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Amazing. I really like it. Good luck with sales

Thanks mate :)

Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you

Great Work! GLWS! :)


great style, very good job :) Good luck with the sales !

Thanks mate :)

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thanks mate:)

very nice site!

once I download files will I be able to easily remove the counter?

also, I am sure I can flip the arrow icons as the one on the top page is pointing up… and the arrow on the bottom page is pointing down?

I am hoping I can edit the HTML files in Dreamweaver CS5.5

Thank you

Hi, counter can be removed easly, you will need to delete div with id=”counter_box” flipping arrows is easy too, arrows are svg files with xlink:href=”#arrow-top” for top arrow and xlink:href=”#arrow-bottom” for bottom one, you will need to switch those href`s in places.

I didn`t tested it in Dreamweaver but template is valid with all modern code standards and should work with this editor.

sounds good thank you

Hi! Excellent job! I just wanna know how do you set the time on the clock? Thank you, Melissa

Hi, thanks for purchasing my template :) About your question, please check out attached help file, there is a separate chapter about the counter.

The validation on newsletter submit does not work – not in the demo either actually, it just jumps to “Thanks, we will be in touch!”.

The documentation says that this form is HTML5 validated though. Could you please add the form validation? Shouldn’t be too difficult.

I have replaced html5 validation (it did not work on safari) with jQuery solution. Update is in the queue, you will recive e-mail when it is approved.

Thank you but the demo still fails to validate…

I`m uploading updated version to the server, check out in few minutes.

Great template! I replaced the form action from “php/send.php” with my Mailchimp details including 2 hidden fields. The only thing that does not work is the slide up ‘Thanks we’ll be in touch’. I believe that this has to do with a callback from send.php to an AJAX script at the bottom of the page?

How can I change this to active the slideUp when the submit button is pressed with the Mailchimp url as action.

Demo on:

Thanks! I am looking for to buying more from you soon after we ‘launch’ :)

Hi, I`ll take a look at this after the weekend. Thanks for purchasing my template :)

Cheers Shegy!

Hi there.

I love, love, love your template.

I just want to know a couple of things before buying.

Once I install this template, what do I have to do to collect people’s email? Is this something simple or will you provide help for that? Also, on top of their email, I want their zip code, is that attainable?

Thanks so much!

hi, the newsletter form is set to collect e-mails in a txt file on your server. So for that you dont need to do anything but uploading the template on your sever. About the zip code, it is attainable but will require some serious changes. Also I do not know if the txt output will fit your needs for zip codes. E-mails are collected in a single file so you can just copy/paste and use it as mailing list (without using any Database), I do not know whether it will be ok for zip codes.

Great Theme

Thanks :)

keep up the good work

hi there,

bought your amazing theme. icons doesn´t work local & on web-server. any ideas?

thank you

hmm, this is strange, please try this: find in the head area line 28 and 1888 and delete them. let me know if it helps

yeah, line 28 – made it :) thx

:) you need to delete them both

Great template, it is exactly what I needed for my product. Looking forward to more great work from you! :)

Thanks a lot mate :)


Newsletter is not working. I’m hosting this app on IIS7. When i clicked “Register”

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 405 (Method Not Allowed)

Do you have any idea?

Thabk you, Melissa

It seems that you do not have php enabled on your server. I do not know IIS7 but maybe you can follow this tutorial:

I uploaded files to server and I get this message on top of the page [an error occurred while processing directive]

Hi, it is cosed by your server configuration but you can address this issue by deleting all comments from html files. Comments that look like this one:

<!ABOUT #########################>

I have loved working with this theme, but have been unable to customize one item. I wanted to add in a few of my own SVG elements for the phone and mail icons I figured I could just swap out the icons in the SVG assets folder with the SVGs I would like to use, but when I re-uploaded the icons.svg I could not get them to appear. I had the item as a compound path, and nested as they are in the illustrator file, but still couldn’t get them to show. Is there a better way to do this?

Hi, I have send you an email.

Hi Shegy,

I’ve just bought and uploaded your theme. Its a great simple design.

However, there is a problem viewing the background image in lastest browsers for Firefox (27.0.1) and also Safari (Version 7.0.2 (9537.74.9). At the moment its not showing and it views a solid black background, on older browser versions it looks fine.

I used the static image background template for the site i’m working on.

Are you making an update for this theme to allow for the browser updates?

Cheers, Alex

...Also i want to make the logo a bit bigger for my site… however i’ve tried many options and it seems to break the layout when viewed on a mobile…. any help much appreciated with regards to this and the above. Cheers!!!!

Hi it is really strange because I have tested your website on those versions of browsers and everything works as it should.

About the logo, it does not have any size restrictions, just use bigger image.

Yer its a bit weird… I just used the “slider” template instead, I had the issues when i was using the “image” template. Alls good now by the look of things, works now i made logo a bit bigger too, so alls good.

Not sure why it was happening, it might just of be the “image” template… or maybe its just me… haha

Thanks for the early reply i can remove these comments if you wish.


Hello! Nice Job! I have one question: How I can change the message “Must be a valid E-Mail.”? Thanks!

Hello! Nice Job! I have one question: How I can change the message “Must be a valid E-Mail.”? Thanks!

Hi , you can change it by replacing the frase in a file jquery.ketchup.all.min.js – find a frase: “Must be a valid E-Mail” and replace it with yours.

Thanks, Shegy! It works!

The icons don’t display for social media, arrows, etc when downloaded, but when I load the preview off of Themeforest everything is visible.

As a side note, this is happening in Chrome

Hi, did you upload your website to the server?