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very interesting design, GLWS

Thank you :D

Nice work and Welcome To Forest :)

Thanks for the welcome :)

Great theme nackle, good luck mate! ;)

nice theme and layout! how about a WP version of it?

Can you tell me is there any option to manage this theme like it is Wordpress?

Since this is only html templates there is no options to manage it like Wordpress

Wery nice template! good luck with sales!

I liked the colors you picked for the color scheme!

Wordpress please :-)

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you everybody for the warm welcome :bigsmile:

Wordpress please?

Hey buddy,

Looks like you have written “Well documented” twice on your banner. ;)


ah just realized that, thanks for pointing that :D

Looking at purchasing this but i have never bought a template like this before. I am use to working with open cart. How do you alter this. Do you upload all files and then alter through the css pages or alter before upload?

Can you be more specific? I never working with opencart before

Very nice work!

Is there an easy way to make the whole layout a choosen width? i would like mine to be 970px wide all time :-)

Hello ewax, Thank you for purchasing my theme, if you want to change the size, go to /less/variables.less

find line with
// 1200px min
@gridColumnWidth1200:     70px;
@gridGutterWidth1200:     30px;
@gridRowWidth1200:        (@gridColumns * @gridColumnWidth1200) + (@gridGutterWidth1200 * (@gridColumns - 1));

change the @gridColumnWIdth1200: to your desire value, you can experiment with it. If you want to using .css file not the less file you can compile it easily here is my tutorial to Compiling Less Files but don’t choose for bootstrap instead choose style.less only

Can someone tell me with which software should I manage this theme, meaning how can I add news and change photos and other things easy, like it is wordpress…?

This is HTML template you can not just hope to change photos or other things as easy as Wordpress.

Does it help Adobe Contribute? If not than the HTML magazine theme cant be managed.

I guess what i am asking is how easy is it to change the words and the pictures and things. Is it a case of going onto the css somewhere or is it psd files or what?

changing pictures can be done in the HTML files.

I see so are you saying it really isnt easy to change things? If thats the case it might not be for me.

author, this topic very nice work! but, need wordpress / worth the wait? *

Actually I’m still thinking about turn it into wordpress, it’s just I don’t have the time to turn it right now, may be 3-4months

Very nice! Is there a WORKING contactform ans can I put a youtube in ? Thanx!

Yes, its easy just put in the generated iframe code from youtube/vimeo.