up credits method, mean every time front end user they can sign up a free account , if they want to post a listing they need to top up credits. Posting one listing maybe cost them one or two credits.

is that possible to make this ?


Unfortunately that is not possible without customizations. If you want to hire us for any custom work, feel free to e-mail me via my profile page contact form:

Hello! I’m searching for an event-based real estate template, just like this website – There is a tennis event all year everywhere so I need to build a website that homeowners can post their home and attach to events. User enter location into search field and gets a list of events for this location. Each event has a list of houses for rent. Can it be realized with your template out of the box?

Unfortunately that would require customizations to our theme. Currently those features are not part of our theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

If you can, I’ll buy your theme. Please, this is very important: Hello I have just one question that none of the sellers of themes goods and roots has answered and has been able to realize until this moment. I think it is of vital importance that you have these options to make in multiple countries (Example in my country you use Currency € and $); If there are not these options in wordpress misses interest. (If this were possible with your theme I think it would be higher above your competitors)

Please, I want you to respond.

1: There is some way to add multiple currencies so that the customer can select only one: Example the user can select one of the coins

USD $, EUR € y GBP £

Example Image:

Yes, you can use any currency with the prices on this real estate theme. Our live preview demos US dollars but you can use any other currency. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll take it greetings.


Zenguy Purchased

Hello, I was wondering if there is any documentation on adding the Open House properties to the For Sale search?

Unfortunately that would require customization. If you want to get a quote on this customization, feel free to e-mail us via our profile page contact form:

I am needing to add additional property statuses to the metabox dropdown on the admin panel. This is something that can be done in a child theme correct?

I am not able to view your support forum so I cant check to see if that is listed there.

Unfortunately we cannot help with customizations. I tried to help out with a few minor things but beyond that customizations are not part of support (Even if you had a valid support license). As mentioned prior, you can read the full support policy for all of ThemeForest here:

You did, and I appreciate it. I have it squared away. Your metaboxes.php file was again referencing the hardcoded string to again only point to the parent theme.

Unfortunately as mentioned before, we cannot help with customizations. It will be up to you to make any necessary modifications.


Zenguy Purchased

Hi Mike, I can’t find any documentation on adding videos to the property.

Yeah, we added this feature during an update and didn’t add any specific documentation. All you need to do is add-in video embed code (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) while editing a property. Just scroll to the bottom and you will find the option “Property Single Video Embed Code”. If you are missing this option, it means you have an old version of theme. You can update the theme via these directions (If updating, make sure to save a backup!):

If you run into any issues, you will want to open a support ticket. Just make sure you have a valid support account which the forum will let you know:


corzak Purchased

Does anyone know . . . if have most recent version of WrodPress, and most recent version of Freehold, and a Google API key . . . why map does not show in individual property sidebar (which is build in)? Just shows blank grey square. I can click on “larger map” and popup map works . . .

Yeah, just download the latest files at anytime. Then check the documentation under “Google Maps API Key”. It will cover how to easily setup your Google Map API Key (This requirement was added by Google last year). If you don’t see this option, make sure to update your theme and plugins to the latest version.

If you need additional help, feel free to purchase an additional support pack on the item page in the top right. Then you can open a support ticket in our support forum:


Zenguy Purchased

Re Blog: Hello, is it possible to make the featured image centered and also show the whole image? Currently it is aligned left and also cuts of the right side of it if it’s over 900 pixels wide. Also is there a spot to change Our Blog to something more content appropriate?

Thank you

Nope, you would not have to pay extra beyond the regular support license. Both of those edits would be covered under standard support. Normally support does not cover customizations, but we help users out with basic ones like those at no additional charge:

Zenguy Purchased

Awesome! I’ll buy another license then. Then request if that will work

Yeah, go ahead and purchase another license and then you can open a support ticket:

Hi, Does this have integrated automatic recurring paypal and/or stripe payments for packages without the use of third party plugins?

If you wanted to add-in a recurring payment option, you would need to do so via a plugin or custom solution as this ability is not built-in. Check out and/or for a list of plugins that can add this functionality to a site.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


omerxcz Purchased

Hi, how can I cancel a lightbox? I want to use it instead.
We provide support via our support forums. If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket and we can help you out. Just make sure you have a valid support license. If your support has expired, you can purchase an additional support pack on the item page at a discount.

Note: The lightbox is activated under /js/script.js Section 02.