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I have attempted to go to your support area and put in a ticket on the 15th…I then responded on the 19th saying I have not heard back….today I still see no response (23rd). I have even sent two emails directly in the contact area with no replies.

Where it says “choose plan”...I want that to go to a different page…as i have a complete ordering system with it to take them to…can you advise? Where is the information for Choose Plan so I could at least see the code to make the chance on that hyperlink?

I still have never heard from them….says to go to their forum and put a ticket in….so following what you request….but not hearing for 9 days? If someone else knows what to do ….email me at

Funny but for your drop down…country and state….it is blank….yet you have a drop down and required on the sign up page….when click on “choose plan”....that page I would get rid of the country and state and the credit card information…but I am trying to do something simple here of when someone hits choose plan…regardless of what plan….it just takes them to another page where I have a form. Thanks. If someone else can assist…my email address is

You guy have good support or not because i wanna buy thid theme but people look mad, i need to kniw if i can edit the all tablet

Hello Guys,

i need support… you dont awnser my Questions in your Support Forum.

Me and other Users still have problems with the Twitter feeds…

Hello, may I ask if this can be integrated with Paypal? Thank you.

Hi, I want to make sure this is plug and play and also supports WP 3.8. I want to be able to set up different tiers that grant users different permissions.

How do you typically handle setting permissions for different tiers? Is there a plugin you use? I don’t want to code it. Thanks!

Are you guys still updating this theme? Does it integrate with Swipe gateway?

I tried registering on your support forum with two different email addresses, but never received a confirmation email (and yes, I checked the spam folder).

I’m having a few issues: #1 The Twitter feed isn’t working and I see by these comments that I’m not the only one having this problem #2 I’d like to make the row labels wider on the pricing grid, but can’t seem to find where I can make those adjustments

Please advise. Thank you!

It seems like this theme is dead. Is it?

Error 404 on your Live Preview

any news about getting this theme updated?