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Vraiment super, j’attends la version Wordpress! / Very great, I can’t wait for the Wordpress version of it!

Please develop a wordpress version of it, thanks.

Love the theme, just curious if it’s possible to make the front page “Trending Topics” slide/rotate automatically between the number of pages setup (default 3). Thanks!

Appreciate the help. I rated your theme 5 stars for the continued support:

I can confirm that adding:

$(’#carousel-widget’).carousel({ interval: 3000 // milisecond });

did not work, for the default carousel on the top right of the home page in the default theme download. Any tips?

My bad forgot to add quote

           'interval' : 500

Still does not work. Added the quotes you forgot. The trending topics does not automatically scroll between the 3 pages.

Here’s the snippet I changed:

<!- Begin Span4 Carousel Slider ->

Popular Videos

You’ll see ID changed to popular-videos-carousel.

My code in custom.js is:

$(’#popular-videos-carousel’).carousel({ ‘interval’: 1000 });

Awesome,love it. Wanna purchase it but it is showing .php extension in demo.Can i get HTML version because i dont know PHP .

It’s HTML you get when purchasing the theme, the .php only in demo files for the styleswitcher to work with cookie

How is the “register” for the site developed? Creating user accounts? Great job!

It’s HTML template, so for accounts and register it’s depend on your script later. the register using Modal Box

Couldn’t find it in the CSS :

What is preventing me from changing:

<!- Main Content ->

on the front page to span9? Regardless of the change I make, it still goes back to span6.

The only solution is to remove id=”content” and just use:

but then it breaks the elements I’m trying to use.

The reason for this change is because I removed the left sidebar. Front page is now supposed to be span9 content and span3 right-sidebar.

I’ll try to stop asking for help but I rated 5 stars on the theme and really need this fix. Thanks!

Hello ShadowProtocol, where did you put the part of the script into?

I’m afraid that you put it after the //document end }); try to put it at the top of the document,

$(document).ready(function(){ //put it here $(’#carousel’).carousel({ ‘interval’ : 3000 }); });

If it’s still not working, sent me your js file, or register to and upload your all of your files in the public folder, then give me the link

Can you use email for this one? The themeforest comment area didn’t auto refresh, so If I forget to refresh my browser, I don’t know when you drop me a comment. My email is auto refresh, so I know when you drop me a mail, for a faster support. here is my mail

I am going mental here – the template (without less) works great on my production server but on localhost in Visual Studio (with NO modification at all) the top header menu font is wrong, there are no icons displayed in the menu (or social). I’ve tried changing DOCTYPE and adding the XUA compatibility headers but nothing I’ve tried makes this work in localhost. Any ideas? It’s a fantastic template but it’s going to be a major PITA if I can’t see changes locally and have to upload them to server every time. I’ve tried this on three machines with IIS (Cassini), IIS6 and IIS7 .5 with Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 and nothing I do makes a difference. HELP !

Hello ladybirdinternet, actually I’m not a Visual Studio developer, but I try to find something on the net, are you using .net?

Here is some free resource to help you with VS and LESSCSS Here is for .Net and LESSCSS

Thanks for purchasing my theme, please rate it if you love it :)

Hi – thanks for your reply. I think this is something to do with IE and the way it renders differently on localhost. There is a lot of information online but nothing I’ve tried works (so I’m developing against one of our spare servers). Thanks for the links – I’ll read those as well!

I’m sorry couldn’t do much to help you. But Good Luck, hope you can solve it

Can we show videos where the image slide shows?

Yes, you can

Can we have another color instead of those 10 available?

We would like to have pure red. #FF0000

yes, it’s easy

Wordpress version please, it will be awesome!

Working on it right now :) please be patient

Great Work nackle2k10;

please tell me how to use the bootstrap tooltip, it doesn’t work in the template. thx a lot

Thank you for purchasing my theme swsche.

To use Tooltip add this line in the html file.
<a data-placement="top" rel="tooltip" href="#" data-original-title="Tooltip on top" id="myTooltip">Tooltip on top</a>

Open custom.js then add this line $(’#myTooltip’).tooltip();

you can experiment with data-placement value “top, left, right, bottom”

Thank’s for the quick answer. It works fine…

Hi support team, thanks for your services; my question is how woks the contact.html page contact form; I don´t see any way to send the contact form information to a E-mail especified; I´ll very grateful with your information about it

That’s only html template, you may want to add php mail class to send email.

is there wordpress,joomle,drupal version? And i can use turkish alphabet.

A, B, C, Ç, D, E, F, G, ?, H, I, ?, J, K, L, M, N, O, Ö, P, R, S, ?, T, U, Ü, V, Y, Z.


there is only html version right now, well to use other language glyph, I think it’s depend on the font, I’m using pt sans, you may want to look the missing glyph at google web font

I see that people keep asking for a WordPress version and you say that you are working on it. Can you provide a time frame? Will it be a few weeks or a few months?

Bug: The footer carousel is not sliding on IE9. No transition.



It is not a bug. It is because there is no CSS transition support in IE7-9. And the carousel use bootstrap carousel which is using CSS3 transition. This can be fix by modifying the Bootstrap Carousel core script, but not really recommended, if you’re to use your own script then will have lots of problem upgrading bootstrap later.

This script is to use to fix the transition in bootstrap-carousel.js but NOT bootstrap core, not recommended. (if you use bootstrap.js, you need to find the line for carousel)

Thanks so much, it saved me a lot of time!

hi, i buy this template but i dont use in turkish language, for excample fecebook icon,the other icons not display , display unknown icon. please help me for turkish charter, and i am use in but logo not show left on home(menu) ,logo show top of the home menu and please help me this problem.

hello, thanks for purchased this template. Do you have a live version of your this template which you are currently working with? I want to see what is the problem.

hi, thansk for message. i am havent got up problem but now i have got new problem. i am use and if i use url rewrting i have error js files continius or break.

js file tag /js/bootstrap.js

for the font problem, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do to help you, but you have to change into another font, go to or and you can test drive each font that have support for your language by looking for the missing or available glyphs.

For the icons, I need to see the live preview, are you using .less file or only css file? if you don’t have any live site, you can register to and then upload your work there, so I can view it live.

for the JS file, try to view the source it’s pointing to the right js files?

if you want to get faster support you can add my skype at nackle2k1