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Nice work dude…:)

thanks a lot :)

Look good bro, GLWS! :)

thanks a lot :)

Welcome to Forest ! GLWS :)

thank you! :)

Well done work mate, and welcome to Themeforest :)

thank you

creative! good luck :)

thank you

Looks great but the initial yellow down arrow doesn’t seem to work for me. Latest Chrome, Mac.

thank you

Definitely fresh. Nice job!

From a usability standpoint, I would link the bouncing yellow button to scroll to the next section. I instinctively click on it expecting it to take me to the next section of the page.

Otherwise, awesome work :)

thank you :) do that with the next update

thank you

Hi, Nice work! I want to buy this asap. By when can you make the down button work? Thank You!

Thank you Im Update theme

Thanks! Bought i!!

thank you :)

Hey, love the theme and want to purchase but the navigation links don’t work on iPad. Will you upload a fix?

I added code to malfunction improves on iOS devices. Please test the template

No change on the live example. Did you upload for live preview as well as the purchased files?

I do not know why this problem affects you. I was looking for a solution.

Hi, Any idea why the screen doesn’t stop bouncing? I was changing the contents in index.html for hours and I kept refreshing the browser to see the updates. After latest browser refresh, the screen doesn’t stop bouncing. So I copied my changes into a separate file and then copy-pasted the entire original content back in index.html. Even now the screen doesn’t stop bouncing. I’ve tried FireFox and Chrome browsers. Please share with me what to do. Thank You!

Please download last update. Thank You

Thank You! I’ll download the update. Also I found that this happened after the Internet went down due to power cut. When the Internet came back up, I restarted the browser and reran the site and then this issue went away.

Hi, Do you know why the Send Message button doesn’t do anything when clicked? I created another html file with the same form code and that the button worked and the email got sent. I would highly appreciate your prompt response. Thank You!

Hi, I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear in my previous post. The index.html file that you’ve created does the validation but DOESN’T SEND THE EMAIL when the button is clicked. The new file that I’ve created using the same form code sends the email when the button is clicked. Please help that why your index.html isn’t sending the email. I would highly appreciate your prompt response. Thank You!

I’m sorry I missed mistake in the contact form. Within a few hours will be updated.

Hi, Its been a day! I would highly appreciate your prompt response. Thank You!

Hi, I just downloaded your update. Above the contact form, comes these “Sorry. Your message could not be sent” and “Your message has been sent!”. Also, the mail is still not getting sent. I’m using the changes you made to send.php and index.html files. Please fix this at the earliest. Thank You!

Do not have followed all of the changes. Changes have been made ??to the file index.html: I added a new validator:

<! – Validate -> <script src=”js/validate.js”> </ script>

I deleted my old along with the code by calling complains:

<script src=”js/jquery.validate.js”> </ script> <script> ... / / Form validation … </ Script>

and exchanged form.

In addition, I changed the css file in the code:


- * /

/ * - \

and replaced the file send.php

The effect is visible in live mode

I greet

In addition, I changed the css file in the code:


Thank You! I hadn’t done something after your update which I would’ve eventually done if I had to fix this issue myself. I suggest you also release a text file after each update and at minimum share about the changed files. I wish you the best ahead!

Hi, is it possible to change the modal blow up image to a rectangle instead of a circle? I really like the circle portfolio but would like the modal blow up to show more of the image.

Yes. You have to change the code in the CSS styles:. Modal img border-radious 50% on this one: border-radious: 0;

Thanks for your quick repy :)

very nice, like! good luck with sale.;


Hello – I just downloaded your theme :) i went to install on my wordpress and it says that it is missing the style.css – can you please help/advise – thanks AH

Hi, please send to my email the link to the website to see what is happening. Regards

this email does not work – it gives me a mail delivery fail.

Please enter here: and at the bottom right of the window is where you can send a message to me.