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No, I did not create any other color schemes for this particular theme. You can change the header design in Photoshop if you know how.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Love the design. It’s so clean and the color schemes is great. How would I contact you for custom work?

My email is cesiel1993 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

I love this design! So clean, so simple, so straightforward. However, as easy as it is to customize it…I’m enough of a newbie that I can’t write a little contact .php file to process the form (and a couple attempts at cutting and pasting from published online sources/templates failed). Is there any way you could write just a simple little .php script to include here so the contact form will work? It doesn’t even need to validate the data, just be able to send it with the name, email, and message…then return to the Welcome ‘slide’. thanks for your consideration!

Thanks for the feedback scole.

Since I’m not much of a developer, I don’t have much experience with PHP contact forms, but I am looking into it and including them in my future themes.


I bought this template I need to create links to the tabs from the home page. How do I do that? Thanks.

sandeepsahota - Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do that.

Hi, great work. I only have a question, when then images appear, only 3/4 appear rigth way, the top part of the image appear after, like the image was behind the header. Can you tell how to change this ?


Two issues found.

1) How do you make it so that you can add more content to a page?

2) How do you make jflow…not rotate through all of the slides.

If anyone can offer some suggestions that would be great!

@Nuno21 and thelonepixel: I believe your problems were solved via email. Let me know if they weren’t


I have purchased this template and love its simplicity, on re-skinning to suit my purpose, I have had issues with the sliding content, is this not support by some browsers?

With my limited knowledge in html I have had a play with various options to see if I could solve why but I have now made things worse!!! How does the tab code link to the sliding content? At the moment I am seeing one static page with a scroll bar going down the page rather than individual pages sliding as per the preview here!


Do you think you could link me to a live version? This way I could take a look at the code and give you a better answer. Feel free to email me!

I have emailed you a link to a live version of the site as it stands! If you could offer any advice I would be very grateful!

Thank you


I think I have solved it!!! I was missing an end div!! It all seems to be working now…. fingers crossed!

Glad to hear that. Good luck!

How will the 5 pages using jquery work as far as SEO goes?

Well, it shouldn’t put you at an disadvantage. Take a look at the code and see for yourself exactly how it works.

Could someone tell me how to solve the problem dot template flash business, when we use IE8 , please pass me the complete code by email (emailgrillo@gmail.com) thank you for your attention