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First of all, thanks for your hard work. I am currently building a web application and using your theme as a base, which I change a little to fit my needs.

I do have a question, I am using your ‘tables’ and I added a button to open a dialog. I do this by doing the following:

function showDialog(ID) { $(”#dialog_” + ID).dialog({ bgiframe: true, height: 250, width: 500, modal: true, buttons: { Ok: function() { $(this).dialog(‘close’); } } }); }

Whenever a user clicks the button, the dialog opens nicely, but when I click the button a second time, it doesn’t work anymore. There are no javascript errors.

Thank you!

Hmmm if you have placed this piece of code in to the main.js, try to place it a a diffrent position in the code. Sometimes the code will work if you change the position of the piece of code.

If this still doesn’t work please email me and i will help you!


No, I placed the code in my page itself. Too bad the forums screws up my code.

The code above is the function calling my dialog. On runtime I create 3 dialogs, with the ID “dialog_1” to “dialog_3”. On a button I put a ‘onclick’ event, where I call the function I declared above. The first time I click one of the buttons, it works without problems. But when I close the dialog, I cannot reopen it.

I did try moving the script, but that is not working.

Problem solved, i have send you an email.

I just purchase your template, very nice. Great job! I don’t have the HelveticaNeue font (logo), can you provide that or tell me where i can get it. thank you in advance!

Thank you for buying this theme. Send me an email and i will email you the font.

Here is my email and thanks again for this kick ass template!

I have send you and email with a link to the fonts.

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

All of the admin skins here a custom skins that means that you have to fit the skins your self to the admintool you are using.


Mark, I got got font, thanks!

Your welcome ;)


Why in the heck didn’t you use tables for the TABULAR data?? That’s what they’re there for!

I didn’t think you’d go to the complete table-less extreme. ;)

Other than that – great job! This is the “freshest” look I’ve seen in a long while, and I’m glad to be using it!

It could have been don with tables but i really dont like tables and a lot of people here dont to.




I discovered shortly after that a sortable table is included on the Information page.

That true, it was added in version 1.1.


Can you change the PSD templates a bit to include layers for the various side tabs (the plus buttons?) on the various styles? I’d like to be able to remove them, as my clients have no need to change the site styles.


You mean the style btns?

Yes. I’d like to be able to switch off the layer in PS completely, or add my own icons to do different things.

You can deleted the layers? And add you own layers? If you need help please email me :)

Questions about your template – you mentioned that have a new version coming out soon. When and will we be able upgrade it? Do you have a front end of this web site? Love to see it part of the front end on what I am doing to complete an overall theme.

Hello, well i dont know the exact date of the new version, but when it’s ready it will be as a free update, and sorry but i cant show you a front end because i didn’t use this theme in a live front end :)

Mark first of all THANX SOOO MUCH . Nice work, perfect for my project.

Only one question:

What i have to do if i want all the box (sort-box) closed on load ?

Thanx Sone

Thank you :)

You want that all of the boxes are closed if the page is loaded?

Hi I have just bought this and think it is great. One small basic question. How do you set the toggle boxes .content-in to be closed on start up instead of open.

Many thanks

You mean that all of the sortable/toggle boxes are closed on load?

Yes that is correct.

Is there also an ability to choose which ones are open and which ones are closed?

Many thanks

ok, well i was planning a newer version, and i think that i will ad this idea, that al boxes can be set on open or closed on load and that it will remeber which box you closed or opened.

Hi Mark, Lovely work.

One question for you. Is there a simple way to make the content-header-right Closed as default? I have integrated some php and all is working exactly as I wanted but it would be nice to have the “Add New Page” DIV closed until clicked because I have a lot of fields in this form.

Many Thanks,


Thanks, i know what you mean, and i will ad this option to the file this week.

It’s done :D

Hi Mark, Many thanks for this update. it’s perfect.



Super. Thanks

hi ok, so what does almost complete means? when is 1.2 being released? thanks

Almost complete means, that this theme come’s with more then just one single page(like al other adminskins here) where all of the content is placed. The v1.2 will come this week or next week.


Hey Mark, Ik log zojuist maar weer eens in op TF… En zie dat jij van Sinterklaas een nieuwe versie kado hebt gekregen en deze gelijk met ons wilt delen. Heb gekeken en je hebt er een behoorlijk karwij weer van gemaakt. Zowaar ben ik van mijn stuk geraakt. Ik ga gelijk deze nieuwe versie pakken, om het vervolgens om het vervolgens achter mijn cms te plakken. Te gek werk weer man! Jij kan er behoorlijk wat van. Bij deze ga ik je bedanken, want mijn klanten hebben hun visueel gemak volledig aan jou te danken.

Groet’n Dave

Fijne sinterklaar Mark ;) Thanks voor de update!

  • English: Not important, just wrote some lausy poem for mark ;)

Hahahha goede sinterklaas gedicht ;)!! Top man;)

tjeesus wat een spellingfouten zie ik nu :S karwij = karwei om maar iets te noemen. Nou ja, komt uit een goed hart zou ik maar zeggen :)

its pretty cool



I’m thinking of building my own CMS and I wanna use this as something to stand on if you know what I mean. Is this a real CMS where you can change pages and write more text? Or is it a CMS skin to Wordpress?

Regards, Anton Ranestam

This is a XHTML /CSS skin, it can be fitted to WordPress or your own custom CMS .

Because this is a skin there’s no php include, so you still have to build your own backend CMS tool, or use wordpress ;)