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There’s a display bug in Chrome – this screenshot was taken on the preview URL for your theme:

Please advise on the fix. Thanks!

fix will be in the next update, also for bootstrap 2.3.2 in around 30may

update have been submitted to themeforest for review, approval may take 3-4 days depend on the reviewers

traeregan PURCHASED 16 days ago Flag There’s a display bug in Chrome – this screenshot was taken on the preview URL for your theme:

Please advise on the fix. Thanks!

  1. The problem has been solved or not. I waited.

How time long. Enough to let me know. I ‘m wating.

I’ve submitted the files, just need to wait the review and approval from TF

Ok , Thank you very much so much for your suppprt.

I have bought the HTML version but i didn’t get the signup page. I got the signin page. Please can you update the same or send me the file.

there is no signup page, only signin modal

But without signup…how can user signin

Basically, you can use the from in the sign in to create another modal for signup, since this is built as a front end template in mind, most sign in sign up will handle by backend which mean by admin template

is there the ability to set a static width for the page and disable responsiveness?

yes the responsiveness is easily switch off

does frenzy v2 support ie8 ? i found that the slider (sliderjs) caption is awkward

yes it support ie8, but since some animations are depend on css3, it will not supported by ie8

Hi all, I will be take an off for a week. Since I will go out of town and not in my home, I will still doing the support for some minor problem, but if the problem required extra code change or any other bug fix. I’m sorry that it will be in pending mode.

went up the files to a folder on my server and does not work, can be solved as?

oh I’m sorry thought you use the WP version. First this thing can be happen if :

You’re using Chrome and Open the one With LESS and You’re not using Localhost server. Why this happen? Chrome do not support LESS while not opened in the localhost server. I don’t know why, this is something need to be asked to chrome developer.

When testing on my pc works fine, the problem is when I upload it to my server / folder, is dropped, you must upload it within my wwwroot?

do you have the live example? since I cannot help out if I cannot debugging the file, maybe less file is not included if you’re using less version, try to use css version and see what happen

Hello … i see on the demo that the style is with multi-color … but when i purchase it and download it i see only with one color ( Orange ) please help … because my client want it with multi color

In the demo I use styleswitcher to show the color, you can change the color in Theme Options

where is the theme options ??

Hi, I just want to know how to change the ‘mobile view’ to ‘full website view’?

open your .css or .less files, find this line

/* ===================================================================================== */
/* Media Queries
/* ===================================================================================== */

remove everything below it.

and then if you’re using less open boostrap/bootstrap.less and remove this line

// Bootstrap responsive
// --------------------------------------------------

@import "responsive-767px-max.less";
@import "responsive-768px-979px.less";
@import "responsive-1200px-min.less";
@import "responsive-navbar.less";
@import "responsive-utilities.less";

I forgot this, open js/custom.js and remove


    $(window).resize(function (){

Can you tell us what we need to remove in the css so it’s not responsive anymore or send us a customized frenzy-blue.css file?

to remove the responsive, you just need to find the line which have @media { then remove the rest to the end of the file, responsive style is located until the end of the file

Thans for your support. I changed the css file, but the layout is messed up. I tried also the options as described in the upper post (posterL hamizah88) in both versions the site is messed up. Double menus, smaller website, slider area is messed up..

oh right, I forgot this, open your js/custom.js and then remove this line


    $(window).resize(function (){

I found a bug on the gallery page. [html version, RSS]

When the gallery page loads for the first time, there are 3 tiles on a row. But when you press the button [ALL] the page changes the row with 4 items.

Can you tell me where/what to change so the gallery load 4 items on a row at first page load?

Hi, It’s actually not a bug, it just for every forth item in the gallery you need to add the class last-col so it will look like this

<a class="gallery-item cat-1 last-col" rel="gallery" href="image_url" title="Image Title">

Thank you :)

Hello , I am having trouble with the images in the slider and second row of popular content. Slider and second row crops images , where do you define cropping inside slider? Here is my site

I think I missed your issue for the crop part. Don’t you mean the triangle block that cut the image?

No I mean , check the original picture .. when it is in cameraslider , somehow image is resized and some parts are cropped .. Check the 5th photo which is title “Tanrilar Sehri: Katmandu” . when you click you will see the original size. Top part is lost in the slider.

I see, I’m afraid, this part is from the camera slider (camera.min.js) itself. It’s actually the feature given by camera slider to fit image for responsiveness. There is no really a solution for this, since if you fit image to the container, in responsive query it will left some blank space.

Hey there. Great theme, but I’m having problems where the slider loads very slowly. While it’s loading the user is unable to scroll the rest of the page. Any tips on getting the slider to load quicker? My site is

Here is the reason why your page load slower. You use too large image for the slider. I suggest you try to convert the image size. After debugging your image, almost each image is around 2mb+. Try to reduce the image size and the ratio to fit the slider. you may want to try this image converter, simple and powerful

Are there any plans to update this theme to bootstrap 3?

I’m afraid it’s impossible to upgrade this theme into bootstrap 3. the difference in the style are huge. Bootstrap 3 using mobile first design. which is totally different from Bootstrap 2

Nice work Frenzy – Responsive Bootstrap Thanks :)

Hey i see you are very responsive, im hoping you can support me on this question. i think a a lot of people agree the responsive Phone version removes too many elements. I know how to remove the responsive easy but what i want is the “phone view” to look like this

basically i noticed there are 3 different views. “Full view” “tablet view” and “phone view” i dont want to use phone view but when looking at it from a phone it should use the tablet view like the photo link i have provided. any help you can help me here thank you.

NOTE: i am not using Less. im using the Frenzy no less

I’m afraid it cannot be done easily. You need to have understanding around the css. Since this theme is built on bootstrap, it’s depending on bootstrap grid and responsive functionality.

If you decide to make the phone view similar to tablet view. You need to change bootstrap grid. Or add your own grid system since bootstrap using 100% width when mobile phone view is enabled. There is no options to do small grid in bootstrap 2. Unless you rebuild it using the bootstrap 3.

This theme have a different build, so it will need be rebuild if you want it to turn into bootstrap 3 which already support small grid.

Please update new version with updated less.js ,

I will see the changelog and bootstrap changelog, cannot make sure I can update the less if bootstrap framework do not support it

Hi nackle2k10

Thank you for an awesome template. I’m wondering why the Carousel Slider on the index.html is switching to the next one so fast and how I can fix it?

Kind regards,


you need to define your own slider speed in the javascript file custom.js depend on which slider you want to use, it have it’s own separate options. btw, sorry for late reply, have been in a meetup and unable to touch my pc.

This is the only Bootstrap compatible theme I’ve found that has a focus on Video. It’s a great theme, and I bought it, but I have to have Bootstrap 3. I know you said converting this one would be too difficult, but please consider making a “Frenzy for Bootstrap 3”. I have several clients I would buy this for if it existed (meaning I would make each client buy this theme).

Okay, I will consider this :D

Frenzy for Bootstrap 3, I would by 2 for myself only because you would make me so happy! Please Frenzy for Bootstrap 3! :)

Will consider about this