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Yay… first item, congrats! Semoga laris manis ya gan. 8-)


nice Template Good luck with sales!

Thank You

This timer doesn’t take in to consideration time zones. How can I add a time zone variable so everyone sees the same time, no matter where they are located?

timer on this theme would not be the same when viewed in some countries that have different hours.

California and florida have different hours, so it will not be the same.

just like the other theme


I know how the timer works. I’ve tested in Florida and California. The problem is I want the timer to hit zero at 9am Eastern, but California will still show 3 hours left at that time. Instead, it should end at 6am Pacific. But, your code doesn’t take in to consideration timezones so how do I fix that?

timer on this theme does not support consideration time zones, just as with any other theme and timer on this theme are sold using standard countdown

if you want to like it, it seems very difficult and long because it must have set him timezone database with javascript countdown.

can provide your email so that I can chat ?


Hi, great template only one small thing i’m having a hard time with. on the config.php the color is not taking affect. i have…

'color'        => 'blue', // [default,blue,red,green,white]

But it’s not producing any color at all…any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for purchasing this item, in my place no problem in changing the color of the file conifg.php
source code is correct: ‘color’ => ‘blue’, // [default,blue,red,green,white] should be changed

maybe your place is in trouble, please try carefully. thank you

Looks like you are out of business. Your domain expired.

Thank you, the domain has been updated

Update Live Preview.