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Awesome work MarkDijkstra – SERIOUSLY underpriced – surely a steal for anyone looking for this kind of thing. Sales should be huge – congrats!


Well about the price i hoped it would be higher but no i have to sell some more to compensate that ;)


$15!!!! thats WAAAAAY too cheap! I’m starting a petition…this deserves to sell for more!

Excellant work MarkDijkstra well done!

@ TRixation i know ;) and thanks!!!

Hi Mark,

Very nice theme! i’m bookmarking it for later :-)

MarkDijkstra, this theme is outstand! Congrats!

@ grubforce Thanks!!

@ jonatanfroes Thanks!!

When i’m buying upgrades are free?

There always for free!

Loving your work here mate, any idea’s when its going to be fully complete?? Fingers crossed its going to be soon cause this is exactly what ive been looking for, for quite sometime now!

Nice one, this bit of work is outstanding!

damn, this is one freaking awesome admin template. By far THE BEST on themeforest. Great job, love all the effects and good luck with the sales. This is truly a successfully built template.

wow, that’s amazing theme, I’m sure it will be one of best selling items here! great work

@ tomupton well i will make an version 2 soon but i don’t know when exactly.Thanks!!

@ kevinsturf Thanks!!

@ rzepak Thanks!!

This is cool

Can you create level 2 menu links too? (sub links)

@ nsaf thanks! You mean a dropdown menu?

wow very nice work mark. 2 thumbs up man! good luck :)


Yes dropdown menu, also wanted to know is this fully coded? or just as it is in preview.?

Will you link the iconpacks?

@ mabuc thanks!!

@nsaf i will ad a dropdown one of these days(have to make a nice one that fits good), and the live preview is encrypted to prevent stealing. FreshCMS is fullycoded and comes with slice code files(txt), these files will give you a better overview of the code and can be used for php includes.