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@topsub links to the iconpack(great packs) are included, and i will ad to day some extra links to nice and free iconpacks

Ah so i need to buy it so i can get links to the icon packs?? haha

@ tobsub i cant email you ;)

@formad thanks!!

Excellent piece of work Mark. Like other people are saying, price should be raised, but i understand the rules of TF.

Only one thing i miss after a quick view. When you expand the icon panel and navigate for instance to the pages, articles, users etc It would be more user friendly if the icon panel remembers that the panel was expanded. So people can decide by themself to close it or not. I think personally i like to keep it open / expanded.

But a very nice piece of work.

  • Zou het te gek vinden als je je geroepen voelt om het cms waar ik mee werk te voorzien van deze template :) Mocht je daar interesse in hebben…

gr Dave

The remember function is now added!

@studio25 i know waht you mean, i tought about that and i will try to find a way to do that, i think i have to use the jquery cookie thing ;)

This is version 1.0 so there will be an update with more new stuff ;)

Het lijkt me zekers wel leuk maar voor de eerste aantal weken ben ik druk met een aantal opdrachten voor clienten. Mail me maar meer info erover, ben benieuw;)

It’s way to cheap, therefor I shall buy it a second time once my Visa deposit is cleared for this month ;-) honestly makes a better world isn’t it…

Echt prachtig gemaakt en zo uitgebreid, zeker een aanrader


Thanks!!! But for the next time if you want to use it more then once you are better of with a Multiple Limited Use Licence(10projects) ;)

And indeed, honestly makes a better world!

There is an version 1.1 comming ;)

Amazing job! Waiting for new stuff from you!

Thanks, well version 1.1 is comming with some new stuff.

+1 on the cheapness. This one is priceless and worth being awarded as the best admin skin on Themeforest. Kudos Mark!

Thank you!! I hope to win a price with it ;) And sell it many times ;)

Great file. Congratulations!!!! -G

Thank you!!

The Jq cookie is indeed the right plugin to use. But can be a pain in the ass to have it work properly. Tried to implement it in a accordion once but without success. But it would be a nice feature though.

  • Ik weet je te vinden hier en mocht ik van start willen om het cms om te bouwen zal ik absoluut contact met je opnemen. De width vind ik persoonlijk aan de smalle kant van jouw template, dus als we een keer een poging wagen zou ik hem zelf het liefst richting 950px / 1000px willen hebben. Maar goed, dat is nog lang niet aan de orde. Zie er naar uit om je ge-update versie te zien.

gr Dave

I know but it will work ;)

Oke ik hoor het dan wel, het was de bedoeling om een extra versie te maken die breeder zou worden, denk ongeveer 800px of misschien 900px.

awesome work MarkDijkstra, i think this one need to be featured for next week.

Thank you, i hope so ;)

great work!

if ever someone can post a link to a php script that fit this templates. it could be great!


Thank you, maybe in the future i will add some php stuff to complete it more.

I’m currently coding a client manager in PHP , maybe we could work together MarkDijksta.

Sounds good but i really dont have the time now to do something like that, maybe in the future! But thanks ;)

Awesome theme Mark! Before i buy it, i have some questions:

- Is it easy to change the width of the application? Because i want to increase the width, like 900px.

- When do you recommend your AP Administration panel and when this FreshCMS? I love both of them, hard to choose.

Thank you!

To change the width you have to change some code and you have to change the background images, its not a 5 minute job. I am going to make a 900px width version soon(as a bonus).

I dont know what you exactly want so i recommend both ;), the AP is a one page skin and FreshCMS has more pages that are almost finished.

FreshCMS has been upgraded to Version 1.1!


Ivor Envato Team

Freakin’ awesome! congratulations!

Thank you!

Hi Mark

I have purchased this, and I m trying to add pages but I can’t ?

Strange, its not that hard to add a page….... i have emaild you ;)

password box shows text not ** for me

Thats strange, which browser do you use?

Added a 900px skin (D-FreshCMS) as a bonus!