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An excellent job. Good luck with your sales :)

Very nice work. Good sale mate ;)

Good job!Good luck :)

Hi there,

I love the template. For some reason all my input boxes are locked down when creating forms on various pages. It appears to be something to do with styles.css, but I can’t narrow down the issue.

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I solved it. I had a div that was overlaying my form and disabling all the inputs.

Well, I am glad to see that it is already solved. Let us know if you face any other issues. Thank you for purchasing the template.

Hi there,

Really good template, very functional… but I have a slight problem with the tabbed interface shown on the shortcodes page. If I refer to your live preview (http://www.raytemplates.com/html/fresh/shortcodes.html#3) I can embed the tab index in the URL (I used the third tab in the example) and would like to be able to navigate directly to this nominated tab when loading the page. I suspect this may need some jquery ui code to make it work, but cannot find an example of this in your sample files… could you provide an example of how to make this work?



Hello Paul,

Thanks for purchasing the template.

To create bookmarkable urls for the tabs, you have to modify the current js script used for the tabs.

Though what you are asking for is not implemented in the theme demo, but I did some research and is providing you the code below to implement this.

For this follow the below steps:

1. Open the ‘jquery.custom.js’ inside the js folder.

2. Delete these lines of code from the above file.
        tabs: '.tab_names > a',
        initialIndex : 0        

3. Replace with the code below.

// Creating Bookmarkable URLs for the Tabs
  if(jQuery("div.tabs") && document.location.hash){
  jQuery(".tab_names a").localScroll({ 
  // end tabs

Thanks for the quick response – I appreciate this is not a current feature in the template, but feel it would be a useful addition…

The suggested code does enable the display of the relevant tab on navigation to the URL with a # bookmark in the URL. Unfortunately, this addition breaks links within the tabs. I.e. the body of my tabs contains links to other pages on my site, when these are clicked, the result is an empty tab.

I suspect some conditional logic may be needed to differentiate inlinks to the page (as opposed to tab navigation) and requests for new pages within the site…

I understand if this isn’t something you are able to look at :D

Having issues with the slide out menu on iphone. When clicking the button the menu slides out but the button does not. If i use another browser and shrink the screen so it appears, it seems fine. Not sure about android but iOS seems to slide the menu over the button or no longer shows the button which means I can’t just close the menu, it requires me to select something or refresh the page to get back.

thank you in advance for the help!

It is very difficult to diagnose the issue without looking at the code. Can you send the URL of the site in question here? Perhaps we can look at the code and suggest something.

Sorry. Forgot that. Http://proto.m4dconnect.com/mictalk

Ok. I see the error in your CSS stylesheet.

First, remove “position:fixed” from “header#page-header” class from style.css file. Because you want to fix the header for your site, you want to fix it for only the Desktop version. Therefore, for media query ”@media only screen and (min-width: 960px)” you can add this line:
header#page-header{ clear:both; padding:0; position:fixed; }

The class is already there in your file, simply add position:fixed here, as shown above.

Then it should render properly. Please do not forget to rate our template.

Hi there, I bought the theme and wanted help with follow please

How do I go about activating the Standard blog Recent Posts and projects at the bottom: how do get post atomically show up when I post project and on the blog Can I add DISCUS to the blog if so where do I put the code?

Is possible to call the RSS from a blog is so how.

I know my way around of where things in the html and css and just need help the above. I aware you re not require any help with be great

best regard

This is a HTML template and we can only help you if you face any design related issues because of the template itself. The issues you have raised above requires advanced programming knowledge if you wish to implement it in a HTML based template, as this one. This falls outside the scope of our support.

wow so beautiful!;

Hi, GLWS! Do you have plan for wp vesion. I want cooperation with you for WP version.

Hi, I see some issue in responsivity shortcode type Tabs. In mobile phone it is destroyed.

Hi, i bought the template but can’t find where to put the email for the contact form… i can’t find any php file. Any Advice?

Hello Rayoroa, First of all, thank you for purchasing our “Fresh HTML” template. Regarding “Contact Form”, it is not included with the Html template. However, we have created the form and sent you the updated the 3 files( contact.html, send-mail.php, thankyou.html ) to your email. Within the “send-mail.php” file, update the email “you@youremail.com” to your own email id. The form should now work.

Thank you guys, great theme.