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Awesome work, GLWS

Thank you bro

Thanks matchthemes :)

Great Template brothers! Keep it up :)

Thanks bro. ;)

Comes with very good features, this will get good response in Wordpress. Well done.

Thank you we are working on wordpress too. It will be out ;)

Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thanks Man ;)

Very nice job… ;-)

Hi once again Patrick, First of all thank you for rating the Template it really helps, We seemed to miss that option, but in a couple of days we are going to make and update and surely we will make it possible, so ASAP we are making the changes and come up with and update and we will add even more features. Thank you my friend. Hope it is not a problem.

Super. I’ll wait for the update :-D

Thank you my friend.

nice work, gud luck :)

Thank you very much AliA. ;)

Hi I keep on recieving this error when attempting to use the contact form: The following errors were encountered URL is invalid

Love the theme btw.

Hi there thanks for buying the theme, seems that you are tying to write in the field of web address a number and that is why that happens, please check once more it has to be with http://www.yourwebsite and the rest. this will help you. Thank you.

OOPS! Thank you! I love the theme! GLWS!

hehe, It is okay my freind, Hope you get the best of it.

Thanks for your great work :) well done!

Can you please open a ticket and our developer will give a answer asap, and try the new update. Thank you. Have a nice day my freind

Open a ticket – where and what is that my friend?

Here you go. http://devsolutions.ticksy.com/ have a nice day my friend.

Hi, for the videos?

Hi Patrick, sorry for keeping you waiting our developers are working on an update, but we want to increase the elements on the page so it fits to more needs of our customers and that keeps us a little bit late so I hope you understand us. Thanks my friend. :)

Update has been made my friend.

I just downloaded, there is no change for the video in the gallery?

There is a change. But please open a ticket and the our developer will show you how exact to do it. Thank you and hope you like the new update.

Hi There, love this template! Can you tell me which file I can edit to slow down the splash text speed? thanks!

Go to Folder assets/js/freeman.setup.js and find paragraph 235 = with comment Splash Text Slider

change complete paragraph with this one

/* ========================================================================== Splash Text Slider ============================================================================= */ if( $.fn.cycle ) { $( ’.splash-slider’ ).on( ‘cycle-initialized’, function() { $( this ).addClass( ‘active’ ); }).cycle({ fx: ( Freeman.isHandheld || ! Freeman.cssTransitions ) ? ‘fade’ : ‘none’, log: false, slides: ’>.splash-content’, pauseOnHover: ’.splash-text’, delay: 1000 }); }

and in the delay choose how many milliseconds you want.

Hope it is helpful.

Please when you have time Rate our template Thank you.

Awesome Nice Look;

Thanks Man, :)


Can I use vimeo for splash-media-video?

Yes you can just read the documentation there is written there. Thank you.

I want the code to put the video in the gallery. Can you help me…

not open a ticket…


Hi Patrick

Did you download the latest version and update it has the video added.


fixer33 Purchased

Parallax, Video background, Smooth scrolling, all of these don’t work on IOS Safari. C’mon what wrong with you? PS: I forgot to add not working animate.css on the same platform.