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can the menu that is at the top (though closed when first viewing) be made so that its open by default?

Haven’t purchased yet but am considering using this for a hostbill theme.

yes it can, but i have to email/give you some extra code for this

at line 26 of the main.js file, replace the next 4 lines with


wtf? All the demos are infected with a trojan script.

lol, no this i done to prevent the ripping of the code, its nothing to worry about :)

Or did you get an warning or so?

Get virus warning too when viewing demo. Bug evanto about providing a better way to display HTML and JS demos.

stange…well i will fix it..


Thinking of purchasing this item. Is it RTL compatible? I mean, will it behave itself nice if set to direction RTL (Hebrew CMS )?


No its not rtl compatible, your the first who have asked this. You can edit the css file to be rtl.

I’m glad Im original :) Are there any plans to make it RTL compatible in the near future?

there are no plans for this file, we will make our first new admin theme rtl compatable.


Purchased the theme. A question, maybe someone has askled this before already. When I put the code into an ASPX file it looks good. But when I add a right after the tag, it messes up the design in IE9 . I’ve tried that on the pages.html page. Of course I’ve closed it in the appropriate place.

Please help to solve this issue for .NET programmers.


No you are the first to asked us this, but we cant help you with this because we dont have any knowledge of ASPX . So e cant test any thing. You can send us true our profile page an screenshot i hope that we can see whats wrong.

nevermind, it was because there were now two elemets in the page. Just remove the previous one and it’s fine. Thanks!

Ah okay that happens ;)

I want to do this:

"Click Here To Show DIV"

with the dialog DIV . Anyone got some sample code? Seems like no matter what I try the dialog box shows up on page load.


Can you send us true our profile page a link?

The dialog should have a css attribute ‘display’ with the value ‘none’(display:none)