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Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for this one, this is by far the best back-end template I have seen at TF!

Very underpriced, definitely worth the money…

Great job on this one!

Thank you Regex!!

Dont forget to vote ;)

I voted before purchase ;)



Heb hem toch maar aangeschaft… Ik ga een poging wagen om hem achter mijn cms te plaatsen. Kans op slagen zal niet heel groot zijn, maar een stukje vakmanschap als jouw theme moet gekocht worden. Hopelijk geeft mijn koop jou een stukje erkenning. Geweldig werk man! Ben erg blij dat je ‘Cookie’ er in hebt kunnen verwerken. Lastig kreng is het. Heb afgelopen week een accordion willen maken met cookie. Wéér niet gelukt…

  • Keep developing this theme. Nicest and most original theme i’ve seen lately.

gr Dave

Bedankt voor de aankoop en erkenning! De jQuery cookie is best makelijk, het lijkt moeilijk…..dus heb je er hulp bij nodig dan kun je mij gewoon mailen.


Noticed some other tiny thing. The toggle, expandable content/headers. Work perfectly, but would also be nice when they react on the Cookie. Otherwise it´s a bit useless to drag and re-position them. When i go back to the dashboard, the content-headers are having the default settings again ;)

  • Ben bezig om mijn cms-je er in te douwen, gaat niet denderend, maar kom er wel denk ik. Jouw index werkt nu in ieder geval al wel vanuit het template systeem. Althans de jQuery werkt nu zoals hij hoort te werken vanuit jouw theme gezien. Nu hard coden en scripten. Zal je aan het eind van de rit je kindje showen.

gr D.

Ow you mean the contentboxes? Well i didn’t think about that but i will first add a cookie to the toggle and i hope to find a way to add a remember to the positions of the boxes.

Kijk super kan niet wachten ;)

Yes, the contentboxes. When you change it’s positions, Dashboard, Recent comments and News, they will have the default positions again after a pageload.

I know, i am looking to add this function but it isn’t that easy…....

saw that you had some spelling errors in the style sheets:

font-family: arail,helvetica,san-serif;

Arial… Sans-Serif

LOL , i will fix this ;)

Well i have taken a look and see that it is the styles for the password meter. I will email the creator of the passwordmeter about this little spelling thing ;)


:) heheh i didnt even know it was for the meter. I changed all font-family into Lucida… havent paid real attention of which style is for which element.

How difficult to fit this to activeCollab?

I cant say, i dont have workt with ActiveCollab before.

Thanks for v1.2 with the d-freshcms version. Loving it.


ps. Als je interesse hebt om bijv. deze admin style compleet aan te bieden, en daarmee bedoel ik compleet werkend maken met php scripts erbij etc dan hoor ik het graag van je. Ben nl. een php programmeur die zich focust op cms’en.

Thank you!

Ik zal het in gedachte houden, op dit moment laat ik het nog als gewone skin. Het is een idee voor de toekomst ;)

The live preview don’t seems to work anymore.

It’s fixed now, thanks for telling me!

Thats quite nicely done!

I am looking Admin for my Wordpress. Does this Fresh Work? I just need admin not theme

I really dont know, i didn’t try this before.

Wow this is amazing. I really love the D version. I haven’t built a CMS before but I will need to for my next project. I’m considering either using Wordpress or building my own. I’ve never used Wordpress before and so I’m thinking that maybe I should just dive into learning how to build a cms in html/php first. Do you think your cms skin would be a good template for a novice like me to start with? I’m sure some other buyers on TF are in the same boat as me and would really like to buy your admin skin but are a little intimidated by the idea of building a CMS … any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

- moose

Thank you,

well FreshCMS is an almost complete CMS skin, this means that you dont have to spend a lot of time on building the skin it self, so you have more time left for the CMS system it self.

FreshCMS is a easy to use skin, even for a novice(you can always email me for help).

I would recommend that you dont start with a CMS like WordPress or Joomla but that you will build your own CMS system, you will learn a lot of building your own system.

I found small bug :) You have class .error for .content-settings-row input but this class should also be for user-make-row input

The rest is… amazing :)

Hmmm good observation ;)

but everything still works ;)

There is an error on the Media page of the D-Fresh theme, when you hover over an item, the [ Edit | Delete | View ] text appears on the item below and becomes unclickable.

Browser used: Internet Explorer 8

Note: when you enable Compatibility View, the links appear normal again.

There always something with the MircoSoft browsers, i will look for an fix!

Thanks for sharing.

This is an great skin, but …

Where is the documentation??? What exactly does each of these households javascripts do?


There is documentation….

Javascript plugins = link included

Own javascript codes = basic info included in the main js file.

If you dont understand something please contact me.

are you planning on releasing a 1.2 update anytime soon? and will people who already purchased this get it for free?

Al people who purchased this theme will always get the updates for free, but i dont have an 1.2 version because i dont know what to update/change ;) so if you have some idea’s just let me know about them ;)

Hey Mark!

This is really well done! You are very talented! I have a suggestion though:

Make the tables using the < table >-tag, not divs. The look of them won’t suffer if you convert them. The semantics and flexibility will improve though… :)

What do you say?

Thank you.

You mean that i have to use table tags instead div tags for the tables? Correct me if i am wrong.

Yes! Right now it seems that you use div with fixed lengths for the table cells. It’s quite inflexible if you need a table with different colums. A “standard” table would adapt to the width automatically…

Theres nothing wrong with using tables for tabular data.

I’m sure themeforest rejects templates using tables for layout purposes though. That’s simply wrong.

When presenting a table (like the article or media-table in your template) you should be using tables. Of course you can make divs act as tablecells using CSS3 but all browsers does not support it.

Anyway, it’s your choice. The template is great and the only drawback is the nonuse of tables for tabular data.

I know, but i am not a big fan of tables ;). I agree that sometimes its beter to use tables.

ThemeForest can reject a theme when it contains to many tables.

Great work :) Thank yo for this theme

Thank you!