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Great design. Good luck with your sales.

Much Appreciated!


Is there a choice or template to put the sidebar on the right?

Yeah, we have a simple option in the Theme Options panel to move the sidebar to the right or left.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Thanks GoodLayers!


Is there built in support for MLS /IDX, or any mls / idx plugins?

We don’t have any built-in support for IDX /MLS. This is because MLS has the feeds locked down and doesn’t support an open API . There are however third party plugins that can be used to convert feeds/theme. This would be up to the buyer though as it is not supported.

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks for the kind words!



How hard would it be to change that theme to a car dealer website? Adding/removing taxonomies, custom fields of the advanced search etc…

Cheers. Thomas

We actually included some basic documentation for customizing even though we can’t support them. We realize people are going to modify this theme a lot!

Feel free to send me an e-mail via my profile page and I’ll send you that section of documentation. It will give you an idea on how to make adjustments to the theme. If you are comfortable editing WordPress Theme files, it shouldn’t be a problem to change the theme to a car dealer website.

Awesome on so many levels. Best of luck on the sales!

Thanks Murlu!


wicked theme!

how customiseable is the colour?

It is very easy to customize colors! We are using WordPress’s new Theme Customizer. You can easily change theme background and font colors using a color picker. You can do all of this from the front-end and save changes or revert back to the original.

Check out a quick demo of the color changing

This theme is great, looks really sharp and loads fast. I read the comments you made to ThomasL5 question about converting it to a car dealer.. I need a “Vacation Rentals” site, I would imagine that, that would be easier to do?.. I will contact you through your profile page, hopefully you could also send me the modify documentation as well. Good luck with the sales. KD

Yeah, I went ahead and replied to your email :-). It should be easy to modify our theme for a vacation rental site.


Hi ProgressionStudios, Is there Elastic videos css support or would I need to add this to the css? Great looking theme by the way :) Thanks David

I assume you mean embedded videos resizing? Yep that is built-in, here is an example:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Really nice looking theme. My client lives in a small town, which does not have anything but the main road of the town on Google Maps. Do the listings have to have the address in it, or can you give them alternative names, eg. 3 Bedroom Apartment, etc. and disable the Google Maps in the sidebar?

Yeah to all your questions :-).

1) Yes you can display any post title other than the map address. The actual address is another meta field just for this. I just duplicated them because it was easier for the demo content.
2) Yeah, you can disable the google maps in the sidebar or on the search results separately. It’s just a simple theme option for each.
3) Also, you can actually use longitude/latitude if you want to use the google maps for rural areas that don’t have addresses. We include a fall-back for this.

That is what I wanted to hear :-) Thanks, already bookmarked and if they like my proposal, will be using this for sure. Thanks for the quick reply

Neat work, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros!


Hi, pre purchased question.

That is possible to customiseable each sidebar on each page? i want different sidebar when i navigaute on certain pages, that is possible?

Second question : that is possible to custom fields of the advanced search (for exmaple no “bed” but “surface” or area)?


1) Yeah we support sidebars on each page. You can customize each one.

2) The search is a tiny bit more complicated so it would require editing theme files in order to adjust the search parameters.

Let me know if you have any more pre-purchase questions.


I need to do a real estate website in two languages, this them supports wpnl plugin or qtranslate?


Yeah, the theme is translation read and comes with a .po file for translating.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

so it supports the plugins= which one is better? I need the site in two languages

Can’t go wrong with either one. I personally would recommend qTranslate as I’ve used that more in the past.

Very very good work, wish you many sales!

Thanks for the kind words. We really put a ton of work into this one and are happy with the outcome and response.


This would be crazy amazing if the custom posts types were customizable…. So much beyond real estate

Would you consider releasing something like that, even as a plugin?

Send me an e-mail via my profile page. I’m always interested in feedback. I don’t completely understand your question but send me the details and I can answer it.

Finally, a designer/programmer who understands the basics of putting together an RE WP Theme – consider it sold to us in a couple of days

x Us down here

Glad to here manamedia. Feel free to join my support forums after purchase for any questions:

Very nice theme !
Btw, is there an option to add “sold” to any of the listings ?
And those “sold” listings will not appear on the main website (nor index, neither search results…) but still be part of the website (in the sitemap, to have many indexed pages on GG, that’s a great thing).
Maybe adding a big “sold” icon on the picture and something like: “Sorry this item is already sold, check our other listings…” on the listing page
Let me know if you can add this feature, it would be fantastic !

We don’t have an option for this but it can be added relatively easily. It would only require a few lines of additional code that I could help you with this after-purchase in our support forums. Our documentation includes a brief over-view of how to make modifications to add/extend the real estate features.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Hey ! Just bought it !!
So, do I need to create a post on your support forum to have this option ?
And also, is it possible to customize a little bit the url ? I mean right now it’s like that:
Is it possible to have it like: (changing property into annonce, and adding a .html at the end)
Thanks to let me know
Yeah, jump into out support forums and I will hell you out with any after-purchase questions:

Thanks a lot for your answer, I have already purchased!!

My client is going to be very happy, so do I, congrats again and as soon as I have it installed I will rate it (for what I have seen you will get 5) Thank you

Awesome! Go ahead and join our support forums if you have any theme related questions now that you have purchased our theme. We are always happy to help: