Discussion on Fresh Green Business Template

Discussion on Fresh Green Business Template

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Preview doesn’t work.

I see there is some issue with ThemeForest. If you click Remove Frame on top right, it will show you the template.


just installed theme and wordpress says the installed theme is broken, any ideas?



The template(Fresh Green Business Template) you have purchased is not a Wordpress theme, rather it is an HTML /CSS template. The template is very well placed in the Site Templates category at Themeforest, rather than the Wordpress category.


Hello rjoshicool

Many thanks for checking out an issue that was obviously nothing to do with your layout – thats what you call support ;-)

Anyway, I only just noticed myself that it was IE7 on my desktop PC causing the issue, IE8 is fine on my laptop & I kind of fixed it by adding a non breaking space between the divs, probably not the best cure but it works.

Thanks again for having a look.


Hello rjoshicool

I have added a few jquery plugins to your template and now when I roll over the top nav buttons the footer jumps up a bit and covers part of the lower divs but only in IE FF is fine, would it be possible if you could take a quick look for me?

Thanks in advance


I am having IE8 with me. I wasn’t able to figure out any such issue there…

Hello, thanks for the promt reply, I used the slice properties under the slice selection tool to set the slice the same size as the target image then put it in position before exporting & this works fine, thanks again, Nice template.

Hello I purchased your template but the PSD file only has one big slice, there are some guides there but when I convert guides to slices and export the images the sizes are all different and the layout gets messesd up, any ideas?

Thanks in advance Shane

Hi shanehogan,

There is no sliced PSD available with this template. You manually need to slice the areas. But slicing them should give you the same image size as in the final HTML template. There shouldn’t be any sizing issue.

@bdpardue: Thanks for the comments. The copyright text is just dummy data. Put whatever you feel like there :)

Hi, Love this template. Must I keep your copyright text in the footer?


The contact form doesn’t have any script or code to process. I’ve been planning to put a working contact form, but its getting delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances. But I have figured out some very easy to implement PHP scripts which would definitely help you out- http://www.stevedawson.com/article0015.php http://www.buildwebsite4u.com/advanced/php.shtml

Also you can view this video tutorial at ThemeForest Blog for making a more interactive contact form- http://blog.themeforest.net/tutorials/how-to-create-a-contact-form-using-php-and-ajax/

Hope this helps you out..

Hi, I just bought this template and it’s really great. How do I make the contact form work though?


@aoneill2020: Frankly speaking, I’ve never worked on the design part of the Dreamweaver as I found coding one pretty much easier. But after seeing your comment I just had a look on it. When in design mode, u’ll see outlines outside various elements in the design. Just right click on any element and on the right side(provided css styles window is visible), u’ll see the properties for that particular div. There you can edit the properties. But I don’t think it would be that good approach…

I love this template and plan to use it for my landscaping business. I need some direction on editing the template using dreamweaver – I am an amateur at code – great with flash, illustrator, and photoshop. Can anyone help me with editing this tmeplate in dreamweaver design mode?


i love this style, would really like to see it with a header image that is random, may just modify it myself, on my possible list! Working on a golf site, this is lovely.

@brothergorilla: you can check nettuts.com, blog.themeforest.net and sitepoint.com for some good tutorials on css. I think sitepoint also has some free books on css.

Yes, my about page is small so the footer is higher then the bottom of the screen. I know you can use css to fix this. I was thinking you could save me some time if you knew how to do this. Regardless, I still like the template.

The footer is at the bottom only. It is placed after all the content of the page is over. I think in your case, the content might be less and the screen resolution might be high. The footer is coming at the end only but becasue of less content appears to be at a higher level..

I love the template. How can I keep the footer at the bottom of the page?

Cheers mate, That stuff worked! I guess I need to get a book or two. I can’t see how each section says in the particular layout. Any good css sites you would reccomend? Thanks again for the speedy reply and the design. Dan

For shifting the logo to left there’s a bit restriction on the amount of space it can be shifted. Just put a margin-left of about 20px to 30px in the header-home div. This can move it to right a bit but moving it more will make the navigation move to down, as it needs some amount of space to place all its links.

To shorten the landing image size, you can edit the image in the attached PSD and reduce the size. In that case you just need to take care of the repeating green background behind it. Actually you need to slice the image with some green background and then place the image so as to align it with the body’s green part.

For bringing the navigation in, you can change the float type of the navigation to right and reduce the width a bit to suite your design accordingly.

Hope this helps! Anything else, just let me know.


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